5 Must-Have Features For Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Doing a kitchen and bath remodel might seem like a difficult task, but there are a lot of fun adventures you can take yourself on while doing it. Finding the most amazing small kitchen remodel ideas and of course, looking out for a reliable cabinet store gets your project started on a great path.

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You might be searching the internet for small kitchen remodel pictures to get an image of how to make your choices. This method works well, and you also need to consider your personality and how to show off your style in your small kitchen remodel ideas. For those of you still wondering how to remodel a small kitchen, our design experts will share their top five must-have features in this post. These ideas will give you a huge boost to help you remodel your small kitchen and feel satisfied for the long run.

Give Open Shelving A Chance

Many people are opting for open shelving as part of their kitchen remodel for their small kitchen. This is a great strategy in a small kitchen because upper kitchen cabinets can feel quite bulky and take up too much of a wall. Open shelving is one of those small kitchen remodeling ideas that is popular for a reason, it makes sense for a lot of spaces. You get all of the storage space you need from open shelves, but more light can travel around the kitchen and make it feel bigger. One of the best ways to include this feature in your small kitchen remodel is to leave the shelves as a natural wood color. Some other ideas that might make sense for your small kitchen remodel with open shelving are:
  • White walls make for a bright kitchen and paired with natural wood is a stunning design.
  • A tiled wall for the backsplash underneath open shelves adds some texture to your kitchen.
  • Near windows lets more natural light into your kitchen than bulky cabinets.

Kitchen Island With Quartz Countertop

If you have enough kitchen remodeling budget, a kitchen island can add a lot to a small kitchen remodel that you might not be able to have any other way. You get extra places for food prep, but the island can also be used for dining, home office work or can have storage underneath. The trick might be to fit your kitchen island into your small space because they can take up some room. Some great ways to have a kitchen island without worrying about your space limitations include:
  • Fold-out island – this nifty feature can look like part of the cabinets or wall, but then fold out when you need some extra counter space.
  • Moveable island – you can make your island on a wheel or light enough to carry or slide so that it can be out of the way when you need it to be.
  • Leafed kitchen island – you can have a smaller size island with popout leaves that can be added when the time comes to have some extra space.
A quartz countertop is a great look for a kitchen island that can elevate any normal kitchen into something special. Quartz comes in any color or design you might need to create a beautiful kitchen island as part of your small remodeling project.

Farmhouse Sink For A Small Kitchen Remodel

A perfect way to bring some charm into your small kitchen remodel is to add a rustic, yet refined farmhouse sink. A creamy white basin is a cool look in a small kitchen, and you can choose from many excellent faucets that will suit your design goals. Another option you might enjoy is an apron sink, which has its front face exposed, while a farmhouse sink has its front face covered. They are both big sinks that make cleaning large pots and pans easier, so they are perfect for those who make big meals. There are modern kitchen remodeling ideas that follow this kind of design, so you might want to check them out.  Farmhouse sinks look great in a small kitchen because they definitely add some warmth and comfort to the space. Some other kitchen features that work well with a farmhouse sink in a small kitchen remodel are:
  • Black cabinets – a creamy white farmhouse sink can perfectly balance out the darkness of black kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen.
  • Brass hardware – for your cabinets and faucet, choosing golden brass can work seamlessly with a farmhouse sink.
  • Natural wood trim – you might want to have trim in your kitchen, and leaving it as a natural wood color is a great option with the farmhouse sink.

Add Natural Light To Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Getting as much natural light as you can into your small kitchen remodel helps the room feel bigger and you feel happier to be there. There is nothing quite as awesome as waking up to make your coffee or tea with the light of the sun. You can add natural light to your small kitchen remodel by adding more windows, expanding existing windows, and adding skylights or solar tubes. One of these options is sure to fit your home’s structure and budget. Having more windows in a small kitchen really makes it feel much bigger than it really is. If you can see what you are doing by the light of the sun, you can feel much better cooking, cleaning, and simply hanging out in your small kitchen.

Coordination For Your Appliances

Having a uniform look from your appliances will help your small kitchen remodel feel more complete. When appliances are different colors or even different styles, it can make a small kitchen feel too complicated and possibly overwhelming.  You might want to start shopping early so that you can get the best deals on a set of appliances that you will love for many years. With all the delays in shipping many companies are experiencing, it is critical to get your orders in sooner than later. Stainless steel is a great finish for small kitchen remodels because it can reflect some light and make the space feel less cramped. But the most important rule in choosing the right appliances is that they fit your needs and your design goals. Visit our showroom today or check us on Instagram, so you can view our wonderful designs!


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