9 Bathrooms With Gray Cabinets Ideas

One of the most elegant looks you can choose for your bathroom is a gray bathroom cabinet. There are so many ways to make a bathroom with gray cabinets look amazing, that they are a wonderful choice you can be sure you will enjoy for years.

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Of all the bathroom cabinet color ideas out there, gray bathroom cabinets are a classic but also popular as modern bathroom cabinets. If you want a bathroom cabinet you can trust to stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with gray cabinets.

To help you make the most of your gray bathroom cabinets, we have asked our bathroom design experts to share the latest bathroom cabinet ideas. These expert opinions will give you the advantage in making  your bathroom cabinetry look beautiful and make you proud.

Shiplap Walls Go Great With Gray Cabinets

If you want a sort of seaside cottage look in your bathroom, some shiplap walls with gray cabinets is a great way to go about it. Besides blue, which can be a bit obvious for a seaside feel, one of the best  bathroom cabinet colors for a sea atmosphere is gray.

Shiplap has vertical grooves in between the boards, the way that a ship used to be built out of wood. This coupled with your stormy gray cabinets creates quite the seafaring atmosphere that is sure to be appreciated by many.

We like a nice white shiplap wall to make sort of white caps or cloud feeling behind the gray of the cabinets. You can play around with this combo to find the best fit for you.

Go For A Modern Look

Using some flat panel bathroom cabinets in gray is a great way to give your bathroom that clean, modern look that so many are loving these days. You can pair these cabinets with some rubbed bronze hardware for an even more modern feeling.

We like some white walls behind the gray cabinets as it gives you a fresh and modern feeling that can’t be matched by other colors. Modern looks are all about keeping it simple and you can’t get much simpler than white and gray.

You can warm up your modern bathroom a bit with some natural maple wood accents. This is sure to bring an element of surprise to your modern bathroom design.

Subway Tiles Are In

There is no bathroom design look more trendy than having some white subway tiles. These masters of a simple, rectangle make any bathroom seem hip and cutting edge, and couple them with some gray bathroom cabinets and you are sure to win.

Subway tiles are just so versatile, and they can really bring out the blue hues in a gray cabinet to make your bathroom feel clean. Being clean in the bathroom is at the top of many designers’ to do lists, and you can definitely get that with some subway tiles and gray cabinets.

Colorful Walls With Gray Cabinets

Choosing a rich color for your walls in your bathroom with gray cabinets can give you a surprising effect that many people may not expect to work so well. We especially love a deep teal that can bring out some of the subtle reds that can be in a gray paint for cabinets.

Other colorful walls can work nicely with gray cabinets, and it might be advantageous to do some color swatches if you have the time. Sit with some different colors for a minute and see which ones inspire you the most and go for it.

Golden Hardware

Having some golden hardware in your bathroom on top of your gray cabinets makes you space feel a whole lot more like a palace. Knobs, pulls, hinges, faucets, light fixtures, and other metal objects look really good in golden color.

You don’t have to go with shiny gold either, no, in fact we advise to go with a flat gold like spun gold that brings more mellowness to your bathroom. Glossy gold has the added drawback of getting smudged and needing to be cleaned all of the time, which a flat gold won’t do.

Gray Can Be Warm Too

Many people might associate gray with gloominess, or coldness, but when you employ gray correctly it can have a nice earthy warmness. Pair your gray cabinets with red, pink or yellow and you can have a nice and cozy atmosphere in your bathroom with gray cabinets.

Things to avoid if you are going to do gray cabinets and you worry about it feeling cold are to not do other gray elements and white walls. That is when some icy tones come out of gray and that will make it so that you don’t feel totally satisfied with your gray cabinets.

Mixed Finishes On Bathroom Fixtures

A simple bathroom designer will make all of the bathroom fixtures with the same finishes, but that can get boring and you don’t have to do it with gray cabinets. You could have copper faucets, golden bronze light fixtures, and matte black cabinet hardware and it will work with gray cabinets.

Gray cabinets tend to be a unifier, so you have more freedom to try different finishes in your bathroom design. Take a bold step and play around with your gray cabinets and you might discover something new that has never been attempted before.

Patterned Tile Floors

Take advantage of your bathroom floor space to make a more amazing bathroom to go with your gray bathroom cabinets. Choose an interesting tile pattern for your floors nad you are sure to wow some folks who see it.

It could be wise to use some gray accents in the tiles you choose to help tie the room together. We like a smaller size tile, as the gray helps smaller tiles feel more comfortable for the eyes to look at.

Timeless Black And White

There is no look more timeless than a black and white bathroom with gray cabinets. The gray acts as the middle ground between the white walls and the balck accents, and it all swirls together to make a beautiful atmosphere.

You can do a lot of interesting things with a black and white bathroom and gray cabinets. We love a black framed mirror on a white wall as the background for some gray bathroom cabinets.

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