Considering a Bathroom Remodel? Read This First

Many homeowners are dreaming of making their home more beautiful with a bathroom remodeling project, but there are a few things everyone needs to know before remodeling a bathroom. A bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation can be a really exciting experience, but one that you should be well prepared for so that you can know what to expect. 

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Between bathroom designers and bathroom remodeling contractors you can have plenty of help that will make bathroom remodeling a lot easier. But there are still vital pieces of information that can make your project go much more smoothly and you can have a lot more time enjoying the experience.

For this article we have spoken with our professional bathroom remodeling service and gotten the important information that every homeowner should know before they start dreaming of the perfect bathroom remodel. Use this information to make your bathroom reno or remodel go much better.

Get To Know Your Space

One of the biggest things that bathroom contractors wish their clients considered before calling them is the actual bathroom space that they are working with. You need to have an idea of the size of your bathroom, and what some of your desired bathroom features will require to install.

Something that a lot of homeowners make a mistake in is thinking that they can fit more features into their bathroom than space will allow. Having an idea of what is realistic in your bathroom remodel will help you to not get your hopes up about building something that is not possible for any number of reasons. 

It is important to know that it is possible to make a bathroom larger if that is what you need, but it comes with a much bigger price tag and just overall a lot more work. With a good bathroom contractor, you can really achieve anything you want, but sometimes making a bathroom space larger just won’t fit the budget. 

Another part of this equation is the location of drains, water lines and electrical outlets. You may have a great idea for how you want your bathroom to be, but if that vision requires moving pipes or outlets, the cost of the job will go up a lot and some budgets get broken in the process.

Understand The Timeframe

When you get excited about doing a bathroom remodel, it can be so tempting to just get in there and start tearing things apart so that you can get the thing done. Unfortunately, but for good reasons, that is just not the way that bathroom remodeling works. 

For the most part there is a time process that starts with consultation, moves to design, then agreements about the final design, then the permit process, then finally maybe work can start. Don’t forget the sometimes long wait for fixtures to arrive in today’s shipping climate!

If you are just now deciding that you want a bathroom remodel, in good conditions it might be ready for you to use in a year. It can take longer and it can take shorter, but you should be prepared with some patience for sure. 

One very important factor of this process to think about is if you have only one bathroom, you may be majorly inconvenienced for the time that work is happening. If this is the case, make plans to have a bathroom or possibly another place to live for the month or so it might take to remodel your bathroom.

Get A Good Sense Of Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Being able to afford your bathroom remodeling project is one of the biggest concerns of a lot of homeowners, but there are many solutions that make investing in a new bathroom doable. Before you call a contractor, you want to have a fairly sure idea of what your budget will be so that you can start working with your builder to find a plan that works for you.

It is said that the average bathroom remodel in the USA will cost from $5,000 up to $10,000. But for major remodel projects you can easily pay over $30,000. Whatever the size of your project, it is best to know what you can afford right from the beginning.

A common word of advice to people making a bathroom remodeling budget, it is best to have about twenty percent extra cash available in case of unforeseen circumstances. This will give you a cushion and ensure that your project will be completed on time. 

It is hard to tell sometimes that there is a major rot problem or worse that could be discovered when taking apart a bathroom. Having extra money in case of something like this will make sure that your project gets done all in one shot.

Running out of money and stopping work is one of the worst things that can happen, so try to avoid it by having some emergency funds available.

Have Some Ideas Before Meeting A Contractor

Developing your own style and taste, and being able to explain it to your contractor will help make sure that your bathroom ends up looking the way that you want, not the way that the contractor likes. You should definitely look far and wide for bathroom remodeling ideas that you would like to use in your own home. 

One great way to get inspiration is to look at friends’ houses where they have recently done a bathroom remodel. Most people are very happy to share their experience and would like to help you out with the process. Don’t be afraid to ask about mistakes they made so that you can avoid the same. 

Try writing down your ideas so that you practice explaining what you want. Being able to communicate your ideas is not always easy, but practicing by writing them down will help a lot when you meet with your contractor.

Having strong opinions will help create a bathroom that you truly see yourself in and you will be happy using for many years. Try to avoid just going with trendy remodeling ideas, develop your own sense of what is nice to have and make it come to life. 

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