Top 9 Galley Kitchen Remodel Tips and Ideas

Did you know the term galley kitchen comes from the resemblance this kind of kitchen has to  the compartment of a ship used by cooks to prepare the food? Both  are narrow and small, but also very practical. 

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When it is located in a house a galley kitchen alludes to a kitchen conformed of two parallel runs of units and an aisle in the middle. This kind of display is more ergonomic and it works perfectly to maximize limited space. It’s also more efficient since less movement is required between units. In other words, there are fewer chances of dropping something on the way from the fridge to the stove or from the fridge to the counter. 

 If you are struggling with space, a galley kitchen is the perfect solution! Many homeowners decide on this kind of  kitchen to give other rooms more area while keeping the kitchen functional. 

 So if you already have a galley kitchen or you are planning on installing one, we have got good news for you! Since galley kitchens are smaller than other types of kitchens, the price to build or to have a galley kitchen remodel is also reduced! 

Whether you are renovating or building from scratch, or looking for ways to make your space more modern and functional, we hope these galley kitchen remodeling ideas help you get started in designing the kitchen of your dreams. 

Let the light shine in.

When working with smaller spaces, an easy way to make the space appear larger and more open is through natural light.. So if you are looking for galley kitchen ideas to make it feel bigger, the right answer is light.

If you already have a window in your kitchen you are very lucky! If you do not, you could install window panels in your exterior doors to allow natural light to come in. If this is not an option for you, do not worry! When there is a will there’s a way, and light fixtures can come to your rescue. Playing with light colored cabinets and high gloss can also make your room feel brighter by reflecting the light you already have. 

You know what else is perfect for reflecting? A mirror! Installing a mirror will help you create the illusion of a larger space while reflecting the light and allowing you to bring your personal style into your kitchen.  

Shelve up!

An easy way to make your kitchen look less cramped when you are  doing small galley kitchen remodels is to focus on storage. Working with open shelving is an interesting way to create storage space while showing off your style. Put out your nice dishware! Add some plants to make it more lively! This will help your kitchen look more spacious while being very efficient, you won’t have to open all the doors to find what you are looking for, it will be right out in the open. 

Get rid of the clutter.

Regardless of if you chose to use shelves or cabinets, getting rid of the clutter is the most important strategy to open up your space while working on a galley kitchen renovation. There are other options besides cabinets and shelves. You could use baskets to store your kitchen utensils or you could adapt one of your panels to become a pull-out pantry. The objective is to have your things organized and free space in a small room. 

Rearrange Appliances.

You can use the space more efficiently without having to change the basic  layout. There are a lot of galley kitchen designs that rely on rearranging appliances. Changing the configuration can free up counter space for food preparation and also make  cooking more efficient. It’s worth thinking about how you use the kitchen and its appliances in order to optimize the kitchen process, whether that means food prep, cooking or dishwashing – or even all three at the same time!

Every kitchen is an island (or not)

Not every galley kitchen is fit to have an island. But we know that having an island is one of the most desired elements in a kitchen renovation. If you are lucky enough to  have a large space, installing a kitchen island can help you optimize your cooking process while adding storage space you can even adapt it to be an eating area by incorporating a few chairs or stools. 

Mix it up

Breaking up your materials will help you get rid of the hallway feeling. Mixing and matching patterns will help you create an optical effect making your room look larger. You could use a patterned floor and darker base cabinets to ground the room while higher cabinets in a lighter tone will bring the eye up making the kitchen feel taller. 

Paint it white.

Using white paint is the oldest trick in the book to make a room seem bigger. Galley kitchens struggle with space so painting it white is one of the easiest solutions to make it look larger and brighter. 

Also adding wood cabinets can make your kitchen feel warmer and more cozy. You can add your personal touch by selecting your hardware and fixtures in contrasting tones. 

Floor to ceiling cabinets

A more sophisticated look can be achieved by installing floor to ceiling cabinets. If you are aiming for a more sleek atmosphere you could have the majority of your appliances installed in one wall while using the other wall for cabinets. 

This will add storage space and will make it easier to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized. If you feel like this is a very bold style you could always leave a few inches at the top of the cabinets to give it more breathing room.  

Put yourself out there!

One would think that when working with a small space it would be harder to show your personality and style. But that is just a myth. When working with galley kitchens you can leave your unique mark from floor to ceiling! You could have ceramic tiles or patterned floors. You could always bring color to the equation by painting your cabinet doors and drawers. 

Bringing plants into a room is always a good way to feature your personal style. Besides, you could cook with fresher ingredients if you grow edible plants such as oregano, mint or arugula.

Space is unlimited if you have the right ideas and the right plan. We hope these few tips can help you get started in your renovation process. 

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