Remodeling a Bathroom in Alexandria VA? These are the Top Trends Right now!

Alexandria, Virginia is recognized for its rich history and beautiful 18th and 19th century architecture. Less than thirty minutes away from the nation’s capital, Alexandria was named  in 2020 one of the Top 5 Best Small Cities in the U.S. by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. 

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Even if  it is known for its walkable historic old town, there is nothing old-fashioned about it’s style! Alexandria has a cosmopolitan vibe that exudes from every pore, even the bathroom! 

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most used rooms in a house but sometimes design wise they get overlooked. Coupling style and functionality is the least you can expect when you are doing a bathroom remodel

The latest bathroom remodeling trends in Alexandria, VA focus  on practicality and aesthetics. No matter if you tend to have a more contemporary style or if you are more inclined to a modern or industrial feeling, we have gathered  the latest bathroom remodel trends in Alexandria, VA to get you started. 

Showers and bathtubs

There would not be a bathroom without a bath, that is why we are starting our top bathroom remodeling in Alexandria, VA trends by talking about showers and bathtubs. 

Something that is trending not only in Alexandria but worldwide is open showers. What started as a necessity for small bathrooms has evolved into a tendency. They are a great way to save space and are perfect if you are attracted to a minimalist style. While they help you make the bathroom look larger they also increase the shower space. 

But if you are more interested in having big, long baths after a stressful day, we have good news! Another trend that is really roaring right now in bathroom design in  Alexandria is big bathtubs. 

After more than a year of being locked down in our homes, creating a place where we can forget about the world and just relax is highly appreciated. 

There are many ways you can adapt this trend into your home: Freestanding flat bottom tubs will give your bathroom a  focal point and they work with any style of bath; another popular layout is having a separate tub and shower, it is the best of both worlds, you can have a quick shower if you are in a hurry or you could soak up in the tub if you are trying to relax or even read a book with a glass of wine. 


A fundamental piece of any bathroom is the vanity, so of course we are talking about it now that we  are giving you pointers for your bathroom renovation in  Alexandria, VA

The upcoming trends are full of innovative and creative ways to present the star of the bathroom. Instead of the space-consuming old vanities, we are now going for openness using vanities inspired by coffee tables! The point is to bring the cozyness and comfort of the living room into the bathroom. 

Another take is to use floating bathroom vanities which are vital to take your bathroom to the next level, it gives the space a clean contemporary feel while providing storage room. With a floating vanity you can also add some baskets underneath in case you need to put away any more stuff. 

Industrial vanities are very in vogue right now.  Combining metal finish with wood highlights will give your bathroom a very modern and clean look and will perfectly match the exposed  plumbing and polished concrete floor of the rest of the room. 

You can always ask your  bathroom contractors in Alexandria, VA to help you get this style into your own home. 

Natural elements

Mother nature, welcome home! Who says that a bathroom has to be a boring room? We know that bringing plants into the house is a trend that has been going on for a while, but now it is time for the bathroom to hop into this wave! Plants are known for their calming qualities and they brighten up any room they occupy. 

Bringing plants into your shower or countertop will make you feel in another world, in the middle of the jungle, having an adventure where the only real danger is that you will never want to leave!


Including recycled items into your renovation will give your bathroom a unique look while being eco-friendly.  A lot of designs are going to the past to be very today. The retro look depends a lot on incorporating wood into the design. You could reuse an old door, a recycled desk, even a vintage bicycle can be used as part of your bathroom design. Giving a second chance to these objects is not only trending it is environmentally conscious.


From floor to ceiling tiles are everywhere in these new bathroom trends! As we were telling you before, we are looking into the past decades for inspiration and tiles are no exception. Alongside this, we are seeking tiles with different patterns, colors and sizes: diamond, hexagon, arabesque, chevron, you can’t complain about the lack of options! 

Pairing large format tiles with natural stones will give your bathroom a sophisticated and luxurious vibe. If you are more interested in knowing which colors are trending now, neutral and earthy hues can be expected.  

Statement fixtures

Take your bathroom to the next level by using statement fixtures. If you want your space to stand out, working with gold, copper or metallic tones is a good way to contrast with a neutral pallet. 

You can use them in your toilets, sinks, showers and faucets. It is a fun way to bring some warmth into a normally aseptic room. The good thing about installing statement fixtures is that they are not contrived into a specific style, you could use them in an industrial, vintage or contemporary bathroom. It will look good all ways! 


The future is now! Remember when smart toilets were blowing our minds? Get ready to hear about the latest technology trends. Bathrooms in 2021 are going to be equipped with smart showers, automatic sinks, bluetooth speaker systems, even mini fridges! You won’t have to worry about anything. You could voice activate the light and temperature as you wish. Everything will be ready for you to disconnect and relax. 

After your shower or bath, forget about cold floors, heating systems are a reality and they will not only pamper your feet, they will reduce noise and lower your allergic reactions due to the lack of dust in the air currents.

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