Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Trends in Fairfax Station VA

In the case that you are planning on a kitchen renovation in Fairfax Station, VA, you probably have your eyes on the kitchen remodel trends in the local area. Knowing the kitchen remodeling trends in Fairfax Station, VA will help to guide your discovery process and you will gain a better idea of how you would like your new kitchen to look.

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The latest trends in kitchens in Fairfax Station are pretty unique in a lot of ways and it can be really fun to track all the modern kitchen remodeling trends happening in Fairfax Station, VA. Getting an understanding of kitchen design trends in Fairfax Station, VA will be a great way to start your remodeling process so that you don’t go into the process totally blind to what is going on.

For this article, we have asked some kitchen remodeling contractors in Fairfax Station about some of the trends they have seen and picked the best ones to tell you about. Reading this article will help you to get a solid idea of what you want to achieve with your kitchen remodel so that you can be sure to get exactly what you want out of your project. 

Wood Accents in a White Kitchen

For the last few years, white kitchens have been installed in a lot of homes around the entire country. People love how clean they look and the brightness they give off. Recently designers have started to bring a bit more of a warm feeling into the kitchen by adding some wooden aspects.

A wooden countertop is especially trendy this year in a white kitchen. Many people have been installing butcher block, which brings a certain warmth that makes a white kitchen feel a bit more cozy and charming.

It is good to keep the wood tones to just accent pieces, because we think that white kitchens are a timeless design and you don’t want to completely erase the brightness and cleanliness that a white kitchen bestows on your home. 


This period is seeing a lot of kitchen designers with some plants in mind when they create a theme for the space. You might think of some of your favorite house plants that you want to have in your kitchen, and your design can create a kitchen with those plants in mind which brings a unified feeling to the room.

Plants bring a calming feeling and a touch of lively color that really improves the mood of any space, and the kitchen is certainly no different. They can also make the air feel a bit fresher and they are just lovely living things that will make you feel better.

It is a bit avant garde to start your design process with your favorite plants in mind, but if you have the right designer they will love this idea and really run with it. You will end up with a beautiful atmosphere if you go this route and you can feel super happy with the results.

Golden Hardware

A trend from some decades in the past has come back recently and it is using a golden colored brass for the cabinet hardware, sink faucet and for decorations in the kitchen. The golden color is another idea that will bring some warmth to the kitchen, and can be a great accent piece in a white kitchen.

The gold color works with many colors that you may be favoring in your kitchen. You can speak with your kitchen design team to find out how you can incorporate gold into your kitchen remodel. Black is another color that can work well with gold because of the warmth that golden bronze hardware brings to a space.

The golden hardware does not have to be shiny this year, matte and spun gold are trends this year that are bringing more flavors to the color gold than we have seen in the past. A matte finish can be easier to clean because the oils of the hands won’t be constantly smudging the surface and looking dirty.


If your roof allows it, having a skylight in a kitchen can do wonders to help the room feel bright and airy. A skylight is one of the most elegant things you can do in your kitchen remodel, and many people right now are trying this out and loving it. 

Preparing your morning coffee in a kitchen that is bright from the sun’s first rays is one of the great joys of a daily routine, and a skylight really lets in a beautiful glow that might improve your mood and get your day jump started right. You can also look forward to doing a little star gazing or moon watching while preparing dinner, which is a great perk. 

With modern skylight technology, you have a lot of options that are well insulated and will never be susceptible to allowing air inside and creating that dirty look that was so dreaded from earlier versions of skylights. You can even have a skylight that opens electronically, so that on hot days you can get some extra ventilation in your cooking area.

Open Front Sink

Having a sink that sits in an opening in the countertop, rather than having that bit of countertop in front of your sink is a beautiful look that is having a moment right now. This is great to show off a beautiful porcelain sink, or you can choose some other vessel to show off in your kitchen.

People find that having that few inches of counter space in front of the sink is not so useful, and turns into a spot that just gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Just get rid of that and have an open front sink that looks great and will not require as much maintenance. 

Some might call this a farmhouse sink, but it looks totally modern with the right design and you can go a lot of different ways with this trend. Have fun with this idea and you are sure to get a beautiful kitchen that will give you many memories and some delicious meals.

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