Best Reasons Why Bathroom Cabinets Are Important To Have

Almost each and every day you use your bathroom cabinets, whether you think about it or not. It’s one of the reasons why kitchen and bath remodeling are pretty much in demand. Inside your bathroom storage cabinets, you keep all those necessary items that help you live your daily life in comfort and peace. 

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There are many bathroom cabinet ideas you can always consider. All you need to do is to find the one suitable to your space and needs as well. If your bathroom wall cabinets or your bathroom cabinets over the toilet are appropriate for your needs, you hardly even have to think about them. But when your bathroom vanity cabinets or bathroom sink cabinets aren’t quite adequate, you might have daily problems to worry about.

To help you understand why having the right bathroom cabinet storage is so critical to well-being, our experts will explain all of their benefits. Whether you want some tall bathroom cabinets or want to learn how to paint bathroom cabinets, this article has all the information you need.

What Size Should My Bathroom Cabinets Be?

The ideal bathroom cabinets really depend on what you need and what fits inside the shape of your bathroom. You want to be able to keep all of the bathroom accessories you need in your cabinets, without imposing on the room.

This can be a difficult task in a smaller bathroom, so you need to work out the best solution to have all of your bases covered. Many people accidentally don’t get enough bathroom cabinet storage, or they take up too much of their space and can barely function inside the bathroom.

It could be helpful to line up all of the items you want to store inside your bathroom cabinets. Then you can try to design cabinetry that will give you plenty of room for the items. You might have to do a little bit of decluttering if you have too much stuff.

The Different Types Of Bathroom Cabinets

You can take advantage of all the kinds of bathroom cabinets available to have everything you need in your bathroom when you need it. Having specialized cabinets can sometimes be the only way to fulfill all of your needs in your bathroom.

There are not just different size cabinets when it comes to bathroom cabinets. There are also cabinets that have a different way to use them, including:

  • Medicine Cabinets – These kinds of cabinets usually hide behind a mirror over the bathroom sink. You can keep smaller items, such as pill bottles and ointments in your medicine cabinet.
  • Under Sink Cabinets – There is often an opportunity to store some cleaning supplies or other useful things underneath a bathroom sink in some beautiful cabinetry.
  • Bathroom Cabinets Over The Toilet – There is a space over the toilet’s water tank that is perfect for a cabinet that can hold many items.
  • Bathroom Wall Cabinets – If there is some room on the walls of your bathroom, you could have a lovely cabinet there.
  • Corner Bathroom Cabinets – Sometimes you have got to get creative, and utilizing a corner of your bathroom for a cabinet could be a great idea.

You have to look at the shape and size of your bathroom to know which type of cabinet could be the perfect fit. Working with a bathroom designer could be a good idea because they will have all of the experience to make your bathroom cabinets perfect for you.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

If your goal is to maximize the space you have in your bathroom and have beautiful cabinetry, having a custom bathroom vanity design is a perfect plan. A skilled cabinet maker can create exactly the bathroom storage you need, and make it look appropriate to your space.

A custom bathroom cabinet set will be created with the dimensions of your bathroom in mind. That way everything will look proportional while having ample storage space for all of your bathroom items. You can also choose the type of wood and hardware that goes into your custom bathroom cabinets. 

Custom bathroom cabinets do cost quite a bit more than stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinets. But you get an impressive piece of furniture that will last you for your entire life and could even become a family heirloom someday.

Do Closet Count As Bathroom Cabinets?

A bathroom closet could be part of your bathroom cabinetry, it is all about the way you look at it. Closets are usually a bit bigger than your typical cabinet, but they come in different sizes so they could easily fall in the range of a cabinet.

Bathroom closets give you lots of space to keep towels and other bathroom items that you need to have on hand. Whether to consider your bathroom closet part of your cabinetry is up to you. You could very well decide that your bathroom closet is another storage option, separate from your cabinets. There are small bathroom remodeling tips and ideas you can use to achieve this.

You can decide which type of shelves you have inside of your bathroom closet to give you the right storage options. Tall shelves could be good if you want to store things like shampoo bottles. On the other hand, shorter shelves give you more divisions to keep things organized.

Can I Refurbish My Existing Bathroom Cabinets?

When it comes to following bathroom remodeling trends, bathroom cabinets are durable pieces of home furniture that you can use for many decades without problems. Sometimes though, if bathroom cabinets are abused or cheaply made, they could wear out after only a few years.

If your cabinets hold enough of your bathroom items and they look ok to you, you can consider reusing them. Maybe all they need is a fresh coat of paint. Or, you might consider adding new hardware, so that the doors close better and you can pick the style. There’s just a lot of  Some other ways to refurbish your bathroom cabinets are:

  • Put wallpaper on them for a creative look.
  • Take out the center panel and add glass or chicken wire for a new lease on life.
  • Take the doors off and replace them with salvaged doors for a shabby chic appearance.

Refurbishing is always a great do-it-yourself project and you can make your cabinets as good as new. If you don’t enjoy that kind of project, it is probably best just to have new cabinets installed because the labor to refurbish cabinets could be as expensive as buying new ones. If you have the budget for bathroom remodeling, then might as well invest in it. 

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