7 Basic Steps To Planning A Kitchen Renovation in Bethesda MD

Kitchen renovation planning in Bethesda, MD is an exciting moment to make your home a place you can feel proud of. But when you first start planning a kitchen renovation you need to follow some basic steps so that it turns out the way you want.

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Kitchen remodeling in Bethesda, MD is all about getting your cards in order and sticking to your original plan. There is a lot of kitchen remodeling in Bethesda, MD going on right now, so having a perfect plan ensures that you have all of the workers you need and the supplies as well. To help you have a flawless kitchen update, we have asked our kitchen remodeling experts in Bethesda MD to share the seven basic steps of accomplishing your dream kitchen. Planning a kitchen renovation in Bethesda, MD can seem intimidating, but these tips will make it easy.

Come Up With A Budget

Having your kitchen remodeling budget in mind first is a massive help with the entire rest of the kitchen remodeling process. Once you know what you can afford, you can start shopping for the right materials and you know about what changes you will be able to make. Kitchen remodeling is a big investment, and you need to know what you want to spend so that you can get exactly the right kitchen. WIth a bigger budget you can change more things in your kitchen, while a smaller budget allows you to upgrade everything and make it all new. You might want to ask the advice of a financial advisor to see your options for financing a kitchen redo. They can tell you what you can afford, and how you can pay for everything in a way that makes your life comfortable.

Meet With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

It is best to have about three bids for your kitchen renovation from different contractors around your area. Even if you know who you are going to choose, getting a bid from some different perspectives can give you the peace of mind that you made the right choice. Start by having candid conversations with the contractors to see who is the easiest to communicate with. You need to feel like you can talk to your contractor and that they listen to you and understand what you are attempting to describe to them. Having a great relationship with your kitchen remodeler will help the entire process go much smoother than if you don’t like your contractor. You will be spending a good many hours working with them in your home, so you need to find someone you can trust.

Take Time With The Design Process

Nailing down the right kitchen design is one of the critical parts of planning your kitchen renovation. You want to work with a design team that has a deep understanding of your goals and knows how to execute a plan that you choose. It is wise to do a lot of listening to your kitchen designer, they have the education and experience to bring your kitchen ideas to life. It might help to write down your goals so that you are sure to get all of your ideas to your designer and they can work their magic on them. Remember that big changes to the kitchen come with a bigger price tag and a longer construction time. You need to have realistic expectations about what can be changed in your kitchen like when choosing some kitchen cabinet colors, and what elements you are going to need to find a way to work with.

Choose A Timeframe

You need to know when your kitchen remodel will happen and how long it is going to take so that you can organize your life around that. During the construction, you may not have access to your kitchen at all and you will need to make arrangements to use another kitchen, or possibly rent another house. Knowing when your kitchen renovation will occur can give you time to plan your life so that you can be without a kitchen. You may or may not be needed during construction, and it could be an excellent time to take a vacation for a week or more. Different kitchen remodels take different amounts of time, so you need to be clear about your expectations for the timeframe. Press your contractor to make a tight schedule that will have your kitchen finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Clean Your Kitchen And Arrange Storage

For most kitchen renovation, you need to get all of your items out of the kitchen and they must be kept somewhere. If you have room in your house, that is an easy place to keep your things during construction, but if not, you need to find an alternative. You can consider renting a storage unit and keeping all of your kitchen items there during the construction phase. This way everything will be safe and ready for you to bring back to your kitchen when your remodel is all finished. If you will require a moving company for your kitchen items, you should think about scheduling that in advance to make sure it happens without any problems. Also clean everything inside your kitchen before the contractors start renovating, it’s easy with this house cleaning tips. There is a lot of coordination that comes along with a big project like kitchen renovation.

Get Your Household Ready

Everyone in the house needs to do their part to prepare for a kitchen renovation. This means kids, roommates, pets or anyone else who will be impacted by the kitchen being under construction for several weeks or months. Kitchen remodels can be stressful, and you want everyone to have a chance to feel as good as possible during the construction period. Preparing ourselves mentally will be a big help to feeling good about the process and enjoying it even more when it is over.

Enjoy The Process

While a kitchen remodel can be a trying time, you have to step back and remember how much you are going to enjoy your new kitchen. Try to interact with your remodelers and understand everything that is going on, there are many interesting things you can learn. Watch in wonder and excitement as your new kitchen comes to life. You are going to make a lot of amazing memories in your new kitchen and create some delicious food. Don’t hesitate to contact us today or check us on Instagram anytime.


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