Best Small Bathroom Remodeling Layout Ideas To Help You Decide

One of the most difficult parts of a bathroom design is figuring out how your small bathroom remodeling layout should be. The trick to small bathroom layouts is that you need to have a lot of functionality, while creating a beautiful space.

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A great small bathroom layout has the right flow between the sink, toilet and shower, giving you space to get you business done. While it can feel impossible to narrow down your small bathroom layout ideas, you can only fit so much in the space you have.

For this article, our bathroom layout experts will give you their best small bathroom layout ideas to help you decide on what’s right for you. Use these small bathroom ideas and your home will be much more comfortable and amazing.

Getting Your Small Bathroom Flow Right

The most important part of small bathroom layouts is that you need to be able to seamlessly move between the toilet and sink, sink and shower, and toilet and shower. This makes using your bathroom for all its purposes much easier.

Your layout needs to give you enough space to make your movements comfortable, but that is the biggest challenge in a small bathroom. There are some space saving ideas that can help you with this, including:

  • Pedestal Sinks- These types of sinks look elegant, and give you more room to move around.
  • Wall Mounted Toilets- This type of toilet hides the water tank inside of the wall, this gives you some valuable leg room and makes cleaning easier.

While these small bathroom ideas will give you somore breathing room, they might create other problems. We can discuss some techniques to address any challenge you face and make your small bathroom remodel a big success.

Where To Put Storage Space

One of the big challenges you will face when designing a small bathroom layout is where to put your bathroom necessities. Once you have the right flow, you might still lack places where you can keep the things you need. 

One great way to maximise your storage space is with custom bathroom cabinets. You can work with a cabinet maker to design cabinets that perfectly fit your space and hold everything that you need for your bathroom routines.

Another option, if custom cabinets are not to your liking, is to use some open shelves, which aren’t as bulky as bathroom cabinets. Open shelves give you plenty of storage space, and create a place you can decorate to bring some of your personality into your bathroom remodel.

What Type Of Shower To Use

The shower is one of the most important elements in your small bathroom, and you need to find one that you love, but also doesn’t take up much space. One incredible trend that is perfect for a small bathroom layout is an open shower.

In an open, or barrierless shower, there is nothing to stop splashes from the shower from other parts of the bathroom. This gives your small bathroom an open and more airy feeling, and you can create a luxury shower.

For an open shower, you need to have all waterproof fixtures in your bathroom, so take that into cinsideration when you are planning. Most people do all tile bathrooms for open showers, this look elegant, and makes every surface waterproof.

A Great Layout Is Nothing Without The Right Lighting

The lighting in your small bathroom remodel has to be on point, or you could end up feeling too crowded in there. You need to focus on three types of lighting in a small bathroom, such as:

  • Ambient- this is the main lighitng, usually from an overhead light fixture. 
  • Task- this lighting type helps you perform a specific task, like putting on makeup.
  • Accent lighting- this lighting is optional, but helps you highlight a certain feature in your small bathroom.

In a small bathroom layout, having the right lighting makes the space feel bigger and easier to be in. If you have lighting that casts shadows, you will feel like you can’t see very well and the bathroom feels smaller than it really is.

In a small bathroom, the placement of your overhead light fixture or fixtures is the key to success. You need to put the light where it won’t be blocked while you use the sink, the shower, or the toilet.

Consider Your Color Schemes and Coordination

When it comes to desiging a perfect small bathroom layout, getting your colors correct can make or break it. Light colors are always best in a small space, but you can use contrasting dark colors for accents to help create a feeling of seperation.

One interesting technique for small bathroom layouts is to go with an all white bathroom, then put a black vanity top to create a seperation between the upper and lower sections of the bathroom. This has the effect of looking like there is more space than there really is.

You can also use some darker colors as accent tiles in the floor, wainscotting or as a line in the wall. This is a great technique to add some visual appeal, but you must be careful to not make your small bathroom look too busy.

Add Natural Light If Possible

One of the greatest decisions you can make for small bathroom remodeling layouts is to add a window or skylight. When you have more natural light in a small bathroom, it seems bigger, and there is added physical space.

Window sills are handy in small bathrooms because you can decorate them or store smaller items in a pinch. You should conisder enlarging existing windows, or adding new ones if you can. You also get a view of the outside world, which helps you feel less crowded in a small space.

A truly luxurious feature you can add to your small bathroom layout is a skylight. This gives you gorgreous light, and something to look at. Imagine gazing up at the clouds during the day, or the stars and moon in the night.

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