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Top 8 Amazing Before and After Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Seeing kitchen remodel before and after photos can inspire you to take your not so fabulous kitchen and make it special. Getting a strong idea of how you want your kitchen remodeling before and after to look can help you work with a kitchen remodeling service to make sure everything turns out perfect.

Kitchen remodeling before and after photos may not seem like it, but they are a really useful tool to getting to know everything that is possible during a kitchen remodel. Seeing the way that an old kitchen becomes new in before and after kitchen remodel photos gets your creative juices flowing.

We present you with these eight kitchen before and after makeover ideas with a designer’s eye to help you understand the amazing possibilities of a kitchen remodel. 

Need More Storage

Talk about needing some storage space! This kitchen was seriously lacking a beautiful set of kitchen cabinets to hide away all the clutter.

The rest of the kitchen doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but it does have some pre-housing market crash vibes that we might rather forget. Definitely time for a kitchen update!

Now that is a kitchen ready for 2022! Look at all that counter space, and the warmth of that brown wood is mellowing out the white kitchen. 

That new kitchen cabinet on the left is holding all that mess from before, and even more. This is a wonderful design.

I Think I’ll Just Eat In My Car

This break room was straight out of the movie Office Space. It feels like the boss had a tight kitchen remodeling budget because they didn’t know how to innovate.

It was a serviceable break room and it probably smelled like microwaved cheese. This break room was in serious need of a remodel.

Now you can eat lunch and feel good about being at work. That waterfall kitchen island is to die for.

This is a modern design masterpiece and totally fits with the latest kitchen renovation trends. The black and white contrast each other perfectly to create a harmonious kitchen.

The Unfortunate Island

What is up with that kitchen island? The glossy black with the white trim looks so strange in this kitchen.

Kitchen islands have to be planned carefully to either blend in with the rest of the kitchen, or be a beautiful focal point and the star of the kitchen.

Boom! There’s a kitchen island that you love to look at, plus it gives you incredible counter space as well as cabinet space below.

This is a great example of how matching the rest of the kitchen during a small remodel can make all the difference in the world. The first island was a real failure, the second is a love song.

Industrial Red

What happened here? The dark cherry cabinets with red marble were an odd choice to say the least. And then that ductwork?

Then they tried to make it fit with the stainless appliances, but it just missed. Each time you went to go wash some plates the black and white corner made you feel so depressed

Exactly what that kitchen needed! Another case of matching the elements that won’t change with the new remodel.

That ductwork is a real problem, and the old kitchen was making it worse. This new remodel has a clean, industrial cooking show energy that totally works!

Dead Space

This kitchen had a serious lack of counter space and the cabinets were not efficient at all. It is hard to see how you would have been able to chop anything under those cabinets.

The tiny island bar looks barely wide enough for an ice cream bowl. They did what they could with that post in the kitchen, but a kitchen island should be extremely useful.

Did they create some more counter space? Yep, that kitchen island is glorious now. 

You would not guess it, but those are the same kitchen cabinets as before, with some additions to utilize all of the available space and create a proper galley kitchen. This is a brilliant job of using the existing cabinets, but completely upgrading them.

So Many Bad Lights

Really not sure what is going on with those lights and their different temperatures. Maybe there was a sale at the dollar store.

Besides the bad lighting, the cabinets are looking pretty sad. It is kind of like a natural wood color, but with a layer of dust and sand on them. This kitchen needed some work.

That is a beautiful remodel. The two tone cabinets are working so well together and the open shelves are made of stunning wood!

The subway tile backsplash is a trend that works so well in this kitchen and the use of a golden faucet against the stainless appliances is a stroke of genius.

Did They Break It?

It doesn’t seem like you could open the fridge behind that kitchen island. Perhaps the island was mobile?

The cabinets in there looked like toys. What color is the countertop and the matching rim of the island? Is that green?

Awesome, these smart kitchen remodelers gutted that old kitchen and created a great space. That counter over the dishwasher looks especially handy for chopping veggies and then rinsing the cutting board in the sink.

Gray countertops between white cabinets is an elegant look. Even though it is the dividing line between the upper and lower cabinets, the countertops are unifying the walls, stainless appliances and the tile flooring.

The Oak Cabinets Gotta Go

Oak is a wonderful solid wood, but clear coated oak cabinets bring back memories of remodel trends we should only remember to avoid in the future. 

The basket on top of the cabinets shows that there is some unutilized space up there. Let’s see what the remodelers did with this one!

Yes, they did it, they made the cabinets taller and it looks so much better. The homeowner also gets more storage space.

Black cabinets are super hip right now, and the white countertop with subway tile backsplash makes this a well balanced kitchen remodel. The thin chrome cabinet pulls add an elongation effect that makes this kitchen remodel special.

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