Contemporary Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Try This 2022

After a long day at work a good bath can change your mood, but if your bathroom isn’t comfortable, you might need some contemporary bathroom remodeling ideas. While doing home renovations, bathrooms tend to be the last project to be tackled. You might think: “as long as it works, I can wait to renovate”. 

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But the reality is that our bathroom is where we spend most of our self-care time: having a relaxing bath, applying skin care, paying attention to the health of our smiles, and checking out our looks. The truth is that there are plenty of contemporary bathroom remodeling ideas to get the comfort of a spa in your own house. 

Contemporary bathrooms are one of the trendiest styles when thinking of a renovation. Generally speaking, it incorporates a variety of natural materials combined with sleek lines, neutral color palettes, and minimalist flair.  

The best thing about this kind of design is that it works perfectly in small or large spaces. 

Whether you are planning to do a total renovation or you are just looking to revitalize and update your bathroom there are plenty of contemporary bathroom ideas on a budget that you can get your hands on. So keep on reading because we are about to share with you the inside scoop on great bathroom remodeling ideas.

Less Is More

Size does not matter when we are talking about contemporary bathroom ideas. Keeping things minimal is the base to give your space a modern contemporary vibe. Besides, you do not want to have your bathroom full of clutter, clear out and keep only the essentials to obtain a clean and simple look. 

The Color Palette

When we talk about bathroom ideas, no matter what style you choose, a fundamental factor is color. But when we are talking about contemporary small bathroom ideas, there is a special set of colors that can work in your favor to obtain this modern look. 

Neutral Tones are one of the favorite colors in contemporary design but the favorite in this kind of design is still the color white. This color acts as a white canvas that creates a light space and allows you to play with other colors to create accent pieces. 

Green is trending in contemporary bathroom decor ideas, it is a way to connect with nature while evoking peace and tranquility. 

Lean Into Your Playful Side, And Say Yes To Wallpaper In The Bathroom!

If you are looking for contemporary bathroom ideas on a budget, wallpaper is the answer, my friend. You can give your bathroom a unique look and display your aesthetic personality by using high-quality wallpaper. Try to avoid places where it can 

by using high-quality wallpaper on a feature wall. . It is a fun way to display your aesthetic personality while being more cost-effective since it is cheaper to change than tiles when you want to remodel. 

A Tile As Old As Time

You cannot talk about bathrooms without mentioning tiles. We have come up with contemporary bathroom tile ideas that are going to be a gamechanger in your contemporary bathroom renewal. 

Porcelain tiles can give your bathroom that jet-setter hotely feeling, they come in just about every pattern and color. 

Tiles are great to play with different displays. You can play mixing vertical and horizontal applications to achieve a basketweave layout. 

Vanities, The Wild Card

In a contemporary bathroom, design vanities are still one of the main characters. There are plenty of ways to exhibit them. They can be floating, they can be made of wood, marble, or cement, you can have one or you can have many! You can be as creative as you feel while still being practical. 

Feature Me This

The most important thing about a contemporary bathroom design is the smooth lines, the neutral colors, and the clean space. But that does not mean it has to be boring. Using contrasting fixtures like brass with silver or gold accents can make your bathroom look modern and beautiful. 

Let There Be Light

Nothing shouts modern as light. In contemporary design, you do not have to settle with flavorless light fixtures. Pendant lights are trending right now. You can be even more playful; you can feature neon lights to accent different areas in your bathroom. 

If natural light is more of your thing, installing a skylight is the perfect solution. It will enhance the space by bringing natural light into your bathroom. 

Welcome Nature In

Getting lost in your thoughts while you are taking a bath can be a resetting experience. How can you make it better? Easy. Having a stunning view. You can always place your bathtub beside a large wall of glass to let the outside in. 

It Is All About The Materials 

Marble continues to be the main character while renovating contemporary bathrooms. It is elegant and sleek. Besides, you can always play with other textures, colors, and materials to give the room your personality. You can always mix stone with wood or glass. 

A surprise material to use in your bathrooms is wood. Using neutral colors and light wood will help your bathroom feel cozier. Extra points if you incorporate natural textures in rugs and towels, it will make it feel warmer. 

If you are going for a more industrial vibe, look no further, concrete is your guy! This kind of material is very versatile. It can be rough or very polished. It depends on what kind of materials you combine it with. 

Green Thumb, Great Bath

Using wood is not the only way to make your bathroom feel more welcoming. Plants are not only therapeutic and extremely beautiful. They are especially appealing when you combine them with the industrial aesthetic. It brings life into an otherwise restrained space. 

A Storage Place

A bathroom has a lot of functions, and many of those functions need different props. Because the contemporary bathroom is all about openness and cleanliness you need a place to put the towels, the creams, and the soaps away. You can always count on a polished floor-to-ceiling cabinet wall to be your ally. 

Renovating your bathroom and giving it a contemporary space is easy to do and you do not have to spend millions while you do it. 

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