Five Bathroom Renovations That Help Sell a Home

When a homebuyer is shopping for homes, one of the most memorable parts of a home they look at is the bathroom. They will imagine themselves spending a lot of time in the bathroom, between washing their bodies, relieving themselves, and cleaning their teeth. Having a great and memorable bathroom could be the difference between selling your home with multiple offers or waiting to lower the price.

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Bathrooms, being so small, are easy to remodel and can lead to a big payoff when it comes to selling your home. A good bathroom renovation is something that can really set your home apart and attract a better offer that could be the difference between getting the price you want and having to settle for something less.

With all that in mind, you can see that a bathroom renovation can be a great idea when you want to sell your house. To help you get the best offer you can, we have put together five bathroom renovation ideas that can help to sell your home.


Older homes may not have a vent in the bathroom or in newer homes the ventilation system may be outdated and inefficient. While putting in a new ventilation system is no simple task, when a home buyer is looking at a home, bad ventilation in the bathroom could be a deal-breaker.

Ventilation in a humid area like the bathroom is key to having everything last longer and require less cleaning. With improper ventilation, mold can start to grow and wood can start to rot, bad things that a home inspector might tell the buyer to be afraid of. Having no ventilation in a bathroom could allow the buyer to lower their price by as much as $10,000.

A new ventilation system is something too advanced for most homeowners to do themselves, but a good bathroom remodeling service will be able to help with it. To put in new ventilation you will need to make holes in the bathroom that will go outside of the house, as well as put in the electrical wiring to make it all work. This could be a big job, but well worth it if it can make your house sell for more money.


If your bathroom flooring is looking tired and sad, it would definitely help to put in a new one. Bathrooms are normally so small that new flooring is easy to install and will not cost you too much.

If you have old flooring in your bathroom it will be really easy for homebuyers to notice and be turned off. You don’t have to put in a tile floor,  but they do look extra special in a bathroom and people really like to see tiles in there. Another option is vinyl, which is much cheaper and will be easy to put in.

To add a luxurious perk you can even add a heated floor in the bathroom. Little luxuries like that can really stand out in someone’s memory and make them need to buy your house. A little extra spending on hiring bathroom remodelers can go a long way to selling the home.


One of the easiest and most effective changes you can make for your bathroom refurbishment is to change to a neutral color. Even if your bathroom is already a neutral color, repainting with a fresh coat can go a long way towards impressing a home buyer.

When a bathroom is a neutral color, the buyer can more easily envision how they will make the bathroom when they move in. Making it easy for the buyer to see themselves in the bathroom will start their process of making a mental picture of themselves in the house and make them more likely to make an offer.

Neutral colors can also make a bathroom look bigger and cleaner. You want your bathroom to look clean and as big as possible. This will really impress a home buyer so that they will keep thinking about your home and not a different one.


Having a bright light will make people look better in the light. If a homebuyer catches a glimpse of themselves in your bathroom mirror in an unflattering light, they may decide that it is not the bathroom for them. The right lights can really make a huge difference in how the bathroom feels.

Lights can be easy to install for a homeowner, or not too expensive to have installed by an electrician. Changing to an elegant fixture with a good light will make a big difference in how people see themselves in the bathroom. New light fixtures are also energy efficient, which will impress a homebuyer who wants a lower energy bill.

You can also think about windows in your bathroom remodeling. A really nice way to bring in natural light and keep privacy is with a skylight. They are not easy to install but can be a huge plus to someone looking to buy a house. A bathroom skylight is one of those luxuries that can add a ton of value to a home.


The bathroom fixtures are what someone will notice first when they enter a bathroom, so you want to make a good impression with them. Having an old faucet with water stains is a huge red flag for a lot of shoppers, even if the faucet functions great, they want to imagine their water being pristine.

New high-efficiency faucets, toilets, and showerheads can add a lot of beauty and are a great selling point for your home. People want to save resources nowadays and a bathroom is a place that many people want efficiency.

You can even check with your utility company or local government to find subsidies for upgrading to higher efficiency fixtures and get the savings when installing, then sell your home for an even higher price.

There are a lot of fixtures out there to choose from, but you really just need one that fits the motif of your bathroom and home. People are more looking to see that the fixtures are new and efficient. If the fixture is shiny-looking, people will mostly like it or at least not think negatively about it.

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