Bathroom Remodeling – 4 Ways To Add Color Without Overdoing It

When you make the decision to remodel your bathroom, one of your first steps is to find some amazing bathroom remodeling ideas. That way you can know what you are doing and have the right ideas for remodeling a bathroom that adds some color without overdoing it.

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Some of the best bathroom ideas for remodeling come from various sources, and you need to filter them to make sure that they are correct for you. Your remodeling the bathroom ideas should make you feel excited to get started and especially to get finished.

Whether you are looking for small bathroom remodeling ideas or even master bathroom remodeling ideas, adding some color can seem like a challenge. In this article, our experts will explain some remodeling bathroom ideas that add some color in subtle ways that will surprise you.

Add Some Colorful Trim

Colorful trim is an inexpensive bathroom remodeling idea that can really transform your bathroom without overdoing it. Trim goes around bathroom windows, or could be baseboards or even molding that goes around the ceiling.

Using some complementary colors for trim, or even contrasting colors can work for you and make you feel more comfortable in your bathroom. This is one bathroom remodeling tip that many people forget about, but can make a huge difference to the finished product. 

You can find many colors that go with the base color of your bathroom. Some of the best ways to make your trim a bit different are:

  • With a white bathroom, you could consider gray trim that subtly compliments the rest of your bathroom.
  • With some red trim, you could be looking at a more striking bathroom that works very well in many homes.
  • With some blue trim, you can find a lot of interesting decorations that make your bathroom better and maybe have a sea cottage vibe.

Types Of Trim To Choose

There are several types of trim you can choose that can aid in your color addition. Different shapes of trim make the colors appear brighter or lighter, which can help with your base color as well.

Some types of trim to choose from are:

  • Chain Rail- This trim goes in the center of the wall and makes a perfect division for a bicolor bathroom.
  • Picture Rail- This type creates a line that isolates the top quarter of the wall to give you an elevated color band.
  • Picture Frame Molding- This one makes trim that creates rectangles around your room and adds a lot of texture that can help colors seem different.
  • Door/ Window Trim- This is one you probably know and it can be interesting to put a new color around your door or windows.
  • Pierced Molding- This trim can go anywhere on your wall, and it has designs in it that show the wall color behind it.
  • Wainscotting- This trim covers the bottom section of your wall and you can build it with tile in your bathroom.

Colorful Tile Work

Many bathrooms use tile for their walls and floors because they are a great waterproof material that looks elegant. Using colorful tiles is a great way to add color to your bathroom, without overdoing it and making someone’s eyes hurt.

You can do all colored tiles in a lighter shade, such as:

  • Light yellow
  • Tan
  • Sandy
  • Baby blue
  • Light lavender
  • Faint pink
  • Slight orange

You might not want to go too bold with your tile color, or you could risk making your bathroom a bit too much for your senses. Lighter shades with plenty of white tone helps a lot with your bathroom color schemes.

You can also intersperse tiles with different colors, or even use colored tiles to create borders with bolder colors. These tiling techniques add some color, without making your bathroom seem like it is overwhelming you.

Colored Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets give you the space you need for storing towels, cleaning supplies, medicines, skin care products, soaps and anything else you would need in your bathroom. Adding some color to your cabinets also livens up your bathroom without overwhelming it.

There are so many interesting bathroom cabinets out there, and they can take colors well that go with your base color. We really love to see white bathrooms, with some powdery yellow cabinetry that makes you feel all warm and happy inside.

When you coordinate the color of your cabinets, you want to be sure that they go well with your base color, but your also need to consider the cabinet hardware and the faucets in your bathroom. Thesee can really tie your bathroom together so that you have a colorful atmosphere, but also a thought out design.

Cabinet Styles That Work Well With Colored Paint

Not every type of cabinet takes paint well, and it certainly helps to have the appropriate cabinet for the color you choose. The best cabinets for adding color without overdoing it in your bathroom are:

  • Shaker Cabinets- These are a classic that work is so many design styles, and they take colorful paint well.
  • Flat cabinets- These look great in a modern bathroom and you can choose several colors that add some intrigue to your bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures As A Color Point

Your bathroom fixtures are your toilet, your sink and your bathtub or shower. These are the most useful parts of your bathroom, and also give you an opportunity to add some color in a unique way that many people don’t think of.

You do have to be careful though, a super colorful toilet in an all white bathroom can stand out too much and cause people to focus on that only. You need to have subtlety and balance when choosing the colors for your bathroom fixtures.

A great technique for adding a colorful fixture to your bathroom is to make the shower a bold color, but hide it behind a muting curtain or glass enclosure. This technique lets people know that there is something back there, and when they open up the shower, a bold flush of color erupts and entertains.

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