What are the Benefits of Having a Small Kitchen?

When considering a small kitchen remodel, you must keep your priorities straight, mainly having the space for storing food, cooking food, and cleaning up after food. If you keep these concepts in mind you can create a beautiful small kitchen renovation.

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Small kitchen remodeling is a task that some people might find challenging, finding a way to make a small kitchen beautiful but also functional can seem impossible. Renovating a small kitchen needs to be looked at as an exciting opportunity because you get to find intelligent solutions to make the small kitchen look and work just how you need it to.

In this article we are going to explain the benefits of a small kitchen so that all you aspiring small kitchen remodelers can have something to look forward to in your small kitchen remodel project. As a small kitchen remodeling service we have loads of experience in this field and can help you feel better about making your small kitchen remodel turn out amazing.

Less Expensive

A small kitchen remodel will take less materials to complete, so the cost is less. Not only is the materials cost lower in a small kitchen remodel, but the labor will take less time and be less expensive as well.

All these savings mean that you are more likely to have enough money in your budget to install higher end materials that will last longer and make you happier. The savings continue because you won’t feel the need to upgrade your kitchen as often and you will be getting a lot more enjoyment from it.

A smaller kitchen is likely to be made of higher quality products which will make you feel a lot better every time you use your kitchen. The savings that a small kitchen renovation gives you will also let you have more money to buy great food to cook in your kitchen, so everything will be much tastier.

Less Cleaning

Modern small kitchens are a lot easier to clean because there is simply less space that needs cleaning. You won’t be spending huge amounts of time wiping all the surfaces so you will have more time to just enjoy your food and the good friends you have invited over.

To keep your small kitchen working its best, you will also need to develop strategies that help you keep it clean while cooking, so that after meal clean ups are not such an arduous chore, but a simple task that you can relax about. In a large kitchen people tend to just move messes around and it really piles up and can take way too long to clean in the end.

You can also take steps during your small kitchen remodel to make cleaning easier and more streamlined. Doing things like keeping most of your counterspace near the sink will make cleaning a lot easier overall.

You can work with your kitchen designer to make sure that your small kitchen is as easy as possible to clean. You can come up with lots of ways to make cleaning easier and your small kitchen more enjoyable.

Easier To Control

A large kitchen can invite people to wander in and start chatting while you are trying to cook, in some situations this is ok, but at a certain point it is best to just leave the kitchen to the cook. A small kitchen is less inviting to others so you can more freely go about your cooking in peace.

While you may feel awkward about telling people to stay out of a large kitchen while you are trying to cook, in a small kitchen people will understand that you need the space and will leave you alone. This will save you some time and will make cooking overall a better experience.


It is getting pretty well known that having a lot of stuff will not make you happy. When you have too many things in your kitchen, you will often find yourself searching through drawers and untangling cables to get the thing you want.

In a small kitchen you must stay mindful of each object you have and make sure that it is necessary. It will be a lot easier to keep track of where everything is so that you will never be searching and searching for anything.

When you have a large space, you will almost certainly fill up all of it with stuff you really don’t need. A small kitchen will be just as full as a large kitchen, but every item will be essential and will be accessible when you need them.

Having a minimalist life style like the one a small kitchen requires leads to more overall happiness and satisfaction. In a large kitchen you can have more things, but they tend to just weigh you down and make life more complicated.

Less Waste

Overstocking a small kitchen simply won’t work out very well. When you have a small kitchen, you will learn to only have food that you have an immediate plan to use, to keep the kitchen more open and usable.

In a large kitchen, people tend to have a lot of food items that just go bad. This wastes money and resources and is just not a good thing to do for yourself or the planet.

A small kitchen will make you more conscious of your buying habits and more aware of what you do and don’t have in stock. This way you don’t forget about that bag of beans you bought a few months ago and then end up buying another one that just sits around for a few years until you get around to doing a deep clean and throwing them away.

You will also be more active as you will need to stop by the grocery store more often to get the grocery items you need for the day. Being more active leads to better overall health. You will also gain more of a sense of community as you are out more interacting with the people around you.

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