The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Fairfax in 2022

The bathroom is a place where we spend a lot of our time getting ready for work or for parties, washing our bodies and of course using the toilet, that is why so many people are considering a bathroom remodel.  People want to make their bathroom exactly the way they want it to be, and they like to get their bathrooms upgraded to the latest bathroom remodel trends, which not only help a bathroom to look great but to function a whole lot better as well.

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If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel in the Fairfax, Virginia area in 2021, we have put together this list of the top ten bathroom remodeling trends fairfax va so that you can see what other folks around you have been doing with their bathroom remodels. You can use this list about bathroom remodeling fairfax va to get ideas about your own project.

High End Tiles

A big trend in the Fairfax area for bathroom remodeling is to use expertly crafted tiles that look beautiful and are made to last more than a lifetime. Tiles made from real stone, porcelain, or even from glass are the most popular choices for homeowners all around the Fairfax area.

Stone is the material of choice for a bathroom, though it comes with a high price tag. There is simply no beating the look and feel of a real marble tile in the bathroom. Stone tiles give your bathroom a natural and calming effect, making your spa- like atmosphere really come to life.

Bigger tiles are also in style, with smaller grout lines to really make your bathroom remodel seem like a monolithic achievement. Using high-end tile is totally worth the investment to make your bathroom remodel as beautiful as it can be.

Incorporating Plants

2021 has seen so much of the bathroom design fairfax crowd incorporating green, vibrant plant life into bathroom remodels. Plants add a splash of color and intrigue to what can be a sterile space.

Plants that love humidity can be a great addition to a bathroom remodel because they can suck up some of the steam from your shower. The plants reward you with some fresh oxygen which makes being in your new bathroom that much more enjoyable.

Easy to care for plants like succulents are always popular even for those who don’t even know what a green thumb is. For those who want a little more of a challenge an orchid will enchant you with their beautiful blooms. Also no need to worry about the cleanliness because you can always hire this company for a quality cleaned bathroom. 

Heated Floor

Adding a heated floor to a bathroom remodel has never been easier, and depending on the size of your bathroom can be done for a lot less than you would think. Bathroom contractors fairfax va have seen a big uptick in demand for heated floors in 2021.

A heated floor feels so lovely on those cold mornings where you are needing to get ready for work, and you can have the thermostat set on a timer so that it will turn on just before you wake up and will be toasty when you need it.

Grab Bars

What once would have made your bathroom look like an old folks home now has become standard for all the latest bathroom remodel trends. Grab bars are no longer clunky looking safety devices, they are a key part of a stylish bathroom renovation fairfax va.

Grab bars have become beautiful works of art for the bathroom that also help us to stay safe in a slippery environment. The bathroom is the room of the house where most injuries occur, so why not make it safer and more beautiful at the same time?

Intelligent Storage

Many folks around Fairfax are requesting custom bathroom cabinets in their bathroom remodels because they use all of the space available in the most intelligent way possible. Bathrooms need a lot of supplies, so having some good storage in the bathroom makes a lot of sense.

Custom bathroom cabinets are designed precisely to fit your bathroom to give you the most intelligent use of your space. You will be able to get all of the storage you need if you use an intelligent design for your bathroom storage.


If you normally take your phone into the bathroom and listen to the news while getting ready, or like to listen to your favorite songs while soaking in the tub, you should really consider installing some speakers in your bathroom remodel. You will get a lot better sound quality and you won’t have to worry about getting your phone wet while trying to turn up the volume.

Just imagine sitting in a delightful bubble bath, with a fragrant candle burning and some comforting music playing through a high quality sound system. This is the spa treatment you really deserve from your bathroom remodel. 

Hidden Toilet

Many people are adding a little more privacy to one of the most delicate parts of life by putting a little pony wall around their toilet. This added bathroom remodel feature makes it more comfortable for more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time.

Hiding the toilet can also make people feel more comfortable in their bathroom at the times when they are not actually relieving themselves. Looking at a toilet while trying to make yourself look pretty can often ruin the mood, so to speak.

Steam Bath

A steam bath can be hugely beneficial for sore joints and muscles, especially after a long work week. A steam bath can actually be a pretty easy installation that many around Fairfax are choosing to do this year.

You can pretty easily make a steam bath out of a large shower stall, you only have to build a slanted ceiling, water proof walls, a seat, and a sealed door to keep the steam in.


Adding some natural lights straight from the heavens can make waking up in the morning a lot easier. Getting that first dose of vitamin D is a great way to really charge up for the day.

If your bathroom is situated near the roof, you should definitely consider adding this trend to your bathroom remodel plans. It will make your bathroom feel so much more luxurious and will cut down on your use of electricity.

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