6 Modern Design and Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen Remodeling

If you are hoping to achieve a more laid back, country atmosphere in your kitchen, a farmhouse kitchen remodel could be the best way to achieve that. One of the first steps to getting there is to find the best farmhouse kitchen ideas to inspire your design and guide all of your decisions.

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Farmhouse kitchen remodeling is a really fun project to undertake that will make your cooking space into an inviting place. It is also nice to have some trendy looks in your farmhouse kitchen so that it doesn’t just feel old fashioned. Creating a more modern farmhouse kitchen will give your space that laid back feeling, but still have some flair for the new and exciting.

In this article we will be going over the six best modern farmhouse kitchen ideas we have seen to give you the proper motivation to get your farmhouse kitchen renovation started. Doing a kitchen remodel farmhouse style is going to turn out spectacularly with these modern ideas.

Reclaimed Barnwood

Unfortunately, a lot of the old barns that put in some really great work sheltering livestock and farm equipment from the elements are in disrepair and need to be torn down. Luckily for farmhouse kitchen remodeling, we can save some of the old wood used to build these barns and find beautiful ways to incorporate them into our kitchens.

Making a countertop out of reclaimed barnwood is a great way to use it if you can find the right amount in the right size. To really achieve that rustic look, find a way to show off ancient nail holes or even leave a few of those rusted pieces of steel in the wood.

You could also choose to make your walls out of barnwood, with the same idea of trying to highlight saw marks, nail holes and other imperfections that come after years of use in the barn. Reclaimed barnwood is usually stronger than wood that is harvested today, so you know it will be a durable material that looks great. 

If you can’t find actual reclaimed barnwood, you can imitate it with some pallet wood. The trick is to leave some of those imperfections intact to make it seem like it has been through some hard days on the farm.

Chicken Wire Cabinets

Using some chicken wire as the center panel of your kitchen cabinet doors is a great way to bring that farmhouse kitchen look to life. This can be an easy and cheap way to reuse old cabinets as well. 

You simply cut the center panel out of the cabinet doors, then nail in some chicken wire. This can also help to make your kitchen feel a little bigger as you will be able to look into the cabinets and see some more space. 

This may not work too well if you want a more modern kitchen look, but for a farmhouse kitchen on the more rustic side this is a perfect doctor idea. 

Incorporate Plants

Making space for a lot of plants in a farmhouse kitchen will really liven up the space and bring that country atmosphere you are looking for. You can also keep some edible greens and herbs growing that will truly make your kitchen a farmhouse. 

Think of the plants you want to have in your kitchen when you are coming up with your design. Then you can plan your whole farmhouse kitchen around the plants and it will all tie together, looking very thoughtful and amazing. 

A great place to put some plants is on top of the kitchen cabinets. Let some vines hang down and make it so that you feel like you are really cooking out on the farm. 

Open Shelving

Farmhouses and modern kitchens are famous for using some open shelving in the kitchen, so this is a natural fit for your modern farmhouse kitchen remodel. Open shelving makes a space feel more airy and minimalist, which is a modern look. 

This could be a place to use some of that reclaimed barnwood that you found earlier. Shelving can be pretty simple to make, that is why a lot of farmhouses have open shelving in their kitchens, it is just the easiest way to construct some storage space. 

You can use the open shelving to display some cool farmhouse style pots and pans. Copper pots and pans are a great, farmhouse looking item that also fits in with a modern design look. 

Louvered Cabinet Doors

The slats of a louvered cabinet door will invoke feelings of the old house that gets taken by the tornado in the Wizard of Oz film. That is a farmhouse motif if I have ever seen one. 

Louvered cabinet doors are great for helping the items inside of the cabinets breathe a little bit, which was something the old farmers had to worry about back before all the modern appliances that we have today.

The drawback of louvered cabinets is that they can be a little tricky to clean because the slats will let dust pile up and then it is hard to reach all of the crevices. But farmhouse kitchens are a little dusty anyway, there is too much work going on at the farm like milking cows and trimming sheep to be worrying about a little dust. 

Stone Tile Floors

Stone tile will bring a cool modern look to your farmhouse kitchen. The old farmers also used to use stone for their kitchen floors because it was a material that they had around and worked well for a kitchen floor. 

Going with a dark stone like slate is best for that farmhouse look. It is brightened up and contrasted by the warm feelings of any of the wood elements you have used throughout your farmhouse kitchen. 

It is best to go with some bigger size tiles with a little bit of rough edges, not so smooth and shiny. This is that real farmhouse look that will feel totally country but with a modern flair.

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