How Long Does It Usually Take To Remodel a Small Bathroom?

If you are planning on doing a small bathroom remodel, one of the first questions you will think of is “How long does it take to remodel a small bathroom?Small bathroom remodeling can take anywhere from three days, up to two months.

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To figure out how long to remodel a small bathroom you need to know what types of changes you want to make. Small bathroom remodelers have many options of what kind of project they want to undertake, and they all take different amounts of time to complete.

To give you a more detailed estimate of how long a small bathroom remodel takes, we have asked out experts from our small bathroom remodeling service for their advice. We will cover some of the elements of a small bathroom remodel, and go over how long each part takes.

Plumbing Changes

If part of your small bathroom involves changing the location of the sink, shower, or toilet, or adding new elements, you can expect your project to take longer. These kinds of changes can add a week or more of work to a bathroom remodel.

Plumbers are in high demand now, and it can be difficult for them to make time for a bathroom remodel. That means you also might have to wait around for a plumber to have an opening in their schedule. 

Replacing old pipes is another task that will add a week or more to your project. If you are getting new pipes because the old ones were leaking, that can add another week because the contractors may have to replace damaged floors or floor joists.


The first step in building a new bathroom is to get rid of the old one. For some small bathroom remodels, demolition could take as little as one day.

The maximum amount of time that demolition should take is three days. Demolition is not super complicated, but it can take time depending on what materials are coming out of the bathroom.

If you are hoping to save parts of a bathroom like cabinets or a vanity, this could cause demolition to take more like three days. Workers will need to be more careful, which takes more time.

Installing Tile

For a small bathroom, a good tiler can have it all tiled and grouted in two days. Tile cement usually needs to harden overnight, then the grout can be applied and will need at least a half day to dry.

Smaller tiles can take longer than larger tiles. You can also expect a tile job to take longer if the tiler has to make a lot of cuts because of strange edges or room shapes.


If you are changing the walls in your bathroom, they will need to be framed. This usually only takes a day or two in a small bathroom remodel.

Installing a new window also takes some framing that can add another day to your bathroom remodel. If you change the size of your door you could also need a framer to work for an additional day.


If you don’t change any outlets or install new light fixtures, electrical work could take zero days. Most bathroom remodels will have some electrical work that takes one of two days.

Electricians will need to install any new wiring in the walls. If that includes removing old wiring, this job still only takes two days in a small bathroom.


Having new drywall installed can make your bathroom look great. For a small bathroom remodel, the drywall could take up to three days.

Drywallers will have to put up the new boards, then tape and mud the seams. Sometimes they may need to let the mud dry overnight, which adds some extra time to drywalling.


New insulation in your bathroom will help you save on energy costs. To install insulation in a small bathroom takes about a half day. 

There are different types of insulation, the most common being fiberglass batts and spray foam. Neither of these insulation types takes long to install and should be done in a day.

Ventilation System

For a new ventilation system install, you could be looking at two or three days of work. This could be because they might need to make a whole in the house or find a way to connect to an existing vent.

For installing a new vent fan only, the job will take just one day. If there is a complication with the electrical work it may add another day to the job.

New Shower

Installing a new walk in shower with tile walls can take up to three days. First a new shower backing will be installed, then tile and grout go over it.

To install a prefabricated shower stall it could take just one day. These units are made to be fast to install.

 Bathroom Cabinets

Getting some new bathroom cabinets installed can help you to have a better storage situation. To install bathroom cabinets in a small bathroom takes about one day.

If you are having custom cabinets designed and installed it could be a little more complex. Custom bathroom cabinets can take one to two days for installation.


Painting the walls in a small bathroom takes one day. If you are having new drywall installed, they will need to be primed as will, which could add an extra day for the drying time. 

Another option you have for your bathroom walls is wallpaper. To have wallpaper installed takes one day.

Contractor Choice

Choosing the right contractor can speed up your small bathroom remodel. A competent contractor will schedule all of the workers so that they can get work done as efficiently as possible. 

A good contractor can easily save you a week in getting your bathroom remodel completed. They will know how to schedule each subcontractor so that they can work at the same time, or that one will be able to work while another is waiting for their job to dry.

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