When you are planning out your kitchen remodel, getting your budget all put together, you might find that one item stands out as the most expensive: custom cabinets. The reason custom kitchen cabinets are so pricey is that an artisan craftsman plans out and creates every part of them to fit your kitchen.

You may believe that custom cabinets are the only way to make your kitchen look professional and like it belongs in a design magazine, but the truth is, you can do some incredible things with stock kitchen cabinets. While stock cabinets might not have the prestige of custom cabinets, there are some fine examples out there that can make your kitchen amazing.

In this article our experts will explain all about customizing stock cabinets so that you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. There are some truly amazing designs you can have with kitchen cabinets in stock that won’t put you over your budget.

How To Make Stock Kitchen Cabinets Look Custom

First of all we need to go over the differences between stock cabinets and custom cabinets so that we can do the rest of our work. Custom cabinets are designed and built specifically to fit your kitchen, while stock cabinets are prefabricated and assembled in your kitchen or in a store.

Custom cabinets are a great solution when you have an odd shaped kitchen and you want to maximize your storage space. They also have a hand made look, because they are crafted by expert cabinet makers to last a lifetime or longer.

Stock cabinets are much more economical than custom cabinets because they are mass produced and oftentimes made from less expensive materials. Stock cabinets come in different styles and colors, but there are not many choices you can make about changing them to your taste.

It’s All About The Kitchen Around The Cabinets

While there might not be too many changes you can make to stock cabinets themselves, doing your best to have a custom looking kitchen will make everything seem unique. Keeping up with the latest trends in kitchen design can make your kitchen stunning, and no one will care whether your cabinets are stock or custom.

Adding some personal touches in your kitchen that make it unique and trendy will help your stock cabinets look more like a high end, custom job. You can do things like add more tile backsplashes, artistic light fixtures, or an antique faucet to make your kitchen your own.

Cabinets are normally the most expensive part of your kitchen, and some people might spend too much getting custom cabinets and then have to buy cheap materials in the rest of their kitchen. Spending that extra money making a balanced kitchen will make you stock cabinets seem nicer and make you happier.

Add Some Open Shelving

Creating some homemade open shelving gives your kitchen storage space that hand-crafted look without a high price tag. You don’t need a specialized designer to build and install your own shelving, which you can make from a stunning piece of lumber you pick out yourself.

You can work your open shelving into interesting locations to maximize the space that you have in your kitchen. This is the same thing that custom cabinet designers are best at, but you can do it much more affordably with some open shelving.

Custom cabinets are great because they give you some extra storage space that you might not get from stock cabinets. But when you mix in some open shelving to compliment your stock cabinets, you can achieve the same amount of storage for a fraction of the price.

Add Some Unique Hardware

One complaint that many people make about stock cabinets is that you don’t get the freedom to choose hardware like you do with custom cabinets. They may say that stock cabinets all look the same, and that makes them boring.

You can spice up your stock cabinets and add some personal touch by replacing the hardware they come with with something you pick out yourself. You could look at interesting sources for hardware, like used building supply warehouses and antique shops to find pieces that no one else has.

Replacing the knobs or pulls is a very easy DIY task, while the hinges you should probably get some help with from a professional. This job will not cost you nearly as much as custom cabinets would, and you will get some unique looking cabinets you can feel proud of.

Add A Glass Front

A glass front cabinet is an elegant look that has a sort of custom charm that you won’t get with any stock cabinets on the market. Glass fronts are usually only available if you have a custom cabinet installation as part of your kitchen remodel.

Installing a glass front could be a little tricky, but with a few tools and some internet videos you can do it yourself. Just cut out the center portion of one of your cabinet doors. Then buy a piece of glass that will fit inside of the center.

Then all you have to do is mount the glass into the center of your cabinet door and reinstall the door. You will have a nearly custom looking cabinet but you won’t spend so much like you would if you had a cabinet maker do the job.

Shop For Used Cabinets

Cabinets are made to last for a long time, but many people throw them out because they got them from a previous owner and want to go in a different direction. You can take advantage of this to find some amazing looking cabinets that will up the elegance of your kitchen, without getting custom cabinets.

You could mix in a few used cabinets with some stock cabinets for a truly creative look that could impress a lot of people. Even just one different cabinet could transform the entire atmosphere of your kitchen and make it seem like you had a custom job done.

You could also find used cabinet doors and put them onto stock cabinet boxes for a unique and interesting look. The type of door you have on your cabinets is one of the most important visual factors, and finding some amazing used doors could make your cabinets seem like custom cabinets.

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