6 Reasons to Invest in a Bathroom Remodel in 2022

Bathroom remodeling is a home improvement project that can make your life a lot better, but did you know that there are other reasons to invest in bathroom remodeling? Doing a bathroom remodel is not just going to make your bathroom feel fresh and new, it will be a good investment.

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Remodeled bathrooms offer a lot of conveniences to homeowners, like updated fixtures that will look amazing. Bathroom makeovers are a great way to improve your life in many ways.

To help you get excited about your bathroom renovation, we have created this list of the six reasons you must invest in a bathroom remodel. We have asked our expert team of bathroom contractors for their professional opinion and we are happy to share their advice with you.

You Bought Someone Else’s Bathroom

If you recently bought your home or have been in it a few years, you are living with a bathroom that was designed by someone else. While I hope your bathroom works for you, you deserve a personalized bathroom that fits your needs like a glove.

There are so many personalized touches that you can add to your bathroom to make it fit your lifestyle and make you feel that much more comfortable. You can really make a bathroom that is perfect for you and you will get many hours of joy out of.

You will be able to enjoy a bathroom that you personally helped to design a lot more than one that someone else designed. You can add all sorts of features that will make your bathroom just the way you need it to be, so you can get ready for your day and relieve yourself in peace.

Your bathroom renovation is a chance to make your bathroom a place that supports your needs. The bathroom is a private space, and you should feel like it reflects your personality and makes you feel clean and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Add Environmentally Friendly Features

Older bathrooms didn’t have the technologies that we have today to make a bathroom have less of an impact on the environment. Bathroom remodeling allows you to make your bathroom a space that is friendly to the entire planet so that you aren’t damaging your surroundings.

With a low water toilet, you can save a lot of perfectly good drinking water. This is especially important with the unpredictability of the climate, where a drought could strike at any moment. 

There are even water saving shower heads available these days, which give you great water pressure but also use less water than a traditional shower head. Showers use up a lot of water, but they are a necessary part of life, so it is nice to save water when showering if you can.

Electrical upgrades in the bathroom will also help you get better lighting that uses less electricity. Technology has come a long way to allow us to save resources, but also have highly functional light fixtures that will make grooming yourself easier. 

It is not just an altruistic act to remodel your bathroom with resource saving features, you also pay for electricity and water, so you will be saving money. Over some years, these resource saving features will actually pay for themselves with the savings on your energy and utility bills.

Create More Storage Space

If you are having problems finding a place for all of your bathroom necessities, a bathroom renovation will allow you to create more storage options. Having a cluttered bathroom can weigh on your psyche, and you should find ways to make your things fit into your bathroom in a cleanly manner.

During bathroom remodeling you can design a custom cabinetry that fits your space exactly and will give you the maximum amount of storage space. Semi- custom or fully custom bathroom cabinets will make sure that every nook and cranny is used to its full potential.

By adding the right storage solutions as part of your bathroom remodeling project you will be making your life a lot easier. You can have space for all of your things and you will know exactly where to find them when you need them. 

Even in a small bathroom you will be amazed by the amount of storage you can add with more customized cabinetry. 

Your Bathroom Is Out Of Date

While that oak bathroom vanity was in style when it was installed in the 90’s, it is looking way out of style these days. If your bathroom is a blast from the past, in a way that you don’t enjoy, updating it to a modern look will make you feel a lot better about using it. 

Times change and it is good to refresh your bathroom to meet the current trends. An out of date bathroom can feel like it is trapping you in a bad idea that there is no escape from.

There are so many great looks these days, and you should be careful to choose something that won’t look outdated too fast. A simple, white bathroom is a timeless look that you will be able to enjoy for years.

Look into all of the bathroom trends that interest you, and you are sure to find one that will make you proud to enter your bathroom. It is time to stop taking a trip down memory lane everytime you need to use the restroom.

Fix A Damaged Bathroom

Some kinds of damage, like a hole in the plasterboard, can be fixed without too much trouble, but for more extensive damage, why not just go for a full bathroom makeover? Use the damage as an opportunity to get down and dirty and fix all of the problems with your bathroom.

If you have had a leaky pipe, maybe it has done some damage to the subfloor. This would be a perfect moment to have that floor ripped up and install a heated bathroom floor!

Maybe your ugly wall paper is starting to peel, rip it off and get some fresh and interesting wall decorations going. 

Are the doors on your bathroom cabinets falling off their hinges? Tear out those cabinets and create a better storage solution!

Your Family Is Growing

Your single bathroom sink was probably fine when your family was just one or two people, but when life changes and the family grows, it is time for the bathroom to grow as well. You should have a bathroom that fits your family so that you can all be comfortable living together.

Installing a dual vanity is one way to accommodate more people using the bathroom. They also look elegant and will give you more storage underneath.

You could also consider expanding your bathroom by knocking out a wall. You could turn a half bathroom into a full bathroom that makes everyone happier to use it.

With the help of a bathroom remodeling company you could even build a second or third bathroom to accommodate everyone comfortably.

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