Unique and Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplash Designs

The kitchen and bath backsplash is often overlooked as just another functional element in a kitchen remodel. However, your backsplash can be so much more than just a splash-proof wall between your countertops and cabinets. With creative kitchen backsplash design ideas, you can turn your backsplash into a true focal point that instantly lights up your whole kitchen.

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From aesthetically pleasing subway tiles to intricate mosaics, bold slabs to rustic stone, the possibilities for backsplash materials and designs today are virtually endless. The right backsplash can bring an artistic, contemporary vibe or warm, old-world charm to your cooking space. Not only is selecting beautiful, unique backsplash tile a chance to showcase your style, but it’s also an opportunity to add visual interest, color, and texture to your kitchen design.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through today’s most popular kitchen backsplash design trends. We’ll cover all these kitchen remodeling ideas using creative backsplashes from top designers and contractors and provide tips to help you choose the perfect backsplash tile for your kitchen remodel. Read on for gorgeous backsplash inspiration!

Popular Kitchen Backsplash Tile Materials

The first step in planning your kitchen backsplash design is to decide on a tile material. Ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and natural stone tiles all have unique properties that impact their look, feel, and function within a backsplash design. Consider the following backsplash tile types as you begin your search:

Subway Tile

Subway tiles are rectangular ceramic tiles designed to look like bricks in classic subway stations. The elongated rectangles create clean lines and subtle patterns, available in matte, glossy, and glass finishes. Subway tiles have remained popular in backsplashes for decades thanks to their versatile, timeless look.

Popular sizes of subway tile are 3×6 inches or 4×8 inches. Go for a classic white subway tile backsplash or bold colors like navy blue, sage green, or bright red. Subway tiles work wonderfully in both modern and vintage kitchen designs.

Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes make a gorgeous choice for contemporary kitchens. Sleek and shiny glass tiles create eye-catching focal points over countertops and ranges. Glass tile comes in an array of colors, finishes, and degrees of opacity. Mixing clear, opaque, and iridescent glass tiles creates sparkling mosaics.

While more delicate than ceramic or porcelain, glass tile is treated to withstand heat and stains. Opt for smaller mosaic sheets of glass tiles rather than large tiles for easier installation. Glass backsplashes instantly brighten up any kitchen.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are any type of small tile, generally 1-inch square or smaller, installed in a mesh sheet to form intricate mosaic patterns. Traditional mosaics use tiny hand-cut ceramic or porcelain tiles while glass mosaic sheets are also widely available.

Mosaics create artistic backsplashes perfect for making a bold decorative statement. Vibrant mosaic tiles can form beautiful geometric shapes, floral designs, or abstract patterns. Mosaics come in mesh sheets for easier installation compared to individual tiny tiles.

Marble Tile

For a high-end, opulent kitchen backsplash, marble tile is the perfect choice. The beauty of natural marble comes from its softly flowing veins and swirls in white, gray, and cream tones. Each marble tile offers unique natural patterning that works beautifully in backsplashes.

Marble is more porous than ceramic or porcelain tile and requires sealing. It’s also on the softer side, making it prone to chipping or staining. However, marble backsplashes remain ever-popular in luxury kitchen designs, bringing elegance and timeless style.

Travertine Tile

Like marble, travertine is a natural stone that forms from mineral deposits in flowing water. Travertine has beige, whitish, or earthy tones with naturally pitted textures that make an interesting backsplash tile. The pitted holes and troughs on travertine tiles can be left unfilled for a rustic look or filled in for a smoother finish.

Travertine is softer and more porous than ceramic, requiring extra sealing. But gorgeous travertine backsplashes infuse kitchens with old-world charm and distinctive visual appeal. Blend travertine with marble or ceramic tile for an eclectic style.

Ceramic Tile

Beyond subway tiles, ceramic tiles for backsplashes come in a vast range of colors, textures, sizes, and finishes. Matte, gloss, crackled glazes, intricate relief patterns, and faux finishes offer tons of options for creative backsplash designs. Mix and match ceramic tiles in complementary hues or harmonious patterns.

Ceramic tiles have a water-proof glaze that makes them very durable and easy to clean. Modern printing processes allow ceramic tiles to mimic natural stone, metal, or wood looks. Bold, colorful, patterned, or rustic, ceramic tiles work wonderfully as kitchen backsplashes.

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferred backsplash tile material, it’s time to look at color, style, and layout options. Let’s explore some of the most popular kitchen backsplash design trends right now for inspiration.

As noted by HGTV, backsplashes are a great way to introduce color, texture, and visual interest to kitchen designs to make them “dazzling focal points” in kitchen remodels.

Stylish & Current Kitchen Backsplash Design Trends

Modern White & Gray

Crisp white and cool gray backsplashes feel fresh and current in contemporary kitchen designs. White subway tiles, gray glass mosaics, and marble or travertine in white and gray hues keep spaces bright and open. Echo the tones throughout the cabinets, countertops, and appliances for a cohesive look.

