How Much Does Remodeling Your Kitchen Cost in Bethesda MD?

Getting started on a kitchen remodel is an exciting moment, but first you need to figure out what the kitchen remodel cost will be. It is good to know the kitchen remodeling cost in your local area, so you can find the average cost to remodel a kitchen in Bethesda, MD.

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Finding out the kitchen remodeling prices in Bethesda, MD will help you plan out your project and get your finances in order. After you know the kitchen renovation costs in Bethesda, MD, you can really get your remodel in gear and see some progress towards success.

We have asked our expert kitchen remodelers in Bethesda, MD to give us their best estimates for the cost to remodel a kitchen in Bethesda, MD. This guide breaks down the kitchen remodeling cost in Bethesda, MD so you can see which parts your kitchen needs and their costs.

Average Cost to Remodel Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling in Bethesda, MD can cost from $14,000 to $57,000 on average. This is a pretty big range, so you need to get more in depth and understand the scope and size of your kitchen remodel to get a closer estimate.

It is best to figure out what sort of kitchen remodel you want to take on. Are you going to strip the kitchen down to the bones and maybe knock down a wall? Or do you want to keep your kitchen cabinets but change other parts?

Knowing the kind of kitchen remodel you want and how big of a change you need will help you estimate the price with more precision. Try to decide how you want your new kitchen to look and you will be in a much better position to move on to the next steps.

Kitchen Remodel Prices Based on Size

A way to get closer to the correct estimate for your kitchen remodel is to go by how big your kitchen is. The prices of kitchen remodeling in Bethesda by size includes:

  • Small Kitchen costs from $14,000 up to $21,000
  • Medium Kitchen costs from $28,000 up to $42,000
  • Large Kitchen costs from $38,000 up to $57,000

These numbers will help you get a little bit closer to the estimate of your kitchen remodeling costs. But you still can get a better number if you keep using more details to find a price.

Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Getting new cabinets installed as part of a kitchen remodel is typically the most expensive part. It takes up about 29% of the total remodeling budget. The average set of kitchen cabinets costs about $6,378 for the entire installation. 

Using your existing kitchen cabinets in your new kitchen can save you a lot of money, but kitchen cabinets are important to how well your kitchen works. If you don’t have enough storage space in your cabinets, or you think your cabinets are ugly, it is best to bite the bullet and buy some beautiful new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets cost a lot because they are meant to last for a lifetime. They are a great investment that you will use every single day in your kitchen, so it is important to have the best cabinets you can get.

Plumbing Costs

For a typical kitchen remodel, you can expect to use about four percent of your budget, or $1000 on the average kitchen remodel. The average plumbing job during a kitchen remodel involves installing a new sink, hooking up the dishwasher, and hooking up the refrigerator to the water line. 

Your plumbing costs will increase dramatically if you make changes to the location of your sink or need to add new pipes or drains. Plumbing work takes a lot of skills, and plumbers deserve a high wage.

Lighting Costs

You can expect to use about five percent of your kitchen remodeling budget on lighting. This comes out to about $1,200 for the average kitchen remodel. 

Having excellent lighting installed in your kitchen will make cooking much easier. Getting a great lighting system in your kitchen remodel will bring you more satisfaction.

Flooring Costs

Kitchen floors need to be able to stand up to heavy traffic and even a bit of moisture. Typical homeowners use seven percent of their budget on kitchen flooring.

Tile is a great option for kitchen flooring because it is hard and it stands up to moisture. Vinyl plank is another option that many people are installing because of its beauty and economic price.

Kitchen Countertops Costs

Your countertops are where you will be doing a lot of work like chopping vegetables and kneading dough for bread. For new countertop installation, you can expect to use 10 percent of your total budget.

There are some beautiful options for countertops available. Many homeowners are choosing quartz because of its wonderful appearance and anti-microbial properties.

Appliances and Ventilation

New appliances can make any kitchen work a lot better. A ventilation system helps you evacuate smoke and other odors that can come from preparing a meal. 

An average kitchen remodel will spend $4,000 on the appliances and a ventilation upgrade. This is about 14 percent of the whole kitchen remodeling cost.

Labor Costs

Doing the work of remodeling your kitchen is no easy task and takes the skills of a few different specialists. Labor makes up about 17 percent of the typical home remodeling budget. 

The labor costs come out to $5,000 on average for a kitchen remodel. This is for all of the work, from demolition to the final cleaning before you start cooking.

Design Fees

Many people choose to work with a kitchen designer so that they can be sure their vision turns out correctly. Design fees usually make up four percent of a kitchen remodeling budget, or about $1,129.

Walls and Ceiling

Getting a new coat of paint or another finish on your walls and ceiling will really change the atmosphere of your kitchen. You can expect to pay $1,207 for the walls and ceiling, or about five percent of your budget.

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors of your kitchen remodel will end up costing about $900, or just under four percent of the total budget.

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