Bathroom Remodeling Tips From Expert

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips From Expert

Bathroom Remodeling

Is this your first time remodeling your bathroom? Do you feel nervous because you think you might screw things up and spend more on correcting your mistakes? Luckily, we’re sharing some tips for your full bathroom renovation this 2021. 

Well, we’ve been in the home remodeling industry since 2011, so we got extensive experience and modern equipment for undertaking minor and major renovations on your kitchen and bathroom.

Let’s not delay this any further, so you can fully prepare for this life-changing project. Nevertheless, we also offer a free consultation for your affordable bathroom remodeling project.

Tip1: Solicit Ideas from All Bathroom Users

You’ll get the most practical ideas and suggestions from all users of the bathrooms inside your house. This only means you need to talk to them regarding your plan of renovating your master bathroom and powder rooms.

By listening to their concerns, you’ll have an idea of what’s lacking and needs improvement in your current bathroom setup. 

Tip2: Are you Changing your Current Bathroom Layout?

For you to decide on this matter, you need to review the suggestions of your family members regarding their ideal bathroom space. Take note, your decision of whether to keep or change your current bathroom layout also depends on your budget.

When you change the layout, it entails a higher cost for moving your pipes and electrical wiring. If you’re unsure of how much it will cost, then you can use our free estimate service to grab an idea.

Tip3: Set Your Budget

We couldn’t emphasize this further since if you don’t nail a budget that you’re willing to spend for your classic or modern bathroom remodeling, then your expense can skyrocket above $50,000.

Typically, most homeowners spend around $6,000 to $16,000 for their mid-tier bathroom makeover, where the national average is $11,000. Meanwhile, for a master bath, your budget can start around $25,000 and up.

In terms of your overall budget, around 40% to 50% of that goes to labor expenses, so be sure to hire a professional to make that worthwhile on your part.

Tip4: What Type of Bathroom Do You Want?

Technically, there are three bathroom types (standard, wet, and half bathroom) you can have in your home. Let’s have a brief discussion for each type:

  • Standard bathroom: This type usually has the toilet, sink, tub, and shower. Most older homes have one standard bathroom that’s shared by all family members. Further, the tub and shower are usually placed in a separate cubicle or separated by a shower curtain or glass enclosure. 
  • Wet bathroom: This has the same feature as a standard bathroom, but its shower area is not placed in a separate cubicle. It’s made that way since all areas in a wet bathroom are waterproofed. 
  • Half bathroom: Conversely, this type only has a sink and a toilet, which is intentionally made for your guests. They can retouch or use the toilet anytime without intruding on your master bathroom.

Tip5: Mix Materials to Achieve Cost-Efficiency

You’re never obliged to select all expensive materials and fixtures for remodeling your bathroom. Actually, you can buy cheaper materials like tiles, stone remnants, or bathroom fixtures on sale to save a few bucks.

If you cannot afford to have a customized kitchen cabinet, then you can opt for semi-custom or RTA cabinets. These are pretty easy to install but you’ll have limited options for the styles, materials, and dimension.

Tip6: Don’t Forget About Lighting

Even when you have excellent geometric designs on your bathroom walls and floors, it won’t catch much attention when you cannot properly see it, right?

The same things go for your elegant bathroom vanities with tops, you’ll never recognize the veining patterns and gold undertones in your quartz bathroom countertops when there’s no sufficient lighting. 

Considering the impact of proper lighting, you need to talk to your remodeling contractor about utilizing natural and artificial lights for your bathroom renovation services.

Tip7: Is It Too Humid Inside? Where’s Your Ventilation?

Moisture is one common dilemma in any bathroom, but you can seamlessly resolve that by ensuring there’s proper ventilation inside. Inline, most professional bathroom remodeling services install two types of ventilation systems: windows and exhaust fans.

Well, it’s a major concern when your shower area is too humid because it can allow the growth of molds and mildews inside. To ensure the comfort and breathability of your bathroom remodel, there must be a window overhead your shower, or you can install an active exhaust system to remove that excess moisture.

Tip8: Consider Adding Intricate Functions

Whether you’re selling or keeping your property next year, it’s also great if you can add a few functions inside your newly renovated bath. Our trained, licensed, and bonded pros can do incorporate three additional features in your bathroom: 

  • Heating Element Underneath your Bathroom Floors: Wouldn’t it be nice when you step on a warm floor after having a cold bath or shower? This added feature will increase the function and value of your home.
  • Heated towel rail: Meanwhile, if you don’t like the first option, then we can install a heated towel rail in your bath. Isn’t it comforting to wrap yourself with a warm towel after a shower or bubble bath?
  • Wall-hung storages: Whether you have a small or large bathroom, it looks elegant and you’ll save more footprint when we install wall-mounted storages inside your shower area or above your vanity top.

Tip9: Make Sure It’s Friendly to Use for the Seniors

If your parents or grandparents are living with you, then consider designing your bathroom remodel to be user-friendly with them. Considering that, you can go for walk-in showers, and installing handrails or grab bars for them.

Inside your shower area, you can install a shower bench and handheld showerhead, so it’ll be user-friendly to senior citizens and children.

Tip10: Smaller Floor Tiles with Rough Finish

Slipping is also a frequent problem inside any bathroom, but you can prevent that by installing smaller floor tiles with a rough finish. This provides enough friction between your foot or slippers with your bathroom floor.

Tip11: Don’t Think You Can Do It Alone

Basically, we understand that you want to save on cost, so you might want to try doing it on your own. However, you need to gauge your skills, time, and expense in case you make mistakes and redo them.

By saying that, most homeowners hire local bathroom remodeling companies to ensure their bathroom makeover is a success. Luckily, USA Cabinet Store is the leading design center and remodeling company you trust for this project.

We have extensive experience in this field, and all our designers and pros are licensed, trained, and bonded. Our team can flawlessly achieve the details you like for your full bathroom renovation at a reasonable budget.

You can visit our showrooms in VA, MD, and TX to get some inspiration and feel for our professionalism. Moreover, you can avail of our free consultation service via call or email us for that.

Together, we can realize your ideas for your dream bathroom makeover this year.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or ask for a free estimate and design. You can also check us on Houzz anytime.