Top 15 Master Bathroom Ideas For Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Having a long bath after a hard day’s work is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience at your own home. Lighting an incense, putting some candles, pouring a glass of wine while you relax in a bathtub. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? 

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Having your perfect getaway space can become a reality with a simple master bathroom renovation. Enjoy a luxe experience every time you need your personal time with these master bathroom ideas

You can go as big or small as you want, you can do a full renovation or make little changes that can transform the entire vibe of the room. 

Do you prefer a shower or a bathtub? Have you  thought about storage? How can you make your morning routine easier? 

If you are overwhelmed with all the options, don’t worry, we have come with fifteen master bath remodel ideas that cover all the angles to get your master bathroom to the next level of comfort and functionality. 

So let’s stop talking and let’s start with your master bathroom remodeling project!

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas


A luminous bathroom already gives you a luxurious environment. But why limit yourself to windows or light fixtures? Installing a skylight has so many advantages! It will make your bathroom feel larger and open. You will be working with natural light that automatically will give you a more welcoming vibe. 


Choosing tiles is one of the most important elements in a master bath remodel. They go from bottom to top. Inside your shower or on the floor. You can also make any wall in your bathroom a focal point of your bathroom by tiling it, besides it is a fun way to portray your style. You can go with marble or do a multicolored design. The choice is yours!


They seem to be the epitome of lux . If you are looking for a home spa feel, bathtubs are an excellent way to start. Soak away your problems and relax as the water takes away all your worries.


Any space with plants automatically becomes a more welcoming place. Using plants in your master bathroom will improve the air quality and work as a perfect decoration to liven up the room. Besides, bathrooms are great for plants! Bathrooms are warm and humid making it the perfect environment for them, you only have to watch out for changes of temperature at night and find which plants are better suited for the conditions you find in a bathroom.


One of the most important elements to have in a luxury master bathroom is openness and organization. You do not want your bathroom to look messy with clutter everywhere. Finding a way to store your everyday items is a priority. That’s why we have rounded up the basic options for storage to consider in your master bathroom renovation.
Shelves: If you are struggling with space, installing shelves can be an easy solution for this problem. They are very functional as they make everything easy to grab. Moreover they can be an excellent way to showcase your decoration.
Cabinets: They are the cornerstone of storage. You can put them anywhere: under the sink, over the vanity, in a corner, or have them custom made to better suit your needs. They give you a little more privacy and organization.


While doing your master bathroom remodel you can play with many ways to do your sink. You can have a vessel or pedestal, overmount or undermount. You can have a double sink or a long sink, this single piece can also suit two persons and make your space look bigger in a more modern way. Another advantage you can find in sinks is that  they offer extra storage room.


There are many ways you can change your walls in your master bathroom. You can tile them up, as we already suggested, but if this is not something that you find particularly attractive you can always turn to wallpaper or paint in a way that can create a complementary contrast to the other elements of the bathroom.


Bathroom floors have a totally different purpose than any other floor in the house. You have to consider humidity as a constant factor. For showers you can choose among various options. You could use a pebble floor for a more organic look or you could match the tile of the rest of the room. Another trend that is very fashionable right now for bathroom flooring,  is heated tile floors, especially if you live in a place with cold winters.


One of the most prominent elements of a bathroom is the vanity. While remodeling your master bathroom think about what kind of vanity suits your needs best. You can have a floating vanity if you are struggling with space as it helps the room look bigger. Besides installing a vanity will help you create extra room for storage.  If you are planning to install a custom vanity, a good trick to make your space have a cleaner look is having outlets installed in the back of a drawer.


There are a lot of ways you can express your personal style in your master bathroom. One of the most evident ones is doing it through decorations. Candles, rugs, mirror, art or even the type of towels you choose will create a mood for your bathroom.


Having a nice shower can set the mood for your day. When planning a renovation you must think of what kind of shower you want to install. Do you want a doorless shower? Or a walk-in?  If you’re looking to emulate a spa experience, having a stem shower might be the right option for you.

Shower drain

As long as we are talking about showers we might as well talk about an element that is usually overlooked: the shower drain. You can spice it up by changing your round shower drain for a square one or you could adapt some of your floor tiles to work as one.

Shower Niche

Having a special place to arrange your toiletries should not be an afterthought. Creating a shower niche will make your bathroom look organized and luxurious. Be conscious about space so it will fit all your items.


If there is a place where having good illumination is vital the bathroom is definitely one. You can have LED installed, but you can also play with non traditional features like a pendant light to capture your particular style.

Solar water heater

A way to be environmentally conscious and at the same time save some money is by installing a solar water heater. You will cut down on the heating bills while heating up your bath water. It is a win-win!

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