Top 21 Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Photos

Seeing kitchen remodel before and after photos can inspire you to take your not-so-fabulous kitchen and make it special. Getting a strong idea of how you want your kitchen remodeling before and after to look can help you work with a kitchen remodeling service to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

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Kitchen remodeling before and after photos may not seem like it, but they are a really useful tool for getting to know everything possible during a kitchen remodel. Seeing the way that an old kitchen becomes new in before and after kitchen remodeling photos gets your creative juices flowing.

We present you with 21 before and after makeover ideas with a designer’s eye to help you understand the amazing possibilities of a kitchen remodel.

Best Before and After Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Does your kitchen feel cramped up and dingy? You will come to a point that you need to do a whole kitchen renovation to make your space more eye-catching with better access to all amenities of a kitchen.

This is the dream of most homeowners, and we are here to share with you amazing kitchen remodel ideas that will transform your old cramped kitchen into a gorgeous one.

1. Need More Storage

Talk about needing some storage space! This kitchen was seriously lacking a beautiful set of kitchen cabinets to hide away all the clutter.

The rest of the kitchen doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but it does have some pre-housing market crash vibes that we might rather forget. Time for a kitchen update!

Now that is a kitchen ready for 2022! Look at all that counter space and the warmth of that brown wood is mellowing out the white kitchen.

That new kitchen cabinet on the left is holding all that mess from before, and even more. This is a wonderful design.

I Think I’ll Just Eat In My Car

This break room was straight out of the movie Office Space. It feels like the boss had a tight kitchen remodeling budget because they didn’t know how to innovate.

It was a serviceable break room and it probably smelled like microwaved cheese. This break room was in serious need of a remodel.

Now you can eat lunch and feel good about being at work. That waterfall kitchen island is to die for.

This is a modern design masterpiece and fits with the latest kitchen renovation trends. The black and white contrast each other perfectly to create a harmonious kitchen.

2. The Unfortunate Island

What is up with that kitchen island? The glossy black with the white trim looks so strange in this kitchen.

You want to plan how you want your kitchen islands to be. Would you like to make it a part of your kitchen or make it a focal point? Carefully think about how you want your islands to be, once it’s installed, there’s no going back.

Boom! There’s a kitchen island that you love to look at, plus it gives you incredible counter space as well as cabinet space below.

Matching everything for a kitchen remodel can surely make all the difference in the world. The first island being installed was a failure, but the second one is absolutely amazing.

3. Industrial Red

What happened here? The dark cherry cabinets with red marble were an odd choice, to say the least. And then that ductwork?

Then they tried to make it fit with the stainless appliances, but it just missed. Each time you went to go wash some plates the black and white corner made you feel so depressed

Exactly what that kitchen needed! Another case of matching the elements that won’t change with the new remodel.

That ductwork is a real problem, and the old kitchen was making it worse. This new remodel has a clean, industrial cooking show energy that works!

4. Dead Space

Dead space is something that you want to eradicate if you want a nice kitchen. Check your cabinets, are they working the way they’re supposed to?

The kitchen looked so cluttered, with so many spaces that weren’t used properly and of course, inefficient cabinets. The kitchen has so much potential to store all kitchen belongings. The island wasn’t really serving its purpose and was not at all that useful.

Did they create some more counter space? Yep, that kitchen island is glorious now.

You would probably think these are different cabinets, but they are just the same as before. What made it look so different is that the available space was utilized and a proper galley kitchen was created. This is a brilliant job of using the existing cabinets, but completely upgrading them.

5. Accentuate with Subway Tile Backsplash

When it comes to kitchen renovation, most clients focus on the obvious ones like custom cabinets. They forget the little details they can do that can accentuate the entire room for their kitchen makeover.

Make use of your white subway tiles. They work perfectly for farmhouse sinks and even with quartz countertops. If you want to make a good statement, you can have your subway tiles up to the upper cabinetry.

If you want a cost-efficient makeover for your kitchen, make sure you get a nice backsplash, as it will help in adding more style to your kitchen.

So Many Bad Lights

Not sure what is going on with those lights and their different temperatures. Maybe there was a sale at the dollar store.

Besides the bad lighting, the cabinets are looking pretty sad. It is kind of like a natural wood color, but with a layer of dust and sand on them. This kitchen needed some work.

That is beautiful remodeling. The two-tone cabinets are working so well together and the open shelves are made of stunning wood!

The subway tile backsplash is a trend that works so well in this kitchen and the use of a golden faucet against the stainless appliances is a stroke of genius.

6. Ditch the Old Upper Cabinets

Kitchen makeovers are an avenue for you to reface your dated kitchen. One of the important things you need to renovate is your original cabinets. They are your storage house for all cooking utensils, condiments, and other items you need to prepare your sumptuous meals.

You can think of many ideas to upgrade your upper cabinetry. You can paint it with bright hues to stand out from the wall, or you can use black cabinetry with gold accents to give it a classic timeless finish.

7. Creamy White Cabinets

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, you see that cream and white colors are the most commonly used colors. What makes this color the chosen one is that these colors are workable. they can be paired with almost anything.

If you’re eyeing for that modern kitchen ideas, you’ll mostly see that cream and white cabinets are the common colors you can get. All you need to do is combine the right accessories that would complement your cabinetry.

If you have a sleek and modern kitchen but want to make it look “not-so-intimidating”, then you can paint your walls and corners with fun and bright colors. For contrast, you can have your base cabinetry with the same color and give your upper cabinets that darker tone for some contrast.

Did They Break It?

It doesn’t seem like you could open the fridge behind that island. Perhaps the island was mobile?

