Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen before winter comes? The cabinets are the single largest aspect of any kitchen renovation, so they deserve plenty of attention.

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You may have a few favorite designs in mind, but if you’re like most homeowners, you don’t know exactly what’s in style. Gather up your ideas and see which ones are trending for fall 2020.

Minimalist Design

The clean lines and smooth textures of minimalism have been trendy for a few years now. When designing minimalist kitchen cabinets, keep embellishments to a minimum. Instead, incorporate simple handles or handless designs for a sleek, streamlined look. Frameless cabinets fit within this category as well. If you go this route, be sure to team up with expert installers because quality installation is the key to frameless cabinet longevity.

Colored Cabinets

White and wood grain cabinets are staples that will never go out of style. But if you’re looking to push the envelope, try something a little less traditional, such as black, grey, blue, or even purple. This year, there’s been an increase in two-tone cabinetry, with the bottom cabinets adopting a darker color and the upper cabinets remaining white. You can also implement two tones by installing wall cabinetry in one color and island cabinets in another.

Maximum Functionality

If you’re tired of overcrowded drawers, wasted corner space, and an overflowing pantry, resolve your issues with intuitive cabinet design. Deep drawers, built-in pot and pan organizers, pull-out shelving systems, and lazy Susans help you utilize every inch of cabinet space, even the tricky corners in L- and U-shaped kitchens. Interior cabinet lighting is another high-end option to keep your stored items accessible and well-lit.

Islands with Tons of Storage

In open-concept kitchens, there’s usually enough space for an island—sometimes two! This addition can be quite versatile, with room for a cooktop and prep sink in some cases, plus added storage where you need it most. The low, easily accessible storage area makes kitchen islands the ideal place to tuck away small appliances, wine bottles, and other items that take up valuable counter space. It’s an effective way to tidy up the kitchen, an essential design element in modern and minimalist homes.

Wood Paneling to Hide Appliances

Why let the dishwasher and refrigerator dominate your kitchen when you can disguise them behind wood paneling that resembles the rest of your beautiful new cabinets? Many homeowners are adopting this trend in fall 2020 to enhance the kitchen’s modern design. Work with an experienced designer to ensure the most artful implementation.

When undergoing a kitchen remodel, remember that fashions change. Fortunately, the fall trends outlined above are likely to stick around. Working with a designer at USA Cabinet Store is the best way to balance short-term trends with long-term style. Check out our past kitchen projects to see what we mean! Then, contact us for a free consultation to begin your kitchen renovation in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, or Houston, TX.


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