8 Types of Kitchen Countertops for Your Next Remodel

Choosing the best kitchen countertops is where the fun starts, yet be careful because it can either make or update your entire kitchen. Well, that’s because it’s never simple in picking the right one, especially when there are different types of kitchen countertops out there.

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Just like your kitchen cabinets, you can set a tone or personality in the customization of your kitchen stone countertops, which can be efficiently done by our designers and pros.

On the other hand, the cost will also be an integral part of your decision, and your kitchen counter can be the second-most expensive item in your kitchen renovation. Therefore, to help you out with your selection, we’ve compiled the 8 popular kitchen countertops today!

Check it out and hope you’ll find the most suitable option, and if you need a professional, then contact us USA Cabinet Store.


For some people, marble may not be the most practical material for your affordable kitchen countertops, because it’s insanely expensive. But guess what, a lot of homeowners are still going for it, because of its unique elegance and pristine looks.

If you try comparing two marble slabs, you’ll see that they are never alike, and that’s great since it can give your kitchen a stunning appearance. Marble slabs also come in various colors like taupe, brilliant white, gray, beige, and brown.

On the other hand, this natural stone also has weaknesses, which you need to embrace, or else you’ll end up regretting installing one. Marble is prone to stains since it has a porous surface, yet we can solve that by impregnating sealants to cover it up.


This natural stone has become the “Rolls Royce” for both indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops. Well, that’s because of its impeccable resilience against the daily beating inside your kitchen.

Compared to marble, granite requires simple cleaning and maintenance, just use diluted dishwashing soap solution, warm water, sponge, and dry clean cloth. Additionally, your granite still requires annual sealing since it’s not 100% non-porous.

Overall, natural or cultured granite can perfectly add exotic beauty and monetary value to your property.


Meanwhile, if you want a cheaper alternative to granite, then engineered quartz countertops are an excellent choice. This cultured stone is made from 90% pulverized quartz and other minerals, then mixed with 10% polymer resin binders.

The consistent hue and design of quartz make it an emblem of modern kitchen countertops since it’s all about minimalism and getting a streamlined look. Compared to granite and marble, it’s naturally non-porous (thanks to its resin binders!), so it’s also a good fit for kitchen sink countertops.


Concrete is also an exceptional material for your kitchen countertops because it’s highly flexible in terms of design, color, and dimension. Its industrial looks are a good accent to either your classic or contemporary kitchen decor.

Besides its proven strength and versatility, concrete has a few setbacks that you need to accept. Firstly, it takes a longer time to effectively dry concrete, and you’ll need an expert in constructing your kitchen and sink counter using this material.


If natural and cultured stones are heavy on your pocket, then wood is a great alternative since it gives a cheaper kitchen countertops cost. Butcher block is made from a variety of wood, that includes cherry, walnut, maple, oak, and teak.

Besides being affordable, it flawlessly adds natural warmth and a homey ambiance to your kitchen. It seamlessly complements your wooden cabinets and even for shiny metallic finishes.


When almost all fixtures and accessories inside your newly renovated kitchen are stiff and bold, then soapstone will be a good neutralizer. This natural stone has a soft and warm texture and color that invites antique touch in your kitchen remodel.

Just like marble, soapstone naturally develops a patina, giving it an attractive historical finish through time. To achieve this, you need to regularly oil its surface.

On the other hand, this mineral has impeccable resistance to heat and stains, so it’s an astounding fit for your busy kitchen and bath.


The industrial chic appearance of steel kitchen countertops is a trending choice among homeowners and commercial clients. It seamlessly adds a stylish and minimalist aura to whatever kitchen layout you have.

Besides aesthetics, cleaning and maintenance is also a thing you want to consider when upgrading your kitchen counter. Luckily, steel is pretty simple to clean for all you need is a soap solution and a soft towel. You can spray a diluted alcohol solution to disinfect its surface.

Conversely, two setbacks you need to embrace for stainless steel are the smudges and dents it can acquire through a daily beating in your kitchen.


Are you looking for something in between granite and engineered quartz? Then quartzite or solid surface is right for you! It’s a man-made countertop material that’s considered in the mid-range in terms of price and quality.

Just like quartz, it’s innately non-porous, so no worries about stains and microbes growing underneath its pores. This contributes to the low cleaning requirements of solid surface countertops.

Moreover, you have more options to choose from compared to other natural stones, since their colors and patterns can be modified during fabrication.


In selecting the right kitchen countertop, never be too hasty, or else it’s going to ruin the entire kitchen layout and theme. Take time to research and read the pros and cons of each countertop material.

However, if you’re not into searching and reading, then you can quickly hire a professional to help you in picking, customizing, and installing the best kitchen countertop for your remodel.

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