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Imagine a reality where your kitchen and bathroom, the two most crucial spaces in your house, completely transformed into stylish functional havens. As you cook or unwind, each corner echoes your personal style while serving all utility needs seamlessly! Could it get any better? At USA Cabinet Store Hunters Creek Village, TX we make this vision possible for homeowners like you – without breaking the bank. Worried about quality of work or unending timelines? Put those to rest as we’ve got you covered with our proven proficiency and commitment towards maintaining set project schedules.
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Why Choose USA Cabinet Store?

USA Cabinet Store is no newcomer to this field. With 13 locations spread across Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia & Texas, we have been catering to thousands of happy homeowners like yourself! Our expertise spans thousands of completed projects and we are proud recipients of numerous industry awards that reflect our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our customers love us for transforming their kitchens into enchanting spaces with stylish functionality! But don’t just take our word for it – we’re fully licensed, bonded, insured and ready to back every job with a satisfaction guarantee; this simply means – ‘We finish when YOU’RE satisfied’.

One-stop Shopping for Your Dream Kitchen and Bath

We are currently offering a free initial consultation and free custom VR 3D kitchen and bath design to all new clients. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our services. There is no obligation to purchase anything, so you have nothing to lose.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Starting from planning your new bathroom layout down to installing the last tile on your floor

Kitchen Remodeling

Choose the best kitchen layout to maximize the functionality, style, and resale value of your home

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Our professionals will help you choose the best cabinet style that matches your needs and budget

Kitchen Finance Options


Interest Free Credit

Spread the cost over up to 18 months, with absolutely no interest to pay

Buy Now, Pay Later

Pay a low deposit, and then nothing else for 6 months

Pay Monthly

Spread the cost of your kitchen monthly for 2,3,5 or 6 years

Years of Experience Designing and Renovating Kitchens and Baths

The USA Cabinet Store has been providing first-class professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling services since 2011.

Meet the Team

Our expert designers will listen, understand, and translate your needs into a tailored kitchen design – with no obligation. Can’t visit our showroom? Don’t worry! We are at the forefront of technology, offering a unique virtual experience through our 3D Kitchen Design and VR technology, right from the comfort of your home. Not a tech person? We’ve got you covered! Our process is simple, user-friendly, and doesn’t involve any pushy salesmen. Just genuine guidance from dedicated professionals.

Trusted by Homeowners just like you across Hunters Creek Village, TX

Our design service

Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Kitchen designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step.

In-Store Design Consultation

Meet with your designer at your chosen showroom.


90 min


3D kitchen design & quote

Virtual Design Consultation

Meet with your Kitchen designer on a video call.


60 min


3D kitchen design & quote

Quick Advice Session

An introductory online chat with a Kitchen designer.


30 min


Planning advice & guidance

Welcome to the exciting world of kitchen and bath remodeling in Hunters Creek Village, TX! As more homeowners recognize the potential to transform their living spaces into something extraordinary, they are turning to professional remodeling services for guidance and expertise. One company that stands out among the rest is USA Cabinet Store, a reputable and experienced provider of top-notch kitchen and bath remodeling services.

The Importance of Kitchen Remodeling

Let’s start by discussing why kitchen remodeling has become such a popular home improvement project. The kitchen is often considered the heart of any home – it’s where families gather, meals are prepared with love, and memories are created. However, over time, kitchens can become outdated with inefficient layouts or lackluster designs that do not meet your needs. By investing in a professional remodel from USA Cabinet Store you can create an aesthetically pleasing space while also improving functionality.

Benefits of Bath Remodeling

There are countless benefits to updating your bathroom as well. Bathrooms play a crucial role in our daily lives; they serve as tranquil retreats after long days at work or busy weekends spent outdoors. A well-designed bathroom increases comfort levels but also promotes energy efficiency through modern fixtures that conserve water usage without sacrificing performance.

Why Choose Professional Remodeling Services

When embarking on these major projects within your home – whether it be transforming your dated kitchen or renewing your worn-out bathrooms- enlisting professional help is highly recommended for several reasons. Firstly professionals have extensive knowledge about materials suitable for different climatic conditions, and accessible alternative options available which help maximize value without increasing cost. Secondly having prior experience dealing with various customer preferences allows them better utilize each inch of existing spaces. Thirdly choosing Professionals like the USA cabinet store ensures timeline follow-ups & rectifications if necessary minimizing disruptions caused during renovations.

USA Cabinet Store: Your Trusted Remodeling Partner

USA Cabinet Store brings all this invaluable expertise plus resources crucial when looking forward execute renovation making sure attention is given to fine details to provide a quality finished product maintaining strict adherence schedules required by both parties which further adds a level of confidence entrusting into hands renovating dream places exactly way envisioned.

The team at USA Cabinet Store is committed to customer satisfaction and providing personalized design solutions. With years of experience in the remodeling industry, their professionals are skilled in crafting unique and functional kitchen designs that suit each individual’s style and needs. From custom cabinets to countertops, flooring, lighting fixtures, and more – they have everything you need for a complete transformation.

Planning Your Kitchen & Bath Remodel

So how does the process work? When you partner with USA Cabinet Store for your remodel project, our friendly experts will guide you through each step along the way start from consultation to completed construction We know that understanding your vision is essential; therefore our initial consultation phase focuses on listening carefully while discussing ideas possible requirements envisioning ideal space outcome hand understood correctly. Once we reach a consensus designing phase ensuring the winning combination of quality materials and advanced techniques used during the final change desired outcomes precisely reflect the expectations started renovation journey pleasing stylish areas home!

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what some satisfied clients have had to say! Real-life testimonials speak volumes about the exceptional service provided by USA Cabinet Store. Before-and-after pictures truly showcase incredible transformations achieved through their expertise.

In conclusion, brighten up your Hunters Creek Village, TX home today with a captivating kitchen & bath remodel from the USA cabinet store! Experience all the benefits these upgrades offer and be delighted with exceptional craftsmanship impeccable customer service consistently delivers schedule-free quotes or Book consultations for improved areas present enjoy professional communication select a wide range of options and tailored specifications Create dream-inspired designed renovated rooms await! So why wait? Take advantage now by scheduling a consultation with USA Cabinet Store and taking those first steps toward creating your dream kitchen or bath sanctuary today Request the same dedicated experienced creative professional support to transform regular places and gain well-designed-investment return years come!

Frequently Ask Questions

What is your design fee?

In one of our showrooms, we provide 3D design and consultation without charge. We offer complimentary professional in-home designs and consultations to help customers create their dream kitchen or bathroom.

We sell particle boards, furniture boards, plywood, and solid wood cabinets. We offer both customized cabinets and standard cabinets. They have a wide range of options to accommodate different customer preferences and design requirements.

We are providing, inset, framed-overlay, and frameless-full access cabinets. USA Cabinet Store sells a wide range of cabinet types, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, laundry room cabinets, office cabinets, and custom cabinets. They offer various styles and finishes to suit different design aesthetics and budgets.