White backsplashes with dark grout lines make tile patterns pop. Or go for large-scale gray tiles laid in a herringbone pattern for lots of visual appeal. White and gray backsplashes suit modern, minimalist kitchens and create a neutral backdrop for pops of color.

Vintage Farmhouse

Warm, earthy backsplashes with handmade appeal suit today’s popular farmhouse-style kitchens. Subway tiles in creamy off-whites and beiges or textured ceramic tiles in terracotta red bring vintage charm to a space. Soft sage greens, sky blues, and buttery yellows also evoke cottage character against white cabinetry.

Use natural stone like marble or travertine for an authentic farmhouse backsplash. Mix metal subway tiles with ceramic tiles in soft colors for an eclectic focal point. The key to a farmhouse backsplash is tons of natural texture and warmth.

Blue & Green Hues

Vibrant turquoise, aqua, emerald, and teal backsplash tiles create an eye-catching focal point and pop of color. From pale pastels to bold brights, blue and green tiles look fresh against white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Introduce color with handmade ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, or even patterned wallpaper in blue and green tones.

Pair cool blue and green backsplashes with marble countertops for a beachy vibe. Or use vibrant tiles sparingly in your backsplash as an accent within a neutral design. Blue and green backsplash tiles add life to any kitchen.

Textured & Distressed Tiles

Textured tiles with distressed finishes, visible crazing, and hand-painted details add depth and visual interest to backsplashes in an organic way. Rustic terra cotta tiles, crackled surfaces, uneven handmade ceramic, or faux-aged tiles make new kitchens feel comfortably lived-in.

Echo the textures throughout the space with rough wood cabinets, honed stone countertops, wicker baskets, and woven textiles. Keep grout lines thick for added organic appeal. Textured tiles bring warmth and personality to backsplashes.

Bold Pattern

For the fearless, go bold with your kitchen backsplash tile! Modern printing processes allow for funky backsplash tiles in just about any color, print, and pattern imaginable. Geometric motifs, oversized florals, whimsical animal prints, or abstract designs make big impacts in small spaces.

Pair bold patterned tile with sleek cabinets and minimalist furnishings and decor. Stick to one statement-making tile design rather than mixing patterns for visual cohesion. Bold backsplash tile adds an unexpected twist to a kitchen design.

Mixed Materials

Don’t limit yourself to just one backsplash tile material either. Mixing complementary tiles in different materials creates intriguing, eclectic backsplashes. Combine stone and ceramic mosaic tiles, marble and glass subway tiles, or metal and porcelain in geometric layouts.

Using the same tile shape but varying color and finish also achieves an artistic blended effect. Offset irregular patterns and shapes for contemporary casual backsplashes. The key is finding a harmonious blend of textures and colors.

Creative Shape and Layout

Standard grid layouts aren’t the only option for backsplashes. Get creative with the shape and layout of your backsplash tiles. Herringbone patterns add visual interest to rectangular subway tiles. Trying angling tiles for dynamic zig-zag effects. Cut ceramic or glass tiles into circles, diamonds, hexagons, or triangles for unusual backsplash patterns.

Take tiles right up to the ceiling for a bold, expansive statement. Frame out a focal section over the cooktop or sink rather than tiling the whole wall. Use listellos or thin vertical tiles to border tile sections. Move beyond the expected to make your backsplash design truly unique.

Backsplash Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Now that we’ve covered the most popular backsplash tile styles and trends, check out the following gorgeous backsplashes from top designers. Find inspiration for your kitchen remodeling project with these creative, beautiful backsplash treatment ideas.

Playful Mosaic Statement

This contemporary kitchen by Cecconi Simone Inc. features a stunning mosaic tile statement backsplash in bold black, white, and red. Large-scale graphics have high impact, with solid black lower cabinets grounding the playful focal point. The mix of ceramic, stone, glass, and metal tiles is eclectic yet harmonious. This backsplash transforms the kitchen into an art piece.

Sleek Glass Display

The linear floating glass shelves in this kitchen backsplash mimic subway tile layouts with an ultra-modern twist. The clear and white glass mosaic tiles allow the floating shelves to appear recessed, designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design. Open white shelves keep the space feeling light and bright. Sleek lines and minimalist forms create contemporary drama.

Organic Industrial Contrast

Industrial concrete-look porcelain tile laid in a brick pattern contrasts beautifully with the creamy marble countertop and textured rattan pendants in this kitchen by LEICHT. The subtly variegated gray tiles keep the look light but add an organic, earthy element against the sleek cabinetry. The material mix feels welcoming and lived-in.

Whimsical Cottage Charm

This cheery, eclectic backsplash uses a handmade ceramic tile depicting bluebirds, butterflies, and floral designs by ANN SACKS. The joyful motifs combined with beachy aqua hues and white grout suit the casual cottage style. Open whitewashed shelf cabinets allow charming display space to amplify the playful backsplash personality. Designed by Decor Gold Designs.

Statement Geometric

For a powerful focal point, this backsplash features handmade encaustic cement tiles from CEDAR & MOSS. The bold black and white tiles are arranged in graphic arrow shapes, contrasting beautifully with the wood countertops. Incorporating wooden shelves, greenery, and woven textures provides an earthy balance to the strong geometric lines. By Yana Vaskova Design.

