10 Outstanding Bathroom Trends to Look Out For in Columbia, MD

A bathroom remodel is an exciting opportunity to put your personality into a space that you will be using so often while bathing, grooming and using the toilet. You will want your bathroom to find inspiration from the latest bathroom remodel trends as well as putting in your own special touches to complete the space to fit your needs and desires.

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If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel in Columbia, Maryland, we have been keeping an eye on some of the local bathroom remodeling trends and have put this article together to give you ideas for your own bathroom renovation Columbia MD. There are so many exciting styles and trends going on in Columbia right now and we want you to have all of the knowledge you can so that you can make your bathroom remodel the best it can be. 

Nude Colors

The top minds in bathroom design Columbia are all using nude colors to give bathrooms a soft and comfortable feeling. The fad of millennial pink is totally out right now and has made room for the more homey feeling nude color scheme.

Nude can be shades like stone grey, earthy brown and ocean- fog white; natural feeling colors that will help you feel more at peace in your bathroom. You just can’t pass up the chance to use these soothing colors to create a sort of a spa like calming atmosphere.

Bring In Some Nature

To go with all of those delightful nude colors you can’t help but add as many plants, stones and wood to your bathroom as you can. These elements which can be found directly in nature can make your bathroom remodel truly feel magical.

These natural pieces will be a timeless addition that will make you feel like you have just cleansed yourself in the forest each time that you come out of your bathroom. 

Vintage Is The New New

Many people in Columbia are going with reimagining vintage elements to work well in their bathroom remodel. Maryland, being one of the original colonies has such a storied history that you can pick so many eras to be your bathroom’s theme.

A lot of folks in Columbia are incorporating wooden vintage bathroom items that are also able to match with the nude colors and natural look that is so trendy. You can look for vintage items at antique stores, maybe even scouring the countryside to find exactly the piece to fit your bathroom.

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Freestanding Tubs and Sinks

These items are finding their way into a whole bunch of Columbia area bathroom remodels because they take a bathroom to the next level of elegance that you would expect from a five star spa. Having space all around these bathroom fixtures also opens up the space, making it feel more breezy and free.

A plethora of people from the bathroom remodeling Columbia MD circle are finding creative ways to use freestanding sinks and bathtubs and they look just amazing. 

Matte White Faucets

Bucking the trend of shiny bathroom fittings, matte white will be a real eye catcher, but in a subtle way. The matte white finish is not something most of us around Columbia are used to for bathroom fittings, but they are another element that has a soft and calming appearance that can complete that elegant spa look you might be going for.

Coffee Table Vanities

Bathroom contractors in Columbia MD keep getting requests for a bathroom vanity made to look like a coffee table and we are just loving it. This trend is related to keeping a natural and soft feeling for your bathroom remodel.

Many people in Columbia are repurposing old coffee tables to create new bathroom vanities. Another route is to buy a new coffee table and turn it into a vanity. Some home decor stores are even now stocking a coffee table vanity because it has become so popular.

Open Up Your Shower

Having an open shower or just a half wall for a shower is part of the natural, open and airy trend that is all over the Columbia MD bathroom remodel scene. Leaving the shower open can make the whole bathroom just feel so much bigger and easier to navigate.

A bonus of this trend is that if you are also incorporating living plants into your bathroom, the mist that is allowed to flow will make less work watering the plants. You also need to be sure to make every other part of your bathroom waterproof, as there will be some added moisture to contend with.

Bold Tiling

With current trends in Columbia MD, you have a lot of room to play around with interesting tiles that will give your bathroom a bold and refreshing look. Working with different finishes between glossy and matte will make an interesting texture that will entertain the eyes without distracting.

You can also experiment with different shaped tiles, and maybe even consider going with not so linear patterns. These days you don’t even have to have a repeating pattern to be hip in Columbia, there is just so much room to find a new way to tile.

Minimalist Lighting

For a trendy Columbia MD style bathroom, you want to keep your lighting almost hidden but extremely effective. If it is possible, install lighting strips hidden between walls and dropped ceilings for a real show stopper look. You can also consider a bathroom mirror with a built in light.

Keeping your lighting source hidden goes with the theme of a natural setting, where the sun’s light will light the world even if you are not looking at the source.  Lighting is a critical part of a bathroom for getting ready for your day, so be sure to pay close attention to this aspect of your bathroom remodel.

Mixing Decors

Another facet of bathroom design Columbia is that every single material is invited to the party. The more elements that you can incorporate while still holding a unifying theme the better your bathroom will exude all that is awesome about this current mood for bathroom remodels.

You want to play with the edge of having too much in your trendy bathroom, the more the better and if it isn’t looking too cluttered or chaotic, you will win. 

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