How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Waldorf MD 2022 Prices

When starting to plan a kitchen renovation, one of the first things to figure out is the kitchen remodel cost. A kitchen redo is an exciting project to take on, but you really need to know the kitchen remodeling cost in Waldorf, MD to figure out how big of a project you can take on.

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Kitchen remodeling prices in Waldorf, MD can have a pretty big range, so you also need to decide what parts of your kitchen you want to change to estimate a price. It is helpful to know the kitchen remodel cost in Waldorf, MD instead of just a general estimate.

We have surveyed kitchen remodeling contractors in Waldorf, MD to create this 2022 kitchen remodel cost estimator. You can use this guide to find not just the average cost for a kitchen remodel in Waldorf, MD, but we can break down the prices to know how much each part of a kitchen remodel costs. 

Kitchen Remodeling Prices Waldorf

The average cost to remodel a kitchen in Waldorf, MD comes in at about $25,439, according to multiple sources. This is for a medium range kitchen remodel that most people choose for their home.

This would mean new cabinets, new appliances, new countertops and new fixtures that are of a good but not top quality. You could expect to feel like you have an all new kitchen for this average price in 2022.

We can also demonstrate a range of average kitchen remodeling prices, so you can estimate where your kitchen remodel might be. The low end is about $7,500 to $15,000.

A low-end kitchen remodel might reuse some of the items from the old kitchen such as cabinets or countertops. 

For high end kitchen remodels, the price starts at $35,300 and goes to about $60,000 or even more. This could include larger remodels like adding an addition or redoing all of the plumbing and electrical.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown

While the average kitchen remodel cost can be helpful to get a general idea, knowing what each part of a kitchen remodel costs gives you a way to estimate what your remodel will cost. You can figure out which parts of a kitchen remodel you will need and use our cost estimates to get a good idea of how much you need to save up.

Kitchen Cabinets

Since kitchen cabinets are made to last a lifetime, they normally make up the greatest percentage of the kitchen remodel price, about 29% of the total cost. An average price for kitchen cabinets to be installed is $6,450

There are big ranges of prices for kitchen cabinets. Stock kitchen cabinets will cost the least, while a custom designed kitchen cabinet set will cost the most.


Water is a critical part of a kitchen and you will need to work on the water lines and the drainage of your kitchen. If there are no major repairs or changes to the plumbing system, you can expect to spend about 4% of your budget on plumbing, or $1000.

Making big changes to the location of your kitchen sink could make this price go up, as it will take a lot of work from a highly skilled and expensive plumber. To keep plumbing costs down, leave your sink where it is. 


About 5% of a typical kitchen remodel cost goes to an upgraded lighting system. Being able to see well in the kitchen is going to make cooking a lot easier, so you want to get some excellent lights as part of your kitchen redo.

Most people will end up spending $1,150 on their kitchen lighting. You could spend more if you want to, but most people make lighting a lower priority as part of their kitchen renovation.


Countertops are known as the workhorses of the kitchen, as they give you a place to chop vegetables, knead bread and make smoothies. There are a few different options of countertops and most people end up using about 10% of their budget on kitchen countertops. 

On the low price end of countertops you could get some laminate countertops that will last for many decades. Most homeowners these days are choosing real stone like granite and marble, or engineered stone like quartz, which are more expensive options. Talked to a professional remodeling contractor in Waldorf for more information when choosing your countertops.


One unsung hero of the kitchen are the floors, which you will spend a lot of time walking on and they also need to withstand some inevitable spills. Most people spend 7% of their budget on the floors, or $1,615. 

Tile flooring is great options for kitchens with their durability and waterproof qualities. They also come with a bigger price tag than laminate flooring.

Walls and Ceiling

One of the most important elements of the kitchen to freshen up are the walls. They can really get coated with cooking grease and smoke, and giving them new life will improve your kitchen more than almost anything.

Most people spend about 5% of their kitchen remodeling price on the walls and ceiling. This usually adds up to $1,150.

Windows and Door

Upgrading the windows and doors of your kitchen can make them more efficient and add important natural light. This usually costs 4% of a kitchen remodeling budget, or about $900.

Appliances and Ventilation

Having a new set of appliances and a ventilation system will be a huge difference maker in how much you enjoy your kitchen. Most people will spend $3,200 on these items, or about 14% of the entire kitchen remodeling cost.


Somebody has to actually do the work of building your new kitchen, and this usually ends up being about 17% of the total kitchen remodeling cost. You can expect to pay $4,000 for the labor that goes into your brand new kitchen.


Getting expert help to design your kitchen will make it turn out better and may be necessary for building permits. This service usually takes up 4% of the total kitchen remodel cost, or about $1,100.

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