Sophisticated Marble Herringbone

Subway layouts aren’t the only option for rectangular marble or ceramic tiles. This backsplash features elongated tiles in shades of white and gray arranged in an elegant herringbone pattern. The varying tones and natural veining of the marble keep the geometric layout soft and organic feeling, rather than stark. Designed by Gatehouse Design Group.

Vintage Color Block

Vibrant teal blue lower cabinets serve as a bold color foundation for the eclectic patterned tile backsplash in this kitchen by deVOL. The salmon pink, pale blue, sunshine yellow, and sage green tiles look like vintage ceramic. Color blocking gives the tile mix cohesion and complements the antique furnishings. The backsplash animates this kitchen with a playful cottage character.

Rustic Textural Focus

Rough wood, patinaed metal, and handmade stoneware tiles in soft neutral hues create cozy backsplash texture in this rustic kitchen by Davidson Design Studio. The organic shapes and visible crazing on the tiles paired with uneven grout lines provide natural visual interest. Warm peachy tones unify the varying tiles for a harmonious earthy blend.

Sophisticated Pattern & Sheen

The Arabesque print glass mosaic tiles in this kitchen backsplash provide an understated pattern and subtle gleam, designed by Gatehouse Design Group. The swirling shapes are intricate without overpowering the space. Crisp white cabinets allow the gray tile work to take focus as an elegant focal point. Mirrored subway tiles above the range add light.

Complementary Material Mix

This contemporary backsplash combines horizontally oriented wood boards with glossy penny round ceramic tiles in complementary natural tones, designed by BANDD DESIGN. The mix of precisely cut wood and imperfectly shaped tiles creates noteworthy contrast. The multi-material backsplash works beautifully with the stone countertops and minimalist cabinetry.

Design Considerations for the Perfect Backsplash

The design options for backsplashes today are practically limitless. So how do you choose the look that perfectly suits your kitchen vision? Keep the following considerations in mind as you put together your backsplash plans:

Fit with Cabinets & Counters

Look at cabinet and countertop selections as you choose backsplash tile. Aim for tones and textures that complement your cabinet style and counter materials. For example, playful patterned tiles suit casual cabinets while elegant marbles pair best with stately cabinetry.

Cohesive Palette

The backsplash presents a great chance to introduce color into a kitchen. Ensure colors coordinate with countertops, appliances, floors, and accent colors used throughout the home. Customize palette options by selecting grout in a coordinating or contrasting tone.

Style & Function

Factor in kitchen style and function when planning backsplash tile layouts. For busy cooking zones, opt for wipeable ceramic, porcelain, or glass rather than high-maintenance natural stone. Frame out a contained focal backsplash over cooktops. Arrange subway tiles vertically near ranges for easier wiping of grease and splatters.

Scale & Proportions

Pay attention to scale when selecting tile sizes, especially about cabinet and kitchen dimensions. Mini mosaics make smaller kitchens feel more spacious, while large-scale tiles can overwhelm them. Include a chair rail, trim detailing, or open shelves to break up overly tall backsplash expanses.

Lighting & Reflectivity

Glossy and polished backsplash tiles will magnify and reflect light sources, potentially causing glaring, while matte finishes diffuse light softly. Incorporate adequate task lighting and accent lighting to show off a dramatic focal backsplash without glare.

Contrast & Visual Weight

Lighter tiles visually recede while darker tiles or busier patterns stand out. Use contrast judiciously to create focal points yet retain balance. Anchor bold patterned tile with larger neutral sections. Alternate glossy and matte versions of the same tile to add subtle interest.


The functional purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall from moisture, spills, and splatters. Select appropriately water-resistant, durable, routable tile for kitchen application. Natural stone requires extra sealing. Clean grout lines and seal tiles regularly to retain function and beauty.

As recommended by The Spruce, it is important to evaluate factors like cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and kitchen footprint when planning backsplash designs to create a cohesive, functional kitchen space.


As this guide shows, backsplashes present practically endless possibilities to amplify your kitchen’s design through creative material and style choices. Bring your vision to life and let your backsplash shine as the jewel of your kitchen remodeling project for years of functional beauty to enjoy.

From farmhouse warmth to modern elegance, kitche  backsplash design ideas today suit any kitchen aesthetic. Infuse passion into your daily routine through the original backsplash design you choose. Turn the utilitarian back wall into an artistic focal feature with texture, shape, color, and pattern.

Make a statement, add visual interest, incorporate colors and materials you love, and transform your cooking space from mundane to truly inspiring. Stop overlooking the backsplash, and embrace it as an opportunity to showcase your interior design creativity and style.

With the right backsplash tile selections, expert planning, and proper installation, your kitchen remodel gains an artistic touch that makes spending time cooking, eating, and enjoying the heart of your home all the more uplifting. Hopefully, this guide provided helpful tips and beautiful backsplash inspiration to ignite your creativity in designing your dream kitchen.


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