Minimalist Designs To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Many folks these days are wondering about minimalist bathroom remodeling because they think that it is one of the best bathroom remodeling ideas. Choosing minimalist designs for a bathroom remodeling project helps you feel more peaceful and comfortable in your bathroom.

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The great thing about minimalist designs is that they are largely easy bathroom remodeling ideas that look amazing. Remodeling a bathroom is one of the funnest projects you can take on that adds a lot of comfort to your home overall.

For this article, we will share our top remodeling bathroom ideas from our years of experience as a highly rated bathroom remodeling contractor. These minimalist bathroom remodeling ideas will give you the inspiration to make your home an amazing environment.

Wall Mounted Toilet

The old style of toilet takes up and wastes a lot of space with its plumbing behind the toilet bowl. With a wall-mounted toilet, the plumbing is inside the wall and there is no dead space behind the water tank that is difficult or impossible to clean.

These types of toilets take up much less visual space, which aids your minimalist design goals during your bathroom remodeling. They look much sleeker than the traditional toilet, which fits perfectly into your minimalist bathroom remodeling.

Wall mounted toilets are so much easier to clean than the old style of toilet. You will save a lot of time and your bathroom will always look better with a wall-mounted toilet than the old standard toilet we are so bored of seeing in every bathroom.

Open Shower Minimalist Bathroom Remodeling

An open shower, also called a barrierless shower, makes your bathroom feel bigger because there is no blocking off of part of the room. You get to see all of the space in your bathroom, rather than having some of it hidden behind the shower enclosure.

This concept works best in an all-tile bathroom because you need to be prepared for any area near the shower to get splashed. Tile is a stylish look and you will be happy if you choose this material to go with your open shower.

It can seem like a strange concept to many people in the USA, but in other countries, the open shower has been part of life for a long time. It works better than you would expect and makes a perfect minimalist design addition to your bathroom remodeling project.

Inset Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is an important part of your bathroom remodeling project and you should choose a style that matches your minimalist design goals. These cabinets put their storage shelves inside of the wall so there is only the mirror door that protrudes.

You can keep all sorts of things in your medicine cabinet that keep your bathroom looking cleaner and more organized. All of this helps in achieving a minimalist bathroom remodel that you will fall in love with.

For an even sleeker look, you can have a backlit medicine cabinet that makes it seem like the mirror is 

floating on the wall. This is a spectacular look in a minimalist bathroom and creates a certain air of magic for you and your guests to enjoy.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Having a beautiful vanity in your bathroom is the goal of many bathroom remodelers these days, and a floating vanity is the best option for minimalist design. A floating vanity is mounted to the wall behind it, therefore having no attachment to the floor.

This type of bathroom vanity has a sleek look that is so crucial to minimalist bathroom remodeling designs. It really does seem like these vanities are floating in the air, and you can easily incorporate this into your bathroom remodeling project.

You can choose a floating vanity with one sink, or even a double sink floating vanity to give you and your partner all the space you need. This feature can make your minimalist bathroom functional and comfortable all at the same time.

Petit Bathroom Cabinets That Save Space

One part of bathroom remodeling that can get in the way of minimalist designs is finding a place to keep all your bathroom necessities. There is only so much you can fit into medicine cabinets, so you need to find space for your bulkier items, such as:

  • Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning products
  • Soaps and shampoos
  • Lotions
  • Skincare products

Having a smaller size bathroom cabinet or two can give you that essential space so you can have the items you need on hand. You can work with a cabinet maker to create custom cabinets, which really maximize your space.

You can also look for stock or semi-custom bathroom cabinets that could fit into your space and meet your minimalist design goals. There are many options out there that could be just the right cabinet for your bathroom remodeling project.

Pick The Perfect Color For Minimalist Bathroom Remodeling

You need to choose a color scheme that fits in with your minimalist design goals. Muted or soft colors are the best because they reflect a lot of light and you won’t be overwhelmed with too much color in your face.

White is the classic choice for a minimalist bathroom, and it will work well as part of your bathroom remodeling project. You can also try to add different colors, but they should be on the lighter side of the pallet.

You also want to play around with the finishes. Most bathrooms are finished with glossy paint, which protects surfaces from the moisture in your bathroom. You might choose other finishes if you have adequate ventilation so everything can dry out after a shower.

Consider Your Lighting Options

Having amazing lighting in your minimalist bathroom will tie the whole space together. You need it to be bright and easy to see in, and you can design lighting that helps with this.

You should incorporate flush can lighting if you want to have a truly minimalist bathroom remodel. These types of lights almost feel like the lights come directly from the ceiling.

Adding a skylight for natural sunlight is another option that is great for minimalism. You don’t even need to use electricity when the sun is shining.

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