5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Remodel

A small kitchen can be both a great fortune but also a bit of a sore spot. The best part of a small kitchen is that a small kitchen remodel will be less expensive than a large one. Small kitchens are also easier to clean and to manage generally. The drawbacks of a small kitchen include lack of storage space and feeling too cramped when more than one person is in it.

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When looking for small kitchen remodel ideas you should be trying to find ways to highlight your small kitchen’s strengths and deal with its weaknesses. A small kitchen renovation is a great opportunity to use your creativity and to really refine what you want to get out of your kitchen remodel. 

The thing about a renovation small kitchen style is that you need to do a lot of thinking and planning to make sure you utilize your small space in the absolute best way possible. To help you accomplish this we have put together this guide with five ways you can make the most of a small kitchen remodel.

If you use this guide to small kitchen remodeling you can be sure that your planning will be successful and you will be happy with your small kitchen remodel.

Keep It Simple

When you are gathering small kitchen ideas you want to remember that the more simple your kitchen is, the bigger it will look. Adding too many features and trying to do too much can make a small kitchen look even smaller. 

A great way to start your process of simplifying is to think of everything you absolutely must have in your kitchen, like blenders, microwaves, dishware, toaster, etc. Then you want to find a place for everything that you will be needing in your remodeled small kitchen. 

It is best if you can keep your counter space as empty as possible, so try to imagine hidden storage space for all of your things in your small kitchen remodel. You can design your cabinets to fit all of your appliances and dishware, and then the surfaces of your small kitchen won’t appear so cluttered. 

When choosing your cabinets, you want to not use too much texture, like flat cabinets. Also keep the hardware to a minimum as they can start to make the room feel very busy if they are not discreet. Colors should also be kept similar and subtle, painting cabinets instead of having natural wood grain could be the best option.

Use Tricks To Make A Kitchen Look Bigger

One of the best ways to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen is to install modern lighting. Using ceiling lights and cabinet lights that shine from different directions and angles so that there are less shadows when you are cooking will make your small kitchen seem a lot bigger and easier to work in.

Modern LED lights give a nice tone of light that will help the kitchen feel bigger as well. For the ceiling lights, it is best to install some can lights that are flush with the ceiling instead of a hanging light fixture. This will give your ceiling a taller look and so you will think that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

If you have the budget for it, adding a skylight or two will really make a small kitchen feel a whole lot bigger. You will get some beautiful natural light during the day which can also cut down on your electricity bill. In the night you might even have a romantic starry view on clear evenings. Skylights also add that extra few inches that can just give the room a more comfortable feeling instead of being cramped. 

Using light paint colors will also help a small kitchen look larger than it is. While white might seem like a boring color, it has the effect of making the room seem bigger, so it is definitely a great choice for a small kitchen remodel. 

Small Appliances

When you step into an appliance showroom these days, you will see some truly monstrous appliances, but you can also find some that are on the smaller side. Small appliances are very popular in Europe where homes were built before the existence of such things, so you can find some really stylish designs that will make your new kitchen look awesome.

Having oversized appliances will make the rest of your kitchen look even smaller, like a kid wearing an adult’s clothing. Choose appliances that will be just enough to handle what you need from them. If you are struggling to find enough room in a small refrigerator, you may consider getting a second one for the basement or laundry room, and only keeping your daily essentials in your kitchen fridge. 

You may want to choose one of the new micro dishwashers or even skip having a dishwasher and just hand wash your dirty plates. While a dishwasher is convenient, many people go without it and are perfectly happy. 

Cabinet Design Is Critical

Kitchen cabinets are the most expensive part of most kitchen remodels, so you want to take extra time when designing your cabinets for a small kitchen remodel. Having the right cabinet design can make all the difference for both your small kitchen’s functionality and appearance.

One great trick for your kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen is to extend them all of the way up to the ceiling. This will not only add a bit more storage, though you may need a stool to access it, it will also make an illusion of the room being bigger. 

Glass front kitchen cabinets will also make the room feel bigger, as you will be able to see an additional foot or so into the cabinets. The glass fronts are also an elegant look that will impress people.  Open shelving is also known to make the kitchen look bigger, but anything on an open shelf will collect dust. 

When choosing open shelving or glass front cabinets, you also have to pay more attention to organization of the things that are stored there, as they will be visible and a cluttered shelf will actually make the room seem busier and smaller.

Open Up The Floor Plan

Open floor plans are really popular right now, for good reason. They look bigger, feel cleaner and are overall more enjoyable to be in. The only problem with an open floor plan is that depending on the original construction of your kitchen, you might need to do a lot more work to achieve an open kitchen.

You may need to take down walls or do other types of serious construction, which will add a lot of cost to your small kitchen remodel. If you are doing that much construction, it might even make sense just to add an addition and actually make your kitchen bigger.

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