Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling seems like it could be an easy project because a bathroom is such a small space to be working with. The truth is that a bathroom remodel can get very complicated, as you need to make your small space do a lot of things for you. Not only does a bathroom renovation need to look great, a bathroom needs to function as your space for grooming and taking care of your body.

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If you are just starting to gather bathroom remodel ideas we have put together this helpful guide of the top five things to do and things not to do for bathroom makeovers. You can keep this article in mind during your planning stage so that you can make some good choices to achieve the stunning new bathroom you are hoping for.


You may be thinking that remodeled bathrooms just take a couple weeks because the bathroom is small, but from start to finish an average small bathroom remodel will take twenty three days according to The Spruce. When you add weekend breaks, that translates to about one month of work to finish the bathroom. That estimate is for ideal conditions, where nothing goes wrong and all the trades are able to work on a seamless schedule.

In reality your bathroom remodel could easily take double the amount of time. If you are remodeling the only bathroom in your house, or you depend on having the bathroom you are remodelling, be sure that you can handle being without your bathroom for this period of time.

If you are just beginning the process of getting your new bathroom, remember that planning can take a few months as well, and you may have to wait to get permits approved as well. Also consider that if you are ordering fixtures or other pieces that delivery time can be substantial in today’s shipping environment.


It is totally normal that a bathroom remodel will take longer than you are expecting. If you have hired good bathroom remodelers, you need to trust that they know more about the process than you do and that they are doing their best to get your project done as quickly as possible.

If you start to get frustrated about the time your remodel is taking, that is normal, as we all want things to get done as fast as they can. Know that your bathroom remodel should be a fun project that you will be happy about in the end. Stressing about the remodel taking too long will just make everything worse.


No one wants their bathroom to feel cramped because there are too many cabinets. You need to have enough storage space for all of your bathroom needs, but the storage space should be inconspicuous so that the bathroom still feels open and airy.

You should imagine everything that you must have in your bathroom during the planning stage, and try to make storage space for all of your essentials. Remember that having some storage outside of the bathroom is possible in a linen closet or another room. But make sure you have the space for your essentials.


Never block light in your bathroom with your storage. Having a good light in the bathroom makes it feel so much better. You need to have some space to move around safely in your bathroom to get all of your business done.

Remember that the floor can get wet, and that if you are feeling cramped you are more likely to slip and have an accident. Keep your bathroom open enough to do everything you need to do in there.


Having good lighting in your bathroom is key to feeling good about yourself while you are getting ready for your day or an event. Spending some extra time planning and extra money on good lights will pay off big time for your comfort in your bathroom.

Be sure to go with energy efficient lighting, as this is a trend that is important for your electricity bill and for the planet. LED lights are way more efficient and can look much better in a bathroom.


In a humid environment like a bathroom, ventilation is going to be a key to the longevity of your bathroom. You will probably want to have a professional HVAC person come to help make sure you are getting the ventilation you need.

If you skip ventilation in your bathroom, your finishes can be damaged by the moisture and mold can start to grow which can become detrimental to your health. Having good ventilation will make a huge difference to your bathroom’s longevity.


Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms because they are so resistant to water, easy to clean and look really great as well. When you use larger size tiles, you will have smaller grout lines which makes the room look bigger and are easier to keep clean.

Whatever the finishes you choose, make sure that they can stand up to a lot of moisture. You want everything to look clean and be easy to maintain.


Most people will feel better and cleaner in a light and bright colored bathroom. You do not want to have a dark colored bathroom, as it can feel too much like a damp cave. If you do want to paint your bathroom a darker shade, go with a semi gloss finish that will reflect more light and not seem too dark.


Bathroom contractors will make all the difference in the success of your bathroom remodel. Hiring one that you can trust and communicate well with is really important. When you find the right contractor, they will know all the answers and have a lot of experiences to tell what does and does not work in a bathroom remodel.

You can ask friends and neighbors for recommendations on the best contractor, or try doing an online search. The real test is to meet them in person and see how your communication is. It should be easy to express your needs and they should pay attention to try to make you happy.


Just because a contractor makes the lowest estimate for your bathroom, does not mean that they will offer the best value. Make sure that they have a lot of experience with bathroom renovations and that they work with a good team of sub contractors.

Oftentimes a cheap bid will end up taking too long or they will just do the work with a low quality. Make sure that your contractor pays attention to details and listens to your every need.

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