10 Stunning Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for Any Home’s Style

Black kitchen cabinets are certainly not a traditional home design choice, but in 2021 black cabinets are becoming a popular choice among homeowners and design experts alike. You might be thinking that white kitchen cabinets are the latest trend, but all white kitchens are slowly making way for modern black cabinets that add great contrast and something a little different to a home.

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If you are wondering about creating a kitchen with black cabinets, but you are not so sure about making this bold step, we have created this article with our ten favorite black kitchen cabinet ideas that can inspire you to add this awesome feature to your home. The main advice we can give about black kitchen cabinets is that they are best paired with another color, so your kitchen doesn’t become a black hole.

We have seen so many amazing kitchens with black kitchen cabinets created this year that we are really excited to share these great ideas with you. Keep these ideas in mind as your north star and you are sure to create beautiful great kitchen cabinets that you will be enjoying for decades.

Black and Gold

These two words don’t just sound good to say out loud, the colors look really awesome together, especially when used on your kitchen cabinets. Using gold on black cabinets is a timeless look that will make your kitchen feel modern and fancy.

You can also think about using some yellow for the back splash that will enhance this black and gold theme. These colors look so amazing together and it is something you find in nature, from bees to flowers, black and gold is a great combo that you can’t help but feel proud of.

Bright Highlight with Black Cabinets

Using one upper cabinet as a highlight, with a bright color like candy red, can really liven up a set of black kitchen cabinets. Using a really strong color like bright red will have an amazing pop against the black theme of your kitchen cabinets.

Other colors besides red can work too, it depends on your taste and the other elements of the kitchen. The bright color really commands a lot of attention, that way it is usually the first thing people notice in the kitchen, then they will realize that the cabinets are actually black!

Open Shelving and Black Cabinets

If you are concerned about your kitchen starting to feel too heavy, open shelving is a great way to add some airiness to the space. You can use your dishes or other items to bring in some color as they sit in their spot on the shelves.

The open shelves mixed with the black cabinets creates a certain amount of freedom, where you can choose to have a different color highlighted on different days depending on how you decorate the shelves. This can be really helpful to make sure your kitchen is always feeling fresh and your mind can have more to play with.

Black with Chrome

This is a sleek look for your black kitchen cabinets that will give you a modern, minimalist look. We really like when the pulls on drawers are long, thin and made of chrome, it gives the cabinets a certain elegance. 

The look of black with the silver of chrome also can make you think of stars in a dark night sky. It is an enchanting look that you will surely feel happy about having as a part of your kitchen. 

Upper Cabinets Black with Wood Lower Cabinets

Most people would think that having big black cabinets on the top could feel oppressive, but when you pair them with some warm wooden, clear finished cabinets on the bottom the whole thing feels just great. Putting a white countertop in between the two makes for a nice transition as well.

Wood is really great for balancing out the darkness of the upper cabinets. Working together to make your kitchen feel like a combination of rustic and modern, this look is something you won’t see in a lot of kitchens, but something you can really show off to your guests.

Black Kitchen Cabinets in a Studio

For a studio or loft apartment that is all in a single room, making the kitchen cabinets black can make it feel like a totally different space. The rest of the apartment should be kept to lighter colors, but this trick can really help you feel like you are not living in your kitchen or cooking in your bedroom.

Having a big contrast between the decor and design of your kitchen and the living spaces can really help to keep them separated if not physically than in your field of vision. This is a really clever trick for people trying to pull off a fabulous studio life.

Floor to Ceiling Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you bring your kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling, and make the ceiling white, it creates a really interesting sort of visual effect. It is almost as if one world is meeting another and spilling out all around you.

Then using some large, grey hanging lights sort of makes a cloud effect that makes you feel like you are in a warm summer thunderstorm. This look can make your kitchen very stylish and unique.

Black Cabinets Under Butcher Block

Pairing a black lower kitchen cabinet with butcher block counters can create a nice harmony with a grounded and earthy feeling. Having some house plants sit on the counter will even increase this grounded feeling and make everyone just want to hang out and eat in your kitchen.

The warmth of the wooden butcher block countertop really compliments the black cabinets and makes it so you can breathe a little easier.

Black and White

A mostly white kitchen cabinet set with black limited to a small area will sort of have an elegant, tuxedo like appearance. Having the black in the middle of a lot of light can also seem like there is a tunnel of mystery hidden in your kitchen. 

Black with Stainless Steel Appliances and a Patterned Backsplash

Black kitchen cabinets look really amazing when paired with some stainless steel appliances. This creates a certain sleek and sexy atmosphere that you just can’t go wrong with.

Using a patterned backsplash that is black and white really ties this look together. Geometric designs or flower patterns are especially nice with this look. 

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