What Is The Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Annapolis, MD? Experts Reveal!

A kitchen renovation is one of the sexiest projects you can do in your home, and one of the first questions a lot of homeowners around Annapolis ask about such a project is “what is the typical kitchen remodel cost in Annapolis MD?” The answer to that question can fall between a rather broad range, so there is not a quick way to answer it.

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We can say that the average cost for kitchen remodel in Annapolis MD falls between the lowest price reported by contractors of $8,658 and the highest price of $131,866. Obviously, these kitchen remodeling prices in Annapolis MD are for very different projects, and to help you get a better idea of what your kitchen remodel will cost, we can go over some of the variables that affect the cost.

In this post we will use the knowledge of expert kitchen remodeling contractors Annapolis MD to give you a rough estimate of what you can expect your kitchen redo to cost. You can read this guide and decide which parts apply to your desired project, add them up and then you will have a rough estimate of how much you will need to save up for your new dream kitchen.

Lower Range Kitchen Remodel

Doing a lower range kitchen remodel does not necessarily mean that you are getting less satisfaction out of your project, it usually means that you are making less changes to your kitchen and you have a smaller space to work with. On the lower end of kitchen remodel prices in Annapolis, you can expect to pay from $15,000 to $22,000.

Mid Range Kitchen Remodel

The middle range of kitchen remodel prices is where most homeowners find themselves in Annapolis, and they end up paying anywhere from $23,000 to $44,000. A mid range kitchen remodel will normally involve completely redoing some of the kitchen’s elements, but simply freshening up other parts.

High End Kitchen Remodel

A higher priced kitchen redo is probably more like a complete rebirth, with drastic changes and all the top quality fixtures and appliances. This type of remodel ends up costing at a minimum $45,000 and can go up to $131,000 or more.

Elements of a Kitchen Remodel and How They Affect Cost

A good rule of thumb in kitchen remodelling is that the more drastic a change you want to make, the higher the cost will be. Here we will go more in depth into how each element will affect the kitchen remodel cost.


A centerpiece of the kitchen is the kitchen sink, and moving it’s location during your remodel will increase your costs significantly. This is because the work will require a highly skilled tradesman, who commands a high wage.

Adding plumbing features like a gas line for a stove, an extra water line to the fridge or installing a water filtration system can all take a low range kitchen remodel to a mid range project. If you can be happy with your sink staying in it’s current location, you can really save a lot on your remodel.


Like with plumbing, electrical work requires an expensive specialist to do the work, so making a lot of changes to your electrical outlets and lighting will add significant costs to your kitchen remodel. Sometimes doing major electrical work is unavoidable, like when you have old, unsafe wiring.

Doing things like adding new light fixtures, adding outlets or adding appliances are all things that will make your kitchen remodel cost increase. Even changing the location of appliances will add to the cost, as they normally require special outlets that will need to be installed in their new location.


Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements in your kitchen, and also account for a big chunk of a typical kitchen redo budget, usually about 25 percent. If your kitchen cabinets currently hold all the things you need, you really want to try and leave them in place if you want to save money.

A high end kitchen remodel will normally feature brand new custom cabinets, which can costs upwards of $20,000 on their own. They are so expensive because they are really a piece of high quality furniture that is made specifically for the kitchen and will last a lifetime. If you want to make your kitchen really special, hiring a custom cabinets maker will be an excellent investment.

For those trying to save money, you can simply get new cabinet doors, new hardware or refinish them. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve with simple, budget friendly changes.

Kitchen Size

The size of your kitchen will have a great effect on your kitchen remodel cost. Low-end kitchen remodels are almost always performed on a smaller size kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, there might just not be any way you can keep costs down.

Making your kitchen bigger is a sure way to find yourself doing a high end kitchen remodel. If you need to knock down walls or build an addition, your costs are going to be a lot higher.


If your kitchen doesn’t have a good vent, you are definitely going to want to improve that element to make your kitchen comfortable to work in. Adding a new kitchen vent or changing its location will mean putting a hole in your roof, and a lot more cost.


Choosing basic flooring like laminate will be really low cost, and nicer flooring like hardwood or tile is going to bring your project into the middle or higher range of kitchen remodels. Higher quality flooring will look better and stand up better to the kitchen environment, so you need to think about what is important to you and contact kitchen remodeling contractors in Annapolis.


A stone countertop will bring your kitchen to the next level of excellence, but they come with a big price tag. For those going for a low end remodel, laminate countertops are very durable and look good as well. For a mid range remodel you can consider a butcher board countertop which has a nice organic feel, but requires work to maintain.

Resale Value

For those thinking of kitchen remodeling with selling your home in mind, you should consider the resale value of your project. It might be a surprise to you that a low end kitchen remodel will recoup the most of its cost when selling the home, at about 73 percent, a mid range remodel can be expected to recoup about 61 percent of its cost and a high end remodel will recoup about 53 percent of its cost.

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