10 Tips To Avoid Getting Burned By Kitchen Remodels

kitchen remodel is such an exciting experience that many people hope to get done sometime in the very near future. It is a chance to make your kitchen exactly the way you think it should be.

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While the idea of a kitchen renovation can make you only think of all your favorite kitchen ideas that you would like to see put into practice in your home, the reality is that it is a long and arduous process from the start to having the kitchen finished.

Everyone wants to find success while kitchen remodeling, and we have ten kitchen remodeling tips that will hopefully help you avoid getting burned. You should read this article if you are considering a kitchen remodel and hopefully you can avoid some of these mistakes and you will walk into and cook in your dream kitchen at the end of the process.


Nothing is more deadly to a kitchen renovation than running out of funds before the job is done. The consequences can be that either the job gets done in a not satisfactory manner, or sometimes the homeowner needs to sell their house to pay the debts of the unfinished remodel.

Be sure to set a budget you can afford and stick to it. A lot of the budget problems happen when a homeowner tries to do their remodel themselves, or they try to make too many changes to their plans once construction has started.

The best way to avoid this is to hire a good contractor and stick with the plan. When a contractor gives you their bid, it may seem pretty expensive, but an important concept of this agreement, which many people don’t understand, is that professional kitchen remodelers have to stick to the estimate they gave you, and any money that does not go into the project, the contractor keeps as their pay.

The contractor has a big incentive to make sure that the project will not cost more than the estimate, so you can be sure that you will pay no more than what the quote is.

The only time a contractor will make additional charges is when the homeowner requests changes that were not included in the bid. Changes made after the work has started will mostly be charged to the homeowner and will also delay the project overall. So, it is really best if you pick your contractor, pick your kitchen remodeling designs, and then stick to them until the project is done.


If at all possible, it is best if your design does not make big changes to the location of water lines, drains, or electrical outlets. These kinds of changes to a kitchen will require lots of work by highly skilled tradesmen that command a high wage for their work. It will simply cost a lot of money to do these types of changes.

Having more money at the end of your kitchen remodel will be really helpful so that you can enjoy your new kitchen, instead of spending time worrying about how you are paying for it. You can work with your designer to make sure that there will not be unnecessary changes to these expensive areas of your kitchen.

Find a way to work with the existing plumbing and electrical, and you will save a lot of money and be happier in the end.


Kitchen cabinets are meant to last for decades, and chances are that your cabinets have a lot of life left in them. If the amount of storage they offer is adequate, you can most likely just spruce up your existing cabinets rather than getting whole new ones put in.

Cabinets are the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel on average, taking up some thirty or forty percent of the entire budget in a typical kitchen remodel. You can save a lot if you find a way to repurpose your existing cabinets.

You can go as simply as repainting, getting new hardware, or even just having new doors installed to give them a sort of reinvigoration. A little bit of work on your old cabinets could go a long way to making your kitchen remodel a success, and it won’t be as expensive as new cabinets.

If you are going to get new cabinets, consider donating the old ones to a used building materials store. They will often even come to pick them up and haul them away for free.


Just because the latest ideas you saw for a kitchen remodel are super popular and all over instagram, it does not mean that the design choice will be something that stands the test of time. Try to consider how elements of your kitchen will age, and if they will be looking so great when they are out of style.

A kitchen remodel is a huge investment, and you don’t want it to be looking outdated in only a few years. Work with your designer to make sure that all the elements of your kitchen renovate will stay looking great, no matter the decade.


It is important that your kitchen matches the rest of your house. If you try to put too much of a modern kitchen into a house that was just not designed that way, it can be off putting.

Identify your home’s overall architectural theme and try to incorporate that theme into your kitchen design. Work with a designer to make sure that everything in the home will still flow once the new kitchen is built. 


If at all possible, try to buy a set of appliances so that they will all look the same and like you planned it out that way. Having different styles of appliances can look too cobbled together and you can lose the elegance factor.

If you can not find a way to get all one brand of appliance, the next best thing is if all the finishes are the same, like all stainless steel, all white, or all black.


A high end faucet will not be that much more expensive than a cheap one, but will look so much better and will improve the whole atmosphere of the kitchen. Water is a central element in the kitchen, and you want it to be flowing from a faucet that is beautiful, functional and durable.

Get the most beautiful faucet you can, and try to save money elsewhere if that is the only way to make your budget work. The faucet will really catch people’s eye, and you need it to be more than just a tube that water comes out of.


The hardware, like cabinet door pulls and hinges, should be a beautiful part of the kitchen that you can be proud of. The hardware may seem like just a tiny part, but they really tie a kitchen together and can be the difference between success and failure in achieving a beautiful kitchen remodel.

Be sure that all the hardware is made of the same finish, including the kitchen faucet. You want to also look at the hardware that comes on your appliances and try to keep matching there as well.  Many people try to go with cheap hardware thinking it will not matter, but it makes a big difference.


Open kitchens are the way to go these days. You want to bring as much light and airiness into your kitchen as you can. Make it a comfortable place, not only for cooking, but for gathering with friends to have a glass of wine and conversation.

Your kitchen should be a warm and friendly place. Going with an open plan will make your kitchen so much better.


Kitchen remodels will take a lot longer than you think. It is hard to even make a set time for how long it will take. Construction is not always a fun process, and your life will be really inconvenienced for a long time.

Maybe plan on taking some vacations during the process, so that you can take your mind off of it and spend some time relaxing. Running out of patience will make everything harder, keeping a good attitude will make everything go better.

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