Condo Kitchen Remodel Tips and Ideas for Your Next Remodeling

In the old days, people used to cook outside in open fires that were built on the ground. As the time went by, the kitchen became the gathering point of people as they were the source of security, heat, light and, of course, food. 

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A lot has happened ever since, but, something that has remained the same is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So we completely understand your need to transform this place into something functional and beautiful.

These days many people choose condo living because they are strategically located near work and school. Living in a small space can be challenging, but we are here to help you transform your house into a home! 

So if you are  looking for condo kitchen remodel ideas, you have come to the right place!

Kitchen Condo Renovation Rules

So it’s time to start your condo kitchen remodel, so first things first: before you start working on a budget or shuffling ideas, you need to be informed about the rules and regulations involved in all condo kitchen remodels

Condos are under more regulations than a single-family home due to the fact that condos are connected to other units, so before you begin check out with your home owner’s association (HOA) to see what is permitted to ensure your renovation won’t put the structural integrity of the building at risk. 

The Best Time To Remodel A Condo Kitchen.

Once you have figured out  your condo’s rules and regulations, the next step is to decide when is the best time to start with the condo kitchen remodeling project. There are a lot of factors to consider: the climate and season,  when you can be without your kitchen and the price. 

Summer can be the perfect time to begin because people usually  go on vacation and  it frees the room of traffic. Because of that, many people find this convenient so there are numerous renovations happening simultaneously, making the contractors busy and the cost higher.

Doing the renovation during winter will lower your cost, but you will have to think about the holidays and how the kitchen will be super active since all the meals are prepared there. You will have to consider having an alternative kitchen. 

Benefits of a Condo Kitchen Renovation.

 Getting to do a remodel condo kitchen project comes with a lot of benefits. Besides creating a beautiful space that you get to enjoy, remodeling your kitchen will increase the value of your home as one of the most wanted features that buyers are looking for in a home is the kitchen. So from that point of view, you can think of your renovation as an investment!

Also a better layout will make cooking a more pleasurable experience. Forget about cramping up, struggling to find a pan or a pot. You can have the perfect room to make your dream meals real. 


So you have figured out the best time to start your renovation and your HOA has given you the green light for your project. Now is the time to think about what style you want to express in your home. 

There are so many styles to choose from! You can do industrial, minimalist, boho, modern, eclectic, maximalist, the options are endless!

If you are planning  a modern condo kitchen remodel you have to think that this kind of style prioritizes  function over aesthetics. But don’t worry! This does not mean your kitchen will look any less beautiful. The clean and simple look gives your room a sophisticated air.

There are many things you can do to change the way your condo kitchen looks. Depending on your budget you could tear down a wall and make it an open space and connect your kitchen with the dining room, making it more spacious and bright. This can also give you the space to build a kitchen island to make cooking a lot easier!


Changing your cabinets is something that will transform the aspect of your kitchen no matter your budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your renovation you could paint them in another color; you could also add a glass face to your cabinets to visually  make them look larger. Furthermore, you could add some lighting to update the overall look.  To completely update your cabinets, you also have to change your hardware. Trending finishes include mixing metals, brass and combining natural materials with stone. 

Cabinetry will help you get organized, save space and give your kitchen a cleaner look. In addition, installing a wall shelf will give you extra storage space and function as a showcase. Bring your beautiful crockery and show it off!

Green Kitchen

Something that is very in vogue right now, are house plants. You see them everywhere: living room, bedroom, even the bathroom! So, of course having some plants in your kitchen will make your space look very modern and in style. Besides, having plants has many proven benefits: they clean and purify the air, reduce stress, sharpen focus and creativity  and sets higher mood levels. Plus you could have edible plants to enhance your dishes. Don’t think about it anymore and go green! 

Stainless Steel Appliances.

Looking to increase the value of your house? Adding stainless steel appliances will not only give your kitchen a chic look. Stainless steel is a hard wearing metal. It can resist corrosion, impacts and temperatures up to 500° C. Plus stainless steel is very hygienic. It does not modify the flavour, color or fragrance of your food because it is biologically neutral therefore anti bacterial. 


Painting a wall  or putting some cool wallpaper are cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen look. It will give it a pop of color and will help achieve the style you’re looking to capture. 


Upgrading your kitchen floor will add value to your home. You can use concrete, wood  or even patterned tiles to follow the flooring trends. If you are looking for a more durable material you can go for hardwood or vinyl. 

Renovating a condo kitchen is one of the most exciting projects, we hope these tips and ideas help you get started with your own!

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