7 Practical Improvements for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom remodeling is a task that is on a lot of homeowner’s minds. Whether you have moved into a new home, or are just ready to change up your bathroom, a bathroom remodel is a great project to take on to improve how you feel about your home.

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Renovating your bathroom can be one of the best choices you can make because you will feel a lot more comfortable using your bathroom after a bathroom renovation. In fact, a lot of homeowners find a greater sense of satisfaction after remodeling a bathroom than before they start their project.

Hiring a bathroom remodeling service is the best option for a project like this. Bathroom contractors have all of the experience and tools that make them able to accomplish everything that you want from your bathroom remodeling project.

To help you plan your bathroom remodel, we have created this list of seven bathroom improvements you can have done to your bathroom that will make it look great and help you feel happy to have a new bathroom. These bathroom remodeling tips will help you to explain to your bathroom contractor what you want your bathroom remodeling project to turn out like. 

Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall mounted toilet is attached to the wall and puts the water tank into the wall behind it. This design saves a lot of space in the bathroom, looks cool and is easier to clean than a traditional toilet.

You will be happy to not have to reach behind your toilet anymore and clean all that nasty dust, hair and who knows what else that gets trapped there. All you have to do is run your mop under the toilet, and voila, your bathroom is clean!

Wall mounted toilets also save a lot of space, which is particularly helpful when you have a small bathroom and can’t make it any bigger. You will be so grateful for the extra few inches and anyone who uses your bathroom will feel the same way.

Walk In Shower

Having a nice, big , luxurious shower is one of those bathroom features that people are happiest about overall. It can be a great place to start your day, feeling the warming and cleansing water flowing all over your body. 

One of the most beautiful walk-in showers is one with no threshold and a frameless glass door. This creates even more of a feeling of being spacious and helps your bathroom to have that open feeling that is popular for good reasons.

Some homeowners now are even opting for an open shower bathroom, where there is no barrier at all between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. This can be a good space saving bathroom layout. But to pull this one off, you have to be conscious of making everything in the splash zone waterproof.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is attached to the wall of the bathroom and has a cleaner, more open look than a traditional vanity. Using a white marble vanity top with wooden cabinet doors is an especially stylish way to pull this look off.

Their ease of cleaning also helps to make this a much appreciated bathroom remodeling feature. You get full access to the underside of the vanity which makes it easy to sweep and mop. 

For a modern themed home or bathroom, the floating bathroom brings that modern, sleek look that you may be trying to achieve. This look can be used in many ways and is a great idea for your remodeling project.


Bringing in a bunch of natural daylight is a great way to make sure that your mornings help you wake up and get ready for the day. You will love the way you look under the natural sunlight that comes in from a skylight and it will really help you to get ready for your days at work.

Skylights can help to make a bathroom feel more open and spacious as well. They need to be built up to the roof level, so you gain some extra space that is normally filled in by insulation and drywall. This is a great way to help a small bathroom feel larger.

You will also be enchanted by the light of the moon and the stars on clear nights. Can you imagine soaking in the bathtub and relaxing under the glow of a starry night?

Heated Floors

A great way to feel like you are at a spa in your home is to have heated floors installed. The bathroom is a great place to do this because the area is small and it won’t cost you too much, but will give you so much enjoyment.

There are not many better feelings than stepping onto a heated floor on a cold winter morning, and you can get that by having a heated floor installed. It is especially nice when you get out of a hot shower and you don’t have to be shocked by a cold floor.

Golden Fixtures

This year has seen a trend to have gold colored fixtures in the bathrooms and it really brings a nice warmth to a bathroom remodeling project. These fixtures are normally made from brass and can be finished shiny, matte, or even in a spun gold finish.

If you are concerned that you might get obsessive about cleaning smudges off of your golden fixtures, matte or spun gold might be the best finish for you as it won’t smudge so much like a shiny finish. These finishes are very popular this year and look totally stylish in many different themed bathrooms.

Adding Some Plants

Making some room to have a few plants around the bathroom is a great idea because they add a lively feeling that also can be calming. You can have some shelves installed that will make a perfect home for a few humidity loving plants, which will thrive in the steamy environment of your bathroom.

Choose some plants that you resonate with and you will be happy taking care of some living things. They will reward you with some fresh oxygen and a lot of beauty in your bathroom.

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