How Long Does it Typically Take to Remodel a Kitchen?

kitchen renovation is on the top of a lot of people’s list of projects they want to do around their house. Building your kitchen to be the way you want it to be can make your home so much more enjoyable, whether while cooking meals for the family or hosting a gathering, having your own custom kitchen can make it all better.

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Sadly there are a lot of barriers to go through before starting your dream kitchen remodeling project. One of the biggest obstacles can be finding the time to actually do the kitchen remodel, as it can be a lengthy process where you will not necessarily have access to a part or even all of your home.

If you are going to be setting out on a kitchen remodel, you are going to want to know exactly how long the process will take, so that you can plan for the inconvenience of not having your kitchen. All kitchen remodels are different, and will take varying amounts of time to complete. To help you get an idea of how long to expect your kitchen remodel to take, we have put together this article explaining a rough time frame with about how much time each step of a kitchen remodel will take.

Most kitchen remodeling will take from a minimum of three months to six months, but a bigger project can easily take a lot longer, even up to or exceeding one year.


Before any work will start, and before you have to worry about not having a kitchen, is the planning and design stage. At this point, you will assemble all of your kitchen remodeling ideas and go over them with your architect, interior designer, and contractor.

You will probably need at least a month of planning and design before you start the actual work. Your contractor will also need to start ordering materials, which will determine when the work can start, as you do not really want to start and then have to stop and wait for windows or appliances to arrive. Especially in these times where global shipping has been delayed because of the pandemic, getting your building materials can take longer.

Once the actual plan is set you will have a much better idea of how long the rest of the process will take. You can use this time to make arrangements to be without your kitchen or out of your house while the work is taking place.


During this stage, your old kitchen will be removed from your house. Depending on your kitchen remodeling designs, this step could be pretty fast, most likely less than one week.

During the demolition, it is good if you can donate any materials that are still usable to an organization like Habitat For Humanity and their ReStore, which sells used building materials.


If you are not changing the footprint of your kitchen, you will not have much time spent in this step. If your kitchen ideas involve taking out a wall or anything else structural, this stage will take about three days to one week.


If you are changing around the location of water lines, drains, electrical outlets or gas lines, it will happen now. If you can all the subcontractors working at the same time, this will not take very long, from between two to five days, but the work may need to happen over up to two weeks as different contractors may come at different times.

If you want to save time, do not move the locations of your utilities. The more of these changes you make, the more time and the more money that will be required.


It is nice to be able to paint now before the cabinets are installed. Sometimes though, there will be drywall work still left to do and painting will not be possible. Your kitchen remodelers will know when is the right time to paint. Depending on the size of the kitchen, painting can be done in one day or maybe two, then another day for drying.


The amount of time the flooring will take to install depends on the type of flooring and the size of the floor. Laminate flooring takes the least amount of time, while tile or hardwood flooring will take the longest. It could be as fast as two days or as long as one week.


The type of cabinets you are purchasing will determine how long they take to install. Stock cabinets take only a day or two to install, while custom cabinets can take up to two weeks. You also need to factor in how long it takes the cabinets to be shipped to your home.


Appliances should go in pretty fast, about one or two days.


This will take about a day to maybe two days. The sink will be installed at the same time.


The light fixtures should take about one day to install, depending on how much lighting you have. The installer can usually work while other contractors are working.


The backsplash will take at least two days to install but could be more considering the type of material you choose.


The final details that will pull all of your kitchen remodeling ideas together will take about one week. They will also finish any painting and testing of appliances.


This timeline is a very rough estimate. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during a kitchen remodel that will take more time. Any changes that you make after the work has started will cause at least one week of delay, maybe even more. Try to have all of your plans finalized before work starts to make sure the kitchen renovation will go smoothly.

You can rely on your contractor for kitchen renovation tips and ask them about ways to save time if you desire. Always be prepared to add at least a month to your estimated kitchen remodeling time, because it just seems that things can always go slower than we think.

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