How to Remodel a Small Kitchen To Maximize Space?

One big challenge of doing a small kitchen remodel is finding a way to do a modern kitchen remodel with the limited space you have available. In order to remodel a small kitchen, you have to use your creativity to get the most out of your small kitchen.

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Doing a small kitchen renovation is a great way to revitalize your home and make it much more enjoyable to use. Even a tiny kitchen remodel can be done that makes your kitchen feel bigger than it is in reality.

For this article we have gotten the advice of our expert small kitchen designers to explain your best options for small kitchen remodel ideas. These small kitchen remodel tips will be your golden ticket to make even a very small kitchen remodel a very big success.

Get The Right Kitchen Cabinets

A common theme of the most successful remodeled small kitchens is that their designers took the time to get the perfect cabinets to maximize the space. This could mean getting all custom cabinets, or semi custom cabinets that make use of every corner and inch of wall space.

One trick you can use is to make tall cabinets that extend all of the way to the ceiling, adding a bit of storage space where some kitchens have basically dead space. You might need a step stool or ladder to reach those upper shelves, but that doesn’t take up much room and you will be grateful for the storage.

You don’t want to leave any dead spaces when small kitchen remodeling, so finding unique cabinets that can go into corners or in small spaces between appliances will really help. You need to have high functioning and elegant elements in your small kitchen and your cabinets can be that.

Islands On Wheels

A kitchen island can be a great space for chopping or adding some storage or even seating, but in a small kitchen there is often not room for an island. Creating a mobile island that you can keep in a convenient location and pull out when you need it can really help a small kitchen remodel.

Lack of chopping or prep space is one of the biggest gripes that people have with their small kitchens, so a versatile kitchen island with counter space is a great choice. And you can have those extra square feet to work in the kitchen, or in a nearby space that lets you spread your work out and feel comfortable.

Rolling kitchen islands can be kept thin so that they can be stored in a hallway or some other small space that is out of the way. Then, when you need it you just put it in the right spot and a lot of the challenges of a small kitchen remodel are solved.

White Kitchens Look Bigger

Doing a white theme for the color of your small kitchen will help it to seem like a larger space than it really is. White reflects more light, so your kitchen will be brighter, easier to work in and feel like it is a whole lot larger than the actual square footage.

If white is just too boring for you, light colors mixed in or a light color theme are the best options. You can go with a contrast color like a black counter top that will help to balance out the overall white theme of the small kitchen you have. 

Darker colored tiles for a kitchen floor can also work well because it helps to add some depth to a white kitchen that could be lacking without. But the best option is always a solid white kitchen so that you get the maximum amount of brightness.

Can Lighting Fixtures

In a small kitchen remodel, you might not want to go with some gregarious light fixture that hangs down in the middle of the room. A big light fixture can easily distract your eyes from the rest of the kitchen, no matter how well designed it is. 

Can lights sit flush with the ceiling and don’t take up any of that important visual field that you must guard carefully when designing a small kitchen. They cast a great light that will brighten up your whole kitchen without intruding into your visual field.

Working with a lighting designer to make sure that your lights will illuminate your entire small kitchen is important too. The easier it is to see and work, the less likely you are to be frustrated or bothered by the small size of your kitchen.

Add Natural Light

On the topic of lights, adding some natural lighting to your small kitchen can add some visual space and make your kitchen brighter during the day. Adding a skylight, a new window, or expanding an existing window are some good options to get more natural light in your small kitchen.

A skylight is one of the best, but most expensive options for adding some natural light to your small kitchen remodel. They add a lot of visual space because they extend up into the ceiling and then you can see up into the sky, which makes your kitchen feel much bigger.

Not all kitchens can have a window or skylight added, so you can also consider solar tubes. Solar tubes don’t take up much space, can reach up through a second story and add a whole lot of exquisite natural light to your small kitchen.

Open Shelving

Open shelving lets you add some much needed storage space, while not taking up that critical visual field we talk so much about. Especially having open shelving near windows can let a lot more light in that could be boxed out by full kitchen cabinets.

Open shelves also allow you to show off some of your dishes or kitchen gadgets as decorations. You can use this opportunity to change up your kitchen atmosphere often, which will help it feel fresh and not get tiring to your senses.

The problem with open shelving is that it doesn’t stop dust from landing on your dishes, so you may have to wash them if you don’t use them for a period of time. But the benefits of open shelving often outweigh the drawbacks when remodeling a small kitchen.

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