5 Fresh Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Apartments In Aspen Hill, MD

One of the first steps in getting the right kitchen remodeling ideas for apartments is learning about different kitchens and imagining what will work for you. There are plenty of kitchen remodeling ideas in Aspen Hill, Md to choose from, and starting out could be a bit overwhelming.

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Wading through all the new kitchen remodeling ideas in Aspen Hill, MD could be a challenge when you are inexperienced with apartment remodeling kitchen ideas. It’s important to relax, and take in all of the new kitchen remodeling ideas with an open mind.

Keeping it fresh, this post shares the knowledge of our experienced apartment kitchen remodeling team about some of the newest ideas out there. Their curated kitchen remodeling ideas will show you what is possible and what is popular in today’s interior design scene.

White Lower Cabinets With Open Shelving Above

If your goal is to have an open kitchen with lots of unrestricted light, keep your cabinets down below and have a minimal amount of open shelving up above. This apartment kitchen remodeling idea looks great with some shaker cabinets, which give a nice texture to the room.

A mottled gray and white granite countertop in the middle of this type of kitchen looks especially wonderful and inviting in an apartment. The open shelving can be sparse metal to keep the focus on windows, lighting and an extravagant range hood. 

Robin’s egg subway tiles bring a nice cooling effect to a kitchen like this and you will feel like you just jumped in a stream on a summer day here. The simplicity of a kitchen like this puts a lot of the focus on cooking, and you should invest in a high-quality cast iron stove.

Change Up Your Cabinet Hardware

While you might not own your apartment, you can put your personality into the kitchen by changing up the kitchen cabinet hardware. This is like putting expensive and unique jewelry on your kitchen remodel, and can really alter the atmosphere of the space.

Adding new or second hand cabinet hardware is also something you can undo if you decide to move out of your apartment. Then you can take your hardware with you to your new space to keep some continuity in your kitchen.

There is such an array of kitchen cabinet hardware out there to choose from to bring a new flavor to your apartment kitchen. Some of the hardware options you might consider are:

  • Metal cabinet pulls – You can choose long or short pulls to add a different effect to your apartment kitchen.
  • Decorative or hidden hinges – you can choose ornate cabinet hinges to bring a little fanciness to your kitchen, or choose concealed hinges that you will never see.
  • Ceramic cabinet knobs – you could have a local clay artist create some custom cabinet knobs that will make your apartment kitchen truly special.

Bring In A Moveable Kitchen Island

If you struggle to find enough counter space or would like a little storage, a movable kitchen island could be the perfect choice for you. You can create a kitchen island from an old table top, or create a specialty island on wheels so you can easily push it against a wall and out of the way.

Moveable kitchen islands are great for apartments because you could take it to your next home if you wanted to, or sell it to someone else who would appreciate it. This is a great way to transform your apartment kitchen without tearing it all apart.

A stone countertop on your moveable kitchen island is the easiest way to make your kitchen more elegant. But you need to remember that stone is rather heavy and this might only work if your kitchen island is on a strong set of wheels. You can check some kitchen remodel before and after photos and you’ll be surely inspired!

Brighten Your Day With New Lighting

One aspect of your apartment kitchen you can change without permanently altering the space is to change out the lights. Whether working with the existing placement, or finding ways to add new lights, this can really change the comfort and look of your space.

Adding some decorative pendant lights is a sure fire way to add some pizazz and style to your kitchen. When you are designing lights for your apartment kitchen, remember to use the three main types of lighting to your advantage, which are:

  • Ambient – this is the main light source in your kitchen, most likely from the overhead lights. Recessed can lights are great for creating an open feeling space.
  • Task – this is lighting that aids in specific tasks in your kitchen. You could add some easy to install LED strips over your countertops to make cooking easier.
  • Accent – this is lighting that highlights a design element in your kitchen. You could illuminate the range hood to draw focus there and elongate your kitchen, for example.

There are many lighting changes you can make without cutting into walls or needing the help of an electrician. This makes it a wonderful remodeling task for someone who is renting their apartment, but wants it to feel more like their own space. You can surely keep your old lights, but if you have enough kitchen remodeling budget, adding lights would make a huge difference. 

Stainless Steel Appliances Make You Feel Like A Pro

Upgrading to new stainless steel appliances in your apartment kitchen can help you take your cooking game to the next level. You can buy a new stainless steel refrigerator, oven and dishwasher to make your apartment kitchen feel more like your own.

The great thing about appliances in an apartment is that you can take them with you if you ever decide to move to a new home. That means you can enjoy your purchase for a much longer time and your apartment will be much better for cooking in.

Stainless steel appliances go well with many different styles of kitchens. You might think of painting the walls in the kitchen to match the new stainless steel, or even the kitchen cabinets. Some colors that bring out the best in stainless steel are:

  • Brown brings out the richness of the steel.
  • Black makes for a modern look.
  • White creates a bright and clean kitchen.

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