Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Chantilly VA: What You Need to Know

A kitchen remodel in Chantilly, VA would cost from $7,800 up to $38,000. The scale and the scope of the kitchen remodel is the biggest factor in the cost. The more changes you’re making, the higher the price tag will be.

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Your kitchen should be just the way you want it so that you can enjoy meal preparation, gathering or just sipping a cup of coffee and one of the first parts of getting your dream kitchen is figuring out the kitchen remodel cost. That way you can set out with a budget in mind and you can find the best way to raise the funds necessary to get your kitchen renovation completed.

This article will focus on the cost to remodel a kitchen in Chantilly VA. There are a lot of local variations to a kitchen remodel cost and so you should be trying to find out accurate prices in the region where you live.

One of the first questions we can answer is how much to redo a kitchen in Chantilly VA? The price can range from the low end of $7,600 and the upper average of $38,000. 

As you can see this large range can leave you confused about the actual kitchen remodeling prices in Chantilly VA. In order to help you better understand the cost to remodel a kitchen in Chantilly VA we will explain the kinds of kitchen remodels you can do, their costs and we can break down what each part of a kitchen remodel costs.

Kitchen Remodel Scale

The scale and scope of your kitchen remodel will be the biggest factor in your kitchen remodel cost. The more changes you are making, the higher the price tag will be.

A small scale kitchen remodel would include things like a new paint job, reusing the old cabinets, new appliances, new fixtures and possibly new countertops. A small scale remodel is basically just a cosmetic upgrade without any serious construction.

A small scale kitchen remodel would be in the lower range of prices, with the average cost being $7,800. A small scale remodel is possible when you like the size and shape of your kitchen, but you just want to update it and bring your personal style touches in.

A large – scale kitchen remodel would include things like adding an addition for more space, changing the layout, changing the location of appliances, building new cabinets, installing luxury countertops, redoing old electrical work, adding new light fixtures, adding a window and adding walls or kitchen islands.

With all of these factors taken into account Full kitchen remodel costs in Chantilly VA can average about $38,000. 

Cost Breakdown

If you are looking at where you can save some money or where you can splurge, it can help to know what each part of the kitchen remodel will cost. 

Sink, Counters and Backsplashes

These components make up a lot of the work surfaces of your kitchen and the cost will depend on the materials you choose to use. These components should take up about five percent of your total budget.

On the lower end you could use laminate countertops, laminate backsplash and a regular kitchen sink and would find this to be very budget friendly, probably in about the $1000 range without the labor to install. 

The high end of these components would be marble countertops, glass tile backsplash and hand hammered copper sink which could easily top $5000 without labor costs.


When you need to change the electrical components of your kitchen the costs can add up quickly, that is because it requires the labor of a skilled tradesman. This labor can start at about $100 per hour. 

Sometimes when upgrading appliances you may need to do some minor electrical work which won’t cost too much. The costs really add up when you want to move outlets and light fixtures. This could require opening up the walls and doing a whole lot of work.

One way to save on a kitchen renovation is to use the existing electrical system. Hopefully with some creativity you can find a great way to make the existing outlets and light fixtures work exactly how they are.


Tiles for the flooring or walls can make a kitchen look really pretty. There are a big range of costs for the different materials, but on the low end you can expect to pay $2.05 per square foot and up to $10 per square foot for the finest materials. These costs include the labor to install.

Kitchen remodeling contractors Chantilly VA have been seeing a lot of customers who are choosing high end tiles for their kitchen. This trend is a beautiful one that we hope you can use in your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are one of the most useful parts of a kitchen for storing kitchen accessories as well as looking beautiful. They are usually made to last a lifetime and come with a big price tag. You can expect to spend about 25% of your total remodel budget on new kitchen cabinets.

One way to save on this item is to think hard about if you need more space, if your current cabinets are in disrepair or if you truly hate your cabinets. If you answer no to all of those questions, you can probably reuse your current cabinets and save big.

Maybe all they need is a new coat of paint and some new hardware to make them match your aesthetic and you could save a lot of money and trouble. But the kitchen cabinets are so important that it is definitely worth the investment to get the perfect cabinets to make your dream kitchen complete.

Kitchen Appliances

Your appliances are going to be doing a lot of work in your new kitchen and it can be really nice to get some new ones in there. For the range oven, refrigerator and washing machine you can expect to pay on the low end $400 each and for high end appliances they will average $1125 each.

Be sure that you recycle your old appliances, they can be put to good use in someone else’s kitchen. 

If you don’t want the costs of installing your appliances to get too high, try to not change their location so that plumbing and electrical changes will not have to be made. Leaving the appliances where they are can really save you a lot of money.

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