HOME&DESIGN Late Spring Inside Look Event

Home & Design Insight Look Event

USA Cabinet Store, a leading Kitchen & Bath Design Center in the town organized an evening of celebration owing to Home & Design magazine’s late spring issue. The event was attended by many guests who were served with scrumptious edibles and drinkables. Being great at designing a home’s interior, pulling off an event of such nature was only an easier task for us.

Not all but everyone seemed amazed looking at the latest arrivals and couldn’t resist capturing the interior design products displayed on an exotic arrangement. The USA Cabinet store which is known for its bespoke products and services of bathroom renovation and kitchen remodeling succeeded in pulling off an evening show for the late spring issue of people’s favorite Home & Design magazine. As the guests kept coming in, food was also served by the hosts.

Before the end, everyone gathered around to share a few words on the late spring issue. The Home & Design team said:

“We are here to celebrate our late spring issue which is followed by our big 20th-anniversary show. We are grateful to our hosts this evening, they have very nice showrooms and a several of them in the area.”

USA Cabinet Store’s owner Emin Halac said:

“The company started seven years ago and we have tried to improve our products and services since then. We are so happy to have you all here and consider hosting this event a big opportunity for the company”. The hosts also thanked all the visitors for being a part of the joyful evening.

All the guests expressed that they loved the latest issue and also liked the new range of products displayed at USA Cabinet Store. They were also given a print magazine of late spring issue and other essentials in a goodie bag.


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