7 Cost- Friendly Ways To Start With Small Bathroom Remodeling

When you are looking for some small bathroom remodeling ideas you might find many, but getting cheap bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms can be tough. Everybody seems to want to sell you something and it can be hard to know which are truly the best ideas for remodeling a small bathroom.

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Usually when you do a small bathroom remodeling project, you don’t want the costs to get too high. It makes sense because the bathroom is not your master bathroom, and your budget for remodeling a small bathroom low.

For this article, our small bathroom remodeling experts will share their top seven cheap small bathroom remodeling ideas. These small bathroom remodeling designs will not only keep your bank account full, they look amazing.

Open Shower

An open, or barrierless, shower is a bathroom design feature that has been popular in Europe and other countries around the world for a long time. They give you a wonderful, open looking bathroom, and they cost less because you don’t need any sort of enclosure. 

For an open shower, you need to have more area in your bathroom waterproof, which could mean adding more tile. This could be a budgetary problem for some, but if you want to have tile anyway, an open shower is an incredible option.

You also have to be prepared to keep anything that isn’t waterproof away from your shower, because splashes will be free to go where they want. An open shower is a great and budget friendly way to create a beautiful small bathroom.

Use Paint To Refresh Your Look

Paint is a powerful tool for making your bathroom look brand new and gives you an opportunity to enjoy it more. Paint is a cheap material for remodeling a bathroom, and it is a project you can take on yourself to save on labor costs.

Small bathrooms do well with a white paint, or another light color like yellow or lavender. The lighter shades reflect more light and that makes your small bathroom feel a little bigger than it actually is.

You will be surprised by the change in your small bathroom’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that fits your personality, and you can choose an accent color for the trim that will enhance the whole space.

Install Storage Shelves

If you need some space to keep your bathroom necessities, putting in some shelves is an effective and cost friendly way to do it. Open shelves don’t cost much, they look great and they can be installed by anyone who can use simple tools.

While bathroom cabinets could be out of your budget, open shelves cost a fraction of the price and give you similar storage solutions. One drawback of shelves is that you will need to keep them organized, unlike cabinets that can have things crammed inside of them and hidden away.

Open shelves are a great option for small bathroom remodeling because they help your space feel more open than boxy cabinets. You won’t feel as crowded with some shelves in your small bathroom as you would with a cabinet.

Install New Faucets

A new vanity or new bathtub could be out of a budget minded small bathroom remodeler’s range, replacing the faucets is affordable. Updating your faucets breathes new life into your small bathroom like few other items can.

You can choose from many styles and finishes that match your personality. Some of the finishes that look great in a small bathroom include:

  • Bronze
  • Golden
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Matte Black

In a small bathroom, the faucets can command a lot of visual attention, so replacing them with new and beautiful ones is a huge help to making your bathroom feel refreshed. You can head to your nearest home improvement store to have a look at all of the options.

Framed Mirrors

Mirrors are an important part of a bathroom, and in a small bathroom they also make the room brighter. Framed mirrors are a great strategy to add some character to your small bathroom, and they don’t cost much.

You can buy pre-framed mirrors, or even buy plain mirrors and have them framed by a professional. Mix shapes and sizes for a unique look that will impress your friends and family who visit. 

While adding a window or light fixtures also gives you more light in your small bathroom, they aren’t always the most economical choices. Adding framed mirrors doesn’t require any serious building or electrical work, so the cost stays low, but the enjoyment is high.

Shop For Second-Hand Items

Installing second-hand items in your small bathroom is not only a cheaper option, it is also good for the planet. It saves bulky bathroom goods from clogging landfills, and there is less need for manufacturing and shipping, which can pollute.

You may need to shop around more, and you might not find exactly what you want, but overall the experience is generally invigorating. You might even feel like you are treasure hunting, and you will get a rush of endorphins when you find an item you love.

You can find used building supply stores all over the country, and they have many items that work well in small bathrooms. Some people even throw great items away from a small bathroom because they are making their bathroom bigger.

Wait For Sales

If you know the bathroom items you want, but their price tag seems to high, wait for sales and you may get what you want after all. It can take a lot of patience, and of course, the item could sell out, so you shouldn’t be too attached to any item.

Sales happen on seasonal schedules, so you simply have to wait and you can be certain that prices will go down. This could mean that you have to delay your finish date for your new bathroom, but you could be happier in the end.

You can even ask stores about if items will go on sale, they may let you in on the secrets or even give you a deal on the spot. You can achieve a lot when you ask for what you need, and your small bathroom will be amazing if you are patient.


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