2022 Outstanding Bathroom Trends and Ideas in Woodbridge, VA

If you want to do a bathroom remodel, the first step to take is to get a collection of the latest bathroom remodel trends. Having a lot of bathroom ideas in Woodbridge, VA will make sure that you are up to date on what is hot and looks great in a bathroom.

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Bathroom design Woodbridge is really interesting right now and many people are looking to this area to find creative new ideas. Doing a bathroom renovation in Woodbridge, VA is an exciting project to be taking on because of all of the incredible ideas out there.

To help you have the best bathroom remodeling experience in Woodbridge, VA, we have created this list of the most outstanding trends and ideas of 2022. We have gotten the help of our expert bathroom contractors in Woodbridge, VA to show you the most exciting ideas and trends.

Walk In Shower

These days people are not so into having a bathtub as part of the bathroom experience. It is hard to find time to have a good soak and then you are taking up a lot of space for something you use maybe once per month.

A walk in shower really opens up your bathroom and can be made super luxuriously. It looks stunning to have stone or artificial stone tiles in large format for the walls of a shower and smaller times for the floor which can massage your feet and create a non-slip surface.

Frameless glass doors on a walk in shower make your bathroom seem even bigger and more open concept. You can create a truly amazing bathroom with a walk in shower as the highlight.

Hand Hammered Copper Vessel Sink

Copper is an amazing material for a sink because it has natural anti microbial properties that kill germs and viruses. That makes washing your hands safer and cleaning your sink much easier.

There is also the stunning beauty of copper, a living material that will change in beautiful and mysterious ways. The metal could start out a pinkish shiny copper, and will age into darker, richer colors with hints of green.

Hand hammered copper has an interesting texture that people will give you huge compliments on. A sink made of hand hammered copper will be a piece you can feel proud to show off to friends, neighbors, coworkers and anyone you can get to go into your bathroom.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is mounted to the wall behind it instead of being supported by the floor. They bring a unique look to your bathroom, almost like it is a bit of magic.

Floating vanities have a more sleek look than your normal vanity which can help a bathroom to feel roomier and more elegant. These vanities still provide you with as much countertop, sink and storage space as you need with a more interesting look.

Because a floating vanity leaves the floor open underneath them which makes cleaning the space a breeze. You can run a mop and broom underneath with no trouble and pick up any dirt or debris that is sitting there.

Soaking Tub

If you have enough space in your master bathroom, you might as well go full luxury and have a dedicated soaking tub. They make a great centerpiece for your bathroom and bring a spa-like atmosphere where you can truly relax and destress.

Soaking tubs let you have a wonderful walk in shower and have a place to soak when you need that. For most days you will probably use your shower, but there are sometimes you just need a hot soak and your tub will be there for you.

There are different styles of soaking tubs but the classic is white porcelain with sweeping edges. Find a soaking tub that you love and it will really improve the look of your bathroom as well as the way that you enjoy it.

Backlit Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Medicine cabinets are super handy to have in a bathroom for storing your toothpaste, skin care products and bandages. You can have a super trendy and beautiful medicine cabinet that is backlit.

Having lights that come from behind the mirror helps eliminate any shadows for when you are getting ready for a night out or before bed. The light is better focused on your face and the places that you need to see in the mirror.

A backlit medicine cabinet also has a cool visual effect. It looks like it is floating on the wall when the light is on.

Matte Black Fixtures

We are all a little tired of the classic chrome faucet, this year we have seen a lot of designers and homeowners choosing matte black as a finish and it has been awesome. They have a striking appearance and can be very pleasing with the right surroundings.

Many people are caught off-guard when they first see matte black bathroom fixtures, but the look grows on them and they fall in love. You can really make a splash with matte black fixtures in your bathroom.

They are also incredibly good at keeping up a clean appearance so you won’t have to battle against water stains. This is one of the most interesting trends of 2022 that we would like to see more of.

Striking Wallpaper

The art of wallpaper was almost lost there for a few years, but this year it is back with a vengeance. There are many patterns available from boutique retailers and you are sure to find one that suits your desires.

One great idea is to have a local artist create a pattern for your wallpaper. You can tell them how you want it to look and then submit the design to a wallpaper printer who will be able to make you a high quality, custom wallpaper.

We are so glad that wallpaper is back and it is better than ever. Take some time to find a wallpaper that you love and you will enjoy it each time you use your bathroom.

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