5 Ways To Transform Your Bathroom For Under $1,000

You may feel like with all of the rising prices everywhere that the days of the $1,000 bathroom makeover are gone. But the reality is that you can still make a lot of incredible bathroom upgrades for $1,000 or even less when you have the right  bathroom makeover tips.

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There are some truly transformative bathroom remodel ideas out there that easily fit into a $1,000 bathroom makeover. You can create the space you need for self care and getting ready for life and it can all fall within your bathroom remodel budget.

For this handy article, we have asked our expert bathroom remodeling contractors for their top bath remodel ideas for under $1,000. You can use these valuable bathroom ideas to make your bathroom remodel dreams come to life!

How To Change Your Bathroom For $1,000: The Big Picture

The biggest keys to success in keeping your bathroom makeover budget under $1,000 is to work around the existing floor plan of your bathroom. Making drastic changes like:

  • Moving your sink
  • Moving your shower/bathtub
  • Moving your toilet
  • Adding square footage

Is just not going to be possible with a limited budget like $1,000. There is just too much labor involved in making big remodeling changes that you can’t fit into a smaller budget like you are hoping for.

The average total bathroom remodel cost is about $6,000 in the USA, so this is obviously much higher than the budget we are working with in this article. To do this kind of a bathroom renovation you are going to need to use your powers of creativity and problem solving to make something amazing.

Fresh Coat Of Paint Changes Everything

We can’t stress highly enough how much of an improvement putting a new coat of paint in your bathroom can make. If you feel like your bathroom is a little worn out or doesn’t fit your style, the best budget friendly option you have is to put on a coat of paint that you love.

Paint is a cheap product, and bathrooms are not very big, so it doesn’t take much to make your bathroom into a whole new world. Painting is also something anyone with a little bit of patience can do and you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself.

Choose a nice, bright color for your bathroom and it will look bigger and feel totally refreshed in every way. You can find a color that fits your personality and that you will enjoy seeing each and every day so that your bathroom will be a space that invites you to come in.

Faucets And Shower Heads Make A Big Impact

Over time a lot of shower heads and faucets can get covered in a hard water stain that makes them appear unfortunately dirty no matter how clean they are. Replacing these parts of your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive while still being beautiful and pleasing to your eyes.

You will also get some better water pressure because faucets and shower heads can also get plugged up by particles in the water. You will enjoy your shower and faucet much more when they are brand new and they spray a steady stream of water for you to use.

There are so many amazing options for faucets and shower heads to choose from these days and you are sure to find one you adore in your price range. This year matte black is a popular color for faucets and you might just consider going with this color for a modern bathroom makeover.

Shower Inserts Add Comfort And Convenience

There is a lot to be said about upgrading your shower and making it more luxurious and comfortable. With a prefabricated shower insert, you can get a luxurious shower without spending so much like you would if you chose to have a tiled shower stall.

Shower inserts come in so many sizes and layouts these days that you should have no problem finding one that meets your needs. You also need to stay within your budget, but there are a great number of budget friendly shower options to pick from.

If your shower is looking a little tired and makes you feel less than clean after you use it, getting a new shower stall put in will make your bathroom so much better. You can have an amazing shower experience that makes you feel ready for your day and clean all over your body.

New Lighting Will Brighten Your Day

Having a great lighting system installed as part of your bathroