How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets?

Have you ever entered a messy room or looked inside your bathroom cabinets and felt overwhelmed?  There is a reason behind the saying: “Clean space, clear mind” . Every room in your house deserves to be treated with love and care.  Having a cluttered space makes you easily distracted, and that is something you do not want in your morning routine. 

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Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets?

Bathrooms can easily fall into chaos. A lot of things happen there: you shower or bathe, you do your makeup, you brush your teeth, you clean your face, among other things. Products, towels, brushes and empty bottles tend to find their own place without you ever noticing until it is too late and your bathroom looks like a war zone.

A good way to start freeing your space of clutter is to organize your bathroom cabinets. Having well-organized cabinets will completely change your life. Your bathroom will no longer be the source of stress but your hide out to relax and disconnect. So let’s start working on these bathroom cabinets ideas for a clean place. 

A good starting point to declutter your space are the bathroom vanities. The first idea you might understand when trying to organize your bathroom is to use your vanity drawers. Dividing your drawers is an easy way to categorize and classify your items. You can do this according to your own style. Using drawer dividers is a fun tactic to get you started. You can use different materials for your trays or boxes. You could also utilize plastic containers if you already have some. The objective is to have different sections, you could have one tray for makeup, one for hair garters,  another for bathroom products or one for your cream and lotions. 

If you want to go to the next level you could install a slide-out tray to have easy access to the product you are looking for without rummaging around and creating a new mess. 

If your vanity lacks cabinets, do not worry! You can always use the under-sink area. While organizing your bathroom you have to be creative and open to optimize whichever space you have. The room under the sink can be adapted with cool organizers where you could put shampoo or lotion bottles, cleaning equipment, even hide your trash can. One more advantage of using the under-sink space is that any of your things will be easy to access every time you need them.

For over the sink space there are a lot of ways you could put in order your miscellaneous items. Reusing and recycling are your best allies in this endeavor. Instead of throwing away your juice bottle or your mustard jar, save them up to place your brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Remember the metal box where your mints come in? How about turning it into a storing place for your tweezers, headbands or q tips? 

Pouches are also an easy solution to clutter. They are so effective while travelling that it is crazy that we do not use them while at home. They are perfect for makeup, plus if you ever have to go out in a hurry  they are already ready to go! 

For the final touches of your countertop you could also add some candles or plants to make it more welcoming. Instead of rushing out in the morning you will enjoy your time getting ready for the day. 

If using your vanity’s drawer and countertop space  still does not provide you with enough storage space you could always add a bathroom wall cabinet. A bathroom wall cabinet is a perfect idea to optimize your room’s space while giving it a focal point. You could have open shelves and use it to showcase your most attractive objects. You could  set up your perfumes there or you could even put some plants. Plants will always elevate the look of your bathroom while clearing the air and boosting your mood. 

Another interesting way to create storage space is to use baskets. This has a lot of advantages, you could capture your style if you use baskets you found while traveling or you could also support local artisans that work with different materials and methods to create practical and beautiful pieces. Baskets can either go inside or out. You could place them in  a closet to conceal items you are not interested in showing like extra toilet paper rolls or cleaning products. You could put them out to exhibit extra towels or toiletries, remember they come in various shapes and sizes! 

The right medicine for your messy problem can be your medicine cabinet! Having shelves hidden behind a mirror can be a real lifesaver for your organization conundrum. You could have see through  holders to stock your supplies and make them easier to access. You could also adapt the size of your shelves to make room for different sized products. 

Vitamins, ointment and medicines were born with a place in your bathroom,  so go ahead and use it! You could also store extra toothpaste for when you run out, or your favorite perfume to spray a little before you go out into the world. 

If you want to be environmentally conscious and want to save up space and money, using refillable glass bottles can be the answer to all your troubles. Emptying your soaps, shampoos and conditioners into these containers optimizes your space while being aesthetic and ecological. 

Installing custom bathroom cabinets is the fastest and most practical way to solve your storage problems. They can adapt to your specific needs and you could use every inch of them to accommodate your objects. 

For example, you use the cabinet door space by adding adhesive hooks to hang your hairdryer or even some trays to put your grooming tools like brushes or lotions. 

If you do not have a clear idea about what kind of cabinet you need for your bathroom you could always visit a bathroom cabinet store to find the perfect storage unit for your space. Professionals will ask you the right questions to determine what exactly you need regarding your space, style and requirements.

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