Top 8 Popular Kitchen Colors for 2024

Kitchen color ideas constantly evolve as leading paint companies release annual color forecasts predicting the next hot hues. For 2024, warmer, nature-inspired palettes dominate kitchen and bath paint color predictions, moving from icy grays to nurturing, earthy tones that still feel contemporary. Homeowners increasingly seek finishes aligned with their styles rather than transient color trends. However, surveying these forecasts provides helpful inspiration when planning a kitchen remodel.

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1. Warm, Inviting Neutrals

Neutral paint colors provide a flexible, inviting foundation for any kitchen interior design. Warm beiges, taupes, and browns equip kitchens with an accessible and gracious charm. These natural hues lend an interior design essential – colors that seamlessly flow from the kitchen into living spaces for harmony.

Galaxy Timber from Fabuwood offers muted grays with subtle brown undertones. Shades like Blond Timber evoke raw wood while still providing a light neutral base. Pair creamy off-whites on upper cabinets with deeper beige or mocha below. Though warm neutrals are considered classic, they continue to drive kitchen color trends thanks to their versatility and welcoming ease. Bring harmony into your home with natural neutrals that feel familiar, elegant, and timelessly on-trend.

2. Nature-Inspired Green Hues

Green offers a gorgeous hue that connects your kitchen to the vivacity of nature. The many green shades provide versatility from energizing lime punches to earthy olive tones. Pastel hues seafoams and mints lend a soft yet lively visual pop. Deep Hunter Green from Fabuwood paints the cabinetry in dramatic, enveloping elegance.

Green’s natural vibrancy enlivens any size kitchen. Play with contrasting light and dark greens or use shades like Pistachio Green on upper cabinets and Sage Green below. Cool green pairs beautifully with wood accents for an organic look. No matter what tone you choose, green inevitably brings the revitalization of the essence of gardens and forests indoors. It makes for an always soothing yet vivid kitchen backdrop. Embrace green in pastel, jewel, or deep forest tones to craft a kitchen with timeless and invigorating appeal.

3. Sophisticated Black Accents

Black makes a bold impact as a paint color in modern kitchen designs. The dramatic hue lends spaces sleek sophistication and a contemporary edge when used thoughtfully. Fabuwood’s famously elegant Pitchblack finish demonstrates the possibilities of black cabinets. The deep shade provides a sharp contrast to lighter walls and countertops.

Using black on lower cabinets or pairing it with wood finishes grounds the moody color for balance. Allow pops of metal, glass, or color to break up the dark intensity. While white and neutrals play it safe, black undeniably modernizes kitchens for an upscale, fashion-forward look. Painting cabinets or an island black injects homes with high-end style and bold confidence. Let this forever dramatic color provide your modern kitchen an intriguing, limitless versatility.

4. Fresh Brightness With Crisp Whites

White kitchens feel both elegantly timeless and endlessly contemporary. The versatile hue keeps spaces feeling clean, bright, and visually appealing. Fabuwood’s Frost, Dove, and Cloud whites provide options from true crisp white to warm off-whites. Painting walls, cabinetry, and trim white create harmony and spaciousness.

Avoid starkness by incorporating light wood accents and touches of greenery. White kitchens win when they feel multi-dimensional. Play with texture contrasts like sleek lacquered cabinets against cozy linen upholstered stools. Keep whites fresh with meticulous upkeep and allow Natural light to illuminate their radiance further. Crisp whites uplift and expand kitchens with their lightweight luminosity. For a look that feels indulgently spa-like yet quietly sophisticated, embrace whites in soft or vivid tones.

5. Sunny Vibrance With Golds and Yellows

Yellow kitchen instantly brightens a space and lends an energizing, cheerful vibe. Both pastel and bold yellow cabinetry perk up any kitchen design. Pale Lemon or Chamomile Yellow cabinets have a welcoming, vintage charm. Pair them with brass hardware for an elegant farmhouse feel. Mustard or marigold yellow cabinetry makes a contemporary statement, especially in a glossy lacquered finish.

