How to Choose Pulls or Knobs for Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

One part of a kitchen cabinet that not many people think about very much are kitchen cabinet pulls and kitchen cabinet knobs. Choosing either kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls can make a huge difference in the overall look and style of your kitchen.

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It can be really difficult to choose between kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls but in the end the choice will make a big impression on your kitchen, even if a subtle one. Finding high quality kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls is one of the most important parts of tying your whole kitchen together and making it look amazing. 

For this article we will try to explain the benefits of all the types of kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls so that you can make the best decision for your home. Kitchen cabinet door knobs and pulls are a really fun part of the kitchen design process, so we hope you can enjoy reading this article and will be able to make a great choice in the end. 

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Probably you can imagine what knobs are, but just in case you are not sure they are like little balls that stick out from the kitchen cabinet doors and allow you to grip them and pull open the cabinet door. They are normally a rounded shape, but there can be many styles of kitchen cabinet knobs out there.

Kitchen cabinet knobs come in many finishes, all sorts of metals like copper, bronze, or stainless steel, you could find glass knobs, there are also wooden knobs. You can choose very simple, rounded shapes, or more intricate shapes like flowers or geometric shapes. 

Most people have traditionally chosen knobs for kitchen cabinet doors, because the doors are normally light weight and don’t require too much gripping strength to open. Modern kitchen cabinet knobs can look great on many styles of cabinets, but especially on shaker cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

These devices used as a handle for opening kitchen cabinets usually make an arch or a rectangle that sticks out from the kitchen cabinet doors or drawers. There are many sizes and shapes of kitchen cabinet pulls that you can choose from to match your kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinet pulls can be made from many materials, mainly brass, stainless steel, copper, plastic, wood or porcelain. Some people even just paint right over kitchen cabinet pulls if they decide to change the color of their kitchen cabinets.

Pulls normally bring a more sleek look to a kitchen cabinet. They can be quite thin and you can choose from several different lengths. It is good to find a kitchen cabinet pull that is comfortable on your hands and looks good with your kitchen design. 

The traditional way to employ kitchen cabinet pulls is on the drawers, because they can require more force to open and with pulls you can stick your entire hand in it to get a better grip. Especially on a heavy drawer that maybe holds pots and pans, having a pull is normally the most practical way to go. 

Can I Mix Kitchen Cabinet Pulls and Knobs?

The answer to this question is yes, this is actually a traditional method of arranging kitchen cabinets. For drawers, people use pulls, on kitchen cabinet doors, it is knobs. This is a great look that you can’t really go wrong with.

There is also some precedent to use knobs on the upper cabinets, while using pulls on the lower kitchen cabinets. This is a nice look that goes well with a lot of traditional kitchen designs. We like it in a rustic, or cabin themed kitchen, where it brings a bit of quaintness to the space. 

When To Choose Only Pulls?

If you really enjoy the look and feel of kitchen cabinet pulls, there is no reason not to use them on every cabinet in your kitchen. Pulls look really good in a sleek, modern kitchen, especially when you choose elongated pulls in glossy finishes like chrome. 

Pulls are a very versatile method of opening up kitchen cabinets, so they can work on all of your drawers and doors. The only drawback to pulls is that they do take up a bit more space than knobs, so if you are really going for a minimalist look they might not be the best option. 

When To Choose Knobs Only?

Only in the case that you really love knobs because of the way they look and feel in your hand should you choose to have kitchen cabinets completely full of knobs. They simply don’t work as well on drawers where you need some more gripping power to get them to open properly. 

Kitchen cabinet knobs can give you more of a minimalist look because they are smaller and can even come in ultra small sizes where they are simply a cylinder that sticks out with a tiny grip groove. There are many cool knob designs out there so you will surely find a style that you love and that matches your whole kitchen.

Places To Buy Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

If you are having new kitchen cabinets installed, the cabinet company you are working for should have a large selection of knobs and pulls to choose from and their designers can help you select some that look amazing with the style of cabinets you have selected. They will have all sorts of finishes and styles for you to choose from with some expert advice about which knobs or pulls will look the best.

In the case that you don’t find what you are looking for from what your cabinet maker has to offer, you can try some other online sources like Restoration Hardware or even on Etsy you can find a small maker of knobs or pulls. There are also those good old hardware stores you can go and check out to see if they might have something special.

One more option is to head to thrift stores or even to used building supply stores to see what sorts of treasures they might have. You might find some antique knob that matches your style perfectly. You just have to be careful that they have enough stock to meet your needs, as there might not be any options for finding more of an antique. 

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