Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Arlington, VA 2021

It is inevitable that your home’s bathroom can start to look dated and out of touch with the times, and that will make you need to think about doing a bathroom remodel. It feels a lot better to have a fashionable, new bathroom that you can feel proud to show people, and doing a bathroom remodel will get you that.

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Right now there are a ton of fun and exciting bathroom remodeling trends in Arlington VA so it is a great time to be taking the plunge and getting that hip bathroom you have been dreaming about. Bathroom design Arlington is really on the cutting edge of the state’s bathroom remodel scene, so getting to know the latest bathroom remodel trends Arlington is a great way to make sure your bathroom keeps looking good for decades to come.

To help you get a good understanding of top bathroom trends in Arlington VA, we have created this article explaining all you need to know so you can better work with your bathroom contractors in Arlington VA. The more you study and get to learn the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling trends Arlington VA, the better you will be able to relate to your bathroom contractors what you want from your bathroom renovation Arlington VA, and the more closely your project will meet your expectations.

Separate Shower and Soaking Tub

While folks have been asking for bigger and bigger showers, a lot are also not wanting to lose out on having a luxurious bathtub as part of their bathroom remodel. The problem is that trying to fit a bathtub in the shower usually won’t leave enough space.

A separate, full sized soaking tub is the perfect solution to this problem. Soaking tubs are great because they are dedicated to just being a bathtub, so they don’t have to have a barrier as there won’t be much splash from a bathtub. They take up less space because of this but provide a really comfy bath experience.

Having a really big shower is one of the nicest things you can have in a bathroom, as you can really get relaxed and take care of your body’s hygiene. Just sitting under a hot stream of water is so good for your soul, it is important to give yourself a great big shower as part of your bathroom remodel.

The combination of having a luxury bathtub and a huge luxury shower is just too good to pass up, it will really make your bathroom experience a lot better. You will never regret making this wonderful trend a part of your bathroom remodel.

Modern Toilets

It seems like toilets have been the same forever, now finally we have a truly exciting time to be installing a new toilet because of the trends that are happening in design and technology. Toilets are now not only getting a new look, but they have new features that make them safer and easier to own and use.

You probably heard during the toilet paper shortages of 2020 that many people were installing bidets. This common European restroom feature is finally making a stronger appearance in Arlington and a lot of homeowners are installing them.

You can either have one installed in a regular toilet, or you can have a stand alone bidet. New toilets with built in bidets can even have a drying function for after you clean yourself with water.

Self closing and opening lids are another modern toilet feature that you can get excited about, which greatly reduces the need to touch potentially bacteria filled surfaces. This is making bathroom experiences a lot cleaner.

Toilet design has also shifted to more sleek designs with no crevices to trap dust, hair and who knows what else. It is like all of a sudden we collectively decided that it is stupid to make toilets so prone to collecting dust and have made a much better design choice.

For a space saving toilet, you can also look into wall-mounted toilets, which put the toilet’s water tank inside of the wall behind it with the toilet bowl hung from the wall. This gives the toilet a much smaller footprint, it looks sleek and it will be easier to clean with some cleaning service by this company also no dead space behind the toilet.

Ying Yang Vanities

A truly interesting look that is emerging this year is having contrasting vanities to fight back against the homogenization that society seems to be going through, and to remind us that it is our differences that make us whole.  

You can make one vanity top white marble and one vanity top black granite. The black and white is quite stunning and beautiful and makes you really wonder what the designer was thinking.

Having two mirrors with the same frame and size, but different shape is another interesting ying yang idea that will really stop people in their tracks. You can also play with the hardware you choose, going for the same model but a different color can be an amazing look that not many people have tried.

Large Tiles

This year having large, luxurious marble tiles is part of the trend and it is a timeless one that will look good for the rest of your life. Having big tiles can actually make a bathroom look bigger than it is, and with well executed, thin grout lines, big tiles can look almost like a single piece of stone.

This look makes you feel like you are in some ancient Greek spa. Everytime you walk on your large bathroom floor tiles you will be transported to another time and you will really be able to take care of yourself.

Incorporating Plants

Some cutting edge bathroom remodel designers are actually basing their whole concepts on house plants selected first. This brings a unity to the design concept and makes it seem like a really special room.

Try finding some beautiful plants that will be happy to live in the humid conditions of your bathroom. They will give you a lot of joy, clean the air and make you feel calm. Having the color of plants in your life is really great for the psyche, so having them in your bathroom during your morning routine sets a great tone for the rest of your day.

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