If you’re not ready to commit to full-on yellow kitchen cabinets for your remodel, consider incorporating gold accents and complementary hardware to embrace the sunny vibrance trend for 2024. For those seeking to infuse their kitchens with a burst of sunny vibrance, the Gold Patina cabinet finish by Bauformat promises to be a showstopping choice. Swap out cabinet knobs, pulls, and hinges for pieces with a rich golden patina to instantly infuse warmth and radiance throughout the space. Complement those pops of metallic luster with gilded light fixtures, mirrors, or range hood trim for added dimension. You could even get playful with a gold-glazed tiled backsplash.

6. Refined Elegance With Grays

Gray kitchen cabinets offer a refined, versatile elegance that suits both modern and traditional kitchens. From light pewter grays to deeper charcoal tones, gray cabinetry makes a sophisticated style statement. Ultracraft’s Urban Grey displays the beautiful possibilities of gray cabinetry. This mid-tone gray with brown undertones has a stately yet relaxed feel. Urban Grey cabinets pair seamlessly with marble, granite, or quartz countertops as well as stainless steel appliances.

Gray lower cabinets ground lighter wall colors beautifully. Combining gray bases with crisp white uppers creates a popular two-toned look. For contemporary appeal, use glossy lacquered Urban Grey cabinetry with sleek chrome fixtures. Or give the gray a subtle wire brush finish for an organic texture. Beyond cabinetry, gray makes an ideal kitchen wall color. Pair Urban Grey cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s elegant Silver Lake Gray walls for a cohesive, nuanced gray palette. Accent with warm wood, black metal, or pops of color for interest.

7. Rich, Deep Hues

For kitchens oozing with elegance and warmth, incorporate deep, earthy brown hues into the design. From coffee-colored cabinets to rustic wood floors, brown’s grounded tones provide a welcoming natural feel. Rich chocolate or chestnut cabinets ground lighter wall colors beautifully while adding a touch of drama. Contrast brown cabinetry with breezy white backsplashes and accents for balance. Woodharbor’s Brown Sugar finish options, like Mocha Glaze and Espresso Bean, offer stunning brown cabinet choices.

Beyond cabinetry, use brown-through wood laminate flooring, rustic dining sets, woven shades, and cream-upholstered barstools. Pair your browns with metallic accents like oil-rubbed bronze hardware and pendant lights for an opulent kitchen aesthetic. While trends come and go, earthy brown provides an always classic, gracious kitchen foundation. Its woodsy warmth paired with ivories and neutrals creates a pleasing, elegant palette perfect for family gatherings. Allow brown’s cozy sophistication to make your kitchen the ultimate inviting home hub.

8. Two-Tone Style

Two-tone kitchen cabinets continue trending for their chic contrast of light and dark. Combining Bauformat’s Light Wood uppers with their Dark Brown Solid Matte lower cabinets makes a striking statement. The blend of organic and sleek offers both visual interest and harmony. Get creative with your two-tone combinations while keeping the palette sophisticated. Try pairing neutral cream upper cabinets with moody navy blue bases for an elegant nautical feel. Or go for glossy white uppers and rich walnut lower cabinets for luxe contrast. Two-toned islands in black granite and white marble also anchor spaces stunningly.

Beyond just cabinetry, incorporate two tones throughout the kitchen. Opt for a checkerboard tile floor in warm and cool grays. Choose barstools and a rug that picks up both colors. Two-tone kitchens add stylish dimension while remaining gracefully inviting places to gather with family and friends.


The cabinet and kitchen paint color trends for 2024 are all about embracing warm, earthy tones that evoke a sense of natural coziness. While classic colors like warm whites, light grays, and bright crisp shades will still have their place, we’re seeing a distinct shift toward richer, moodier hues.

This gravitation towards the natural world is a reaction against the stark, cool undertones that dominated kitchen cabinet colors and design trends in past years. In the farmhouse-chic era, even neutrals like grays are leaning away from dramatic dark shades in favor of softer, cozier light and mid-tones. No matter which direction you take your palette, embracing depth through multiple layers and textural accents is key for creating an enveloping yet fresh kitchen space.


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