Top 8 Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

We know you love to spend time in your kitchen, it is not for nothing that it is called the heart of the home. But sometimes the more time you spend in it the more flaws you see in it. Maybe you feel like it’s stuck in a different era, or the style they have is not really your cup of tea.  Because we want you to keep loving your kitchen we have come up with cheap ways to renovate its look  without spending thousands of dollars.

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One of the most notorious aspects of a kitchen is its cabinets. They are responsible for how the space of the room is occupied and what style is portrayed. If you want to know how  to update old kitchen cabinets, change your style or just give them a new life  without replacing them, we have come up with 8 ways you can do this without eviscerating your budget.


If you are wondering how to update kitchen cabinets it can be as easy as changing your hardware. They do not have only a functional purpose but they serve a decorative one as well. Changing your kitchen knobs and pulls and hinges can help you refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets without having to spend too much time or money on them. 

Adding hardware, in case your cabinets don’t have any, can be simple to update your kitchen. Copper or brass are materials that are trending if you are going for a modern kitchen cabinets look. 

But if you are going for a more unique look you can always visit your local thrift shop to find a hidden gem that will not only help you get that coveted vintage look, it is more environmentally conscious. 


Updating your kitchen cabinets sometimes is just a question of color, or to be more specific, a question of paint.  It is the first thing that can come to your mind when you think  of an easy and cheap way to update kitchen cabinets.

But you have to be conscious there is a little bit more to it. The color you choose will set the tone for the rest of the space. If you are going for a rustic vibe go with pastels, if you are going for a more modern look matte tones are the way to go for your updated wood kitchen cabinets

Before you start painting you  have to be sure you have the right elements to have a job well done: the right primer, sandpaper, and paint can be a game changer. Also an interesting way to see if you will love the color every second of the day is to paint a large piece of foam board with it and move it inside your kitchen from the lightest to the darkest areas across morning, afternoon and night. 

If you are feeling playful and want to jump into one of the newest trends you could always paint your cabinets with chalk paint. It is easier to apply than other kinds of paints, you only need to clean the surface and then you can put it on. Besides giving your cabinets an edgy look you could always write down your to do list, you could draw on it or have inspirational quotes to get you on with your day.


Another trick to change the look of your cabinets and integrate a little bit of glamour to your kitchen  is to add molding or trim to your cabinet doors. This will take up a few inches at the top and/or bottom of the design removing some of the open space above the cabinets.  And if you work together with paint, you can either have a monochromatic look or paint them in a contrasting color to add some pop. 


The sky’s the limit! Well, not really but your ceiling is. If your cabinets do not go all the way to the top, you could update their look by closing off the space above your kitchen cabinets. There are many ways to do this, we have already talked about one of the solutions: adding trim. If this is not something particularly attractive to you, call your local  kitchen cabinet suppliers to add some thin cabinets to fit the area and give you extra storage space.  

Add “feet”to the base

Stay grounded! We have talked about how to raise your cabinets, but installing “feet”to the base will also help change the aesthetic of your kitchen. They come in many shapes and forms, chair legs or bun feet can be cut down, painted or stained to match the style of your cabinets. 


Under cabinet lighting is a perfect way to update your kitchen cabinets and it is one of the most practical solutions. It will not only refresh your kitchen look, it will also make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious Using a spotlight function will help you see what you are doing while you cook. 


Sometimes when you are renting a space a more substantial change is not possible, but even if you are a homeowner, wallpaper is a perfect solution to have a big change in your kitchen cabinets. In addition of being really easy to install, you just stick them right on top of your cabinets, you also can play with different wallpaper styles, you could opt for neutral colors for a more classical look or you could use patterns to modernize the look. 

Exposed Shelves

If you want to open up your kitchen and make it more breathable, removing some of your cabinet doors might be the solution. Taking down some outdated door cabinets is an easy and cheap way to change your kitchen look without too much work or money. While exposing your inner shelving you can showcase some of your kitchen elements that are worth showing off, like your nice crockery, baskets, ornaments,  or even some ornamental plants to make your space look more alive. 

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