The cabinets in there looked like toys. What color are the countertop and the matching rim of the island? Is that green?

Awesome, these smart kitchen remodelers gutted that old kitchen and created a great space. That counter over the dishwasher looks especially handy for chopping veggies and then rinsing the cutting board in the sink.

8. Gray Countertops

Gray countertops between white cabinets are an elegant look. Even though it is the dividing line between the upper and lower cabinets, the countertops are unifying the walls, stainless appliances, and tile flooring.

9. The Oak Cabinets Gotta Go

Oak is a wonderful solid wood, but clear-coated oak cabinets bring back memories of remodel trends we should only remember to avoid in the future.

The basket on top of the cabinets shows that there is some unutilized space up there. Let’s see what the remodelers did with this one!

Yes, they did it, they made the cabinets taller and it looks so much better. The homeowner also gets more storage space.

10. Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are super hip right now, and the white countertop with white tile backsplash makes this a well-balanced kitchen remodel. The thin chrome cabinet pulls add an elongation effect that makes this kitchen remodel special.

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Countryside Feel

Not all homeowners adore modernity in their houses. Going for a vintage countryside feel for your kitchen would be great. You have many things to add to make that come out on your room and kitchen layout.

11. Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink with large windows to let more light come in would be perfect. As natural light comes in, they help highlight your countertops and breakfast bar.

Having exposed beams on your ceiling adds warmth to your layout. If you have crown molding to connect your upper cabinets with the ceiling, that would be good since it can make your space feel taller.

Butcher Block

Having a butcher block countertop would marry with your traditional kitchen remodel. It provides warmth alongside your area rugs and organic accessories.

Cartridge Faucet

A cartridge faucet fits well with your apron sink. A nickel or satin finish is a good choice to give an industrial look to your sink area.

12. Eye Catching Breakfast Bar

If you see cramped quarters in your house and kitchen, it means you need to rethink your layout and make that more seamless and flowing. If you lack space in your kitchen, a breakfast bar would be your best choice.

By having this, you will have a social hub and functional space for added storage and a dining area. You get to save more square footage by having a bar rather than a traditional dining table.

13. Marble Countertops

When it comes to kitchen renovation, you can add more elegance to your layout by having marble countertops. The glossy finish of this natural stone is perfect to match any finish on your appliances. Cooking will be more exciting when you have a wonderful countertop to work on.

They can also enhance the brilliance of your room light can be easily reflected on marble surfaces. It helps highlight the design of your wall and ceiling

Do they add value and style?

Marble is a pricey material yet it’s sure to bring more value and style to your home. When used properly, your marble countertops would take center stage in your kitchen.

14. Open and Fresh

If your room’s size is limiting you to take on your dream renovation, don’t give up as you can always have a workaround for your layout. That being said, having less is more would be fitting for you. Secure more open space by fusing two into one room, or by having compact-size fixtures and furniture.

Take down walls

Remove walls if you need to connect your kitchen to other areas of your house. This promotes a flowing ambiance and a deeper line of sight for everyone.

15. Open Shelving Instead of Cabinets

Open shelving can provide you with aesthetics and storage without sacrificing style. When you have less space in your room and wall, it’s best to have this one.

Your wooden open shelving can complement your wooden ceiling. If you have a shiplap wall covered with white paint, that helps create a relaxing space for your kitchen.

16. Pot Filler

Installing a pot filler on the wall, right above your stovetop is a practical choice for an accessible water source. It adds value and function to your modern kitchen remodel. It also complements your sleek pantry and peninsula.

17. Task Lighting

Having a shadow-free worktop is both safe and efficient for you. If you check our previous slide, we have shared a few hacks on how to make your kitchen safer and more ergonomic to use, and adding task lighting is one of them.

You can also this underneath your upper cabinets to illuminate the countertop below it. Using bright light could work, yet you can also use warm lights for this.

18. Bright Ideas

Having enough light in your kitchen is good in making it feel modern and airy. You can combine natural and artificial lighting to brighten up your kitchen.

Skylight or Windows

Both are good additions to your kitchen, yet you need to consult with your contractor to see which is a better choice. Checking the structure of your house must be done before you can install a skylight. Otherwise, having windows is enough to invite more light into your room.

19. Integrated Appliances

Having appliances totally blended into cabinetry gives your kitchen a super sleek, built-in look. Integrated fridges, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers seem to disappear into the design.

This before and after shows how integrating the fridge and hiding the microwave in a cabinet gives this kitchen a way more seamless, high-end style. The crisp white cabinetry looks more expansive.

Such a difference just by tucking those appliances out of sight! Integrated appliances are pricier but can make a huge impact.

20. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Say bye-bye to tired old laminate floors! Luxury vinyl plank flooring looks so real, you’d swear it’s actual wood. This kitchen remodel swapped boring beige laminate for on-trend gray wood-look LVP.

We’re obsessed with how it transformed the whole space! The gray tones complement the white cabinets beautifully. And LVP is waterproof and scratch-resistant, which is so perfect for kitchens.

Luxury vinyl brings warmth along with serious durability. It’s an affordable remodel option that totally elevates the look.

21. Coffee Bar Nook

For folks who love their morning brew, adding a dedicated coffee bar or nook in the kitchen is brilliant. This little corner was wasted space before the remodel.

Now it’s a cute spot to store coffee necessities and whip up a latte. They added the marble-look counter, mini fridge, cabinets, and pendant lights.

Doesn’t this fun coffee nook make you want to linger in the AM? It’s such a clever way to use every inch. Who wouldn’t want a daily dose of café vibes at home?

Even small kitchens can carve out space for a splashy coffee bar. Something as simple as accent tile and shelving work too!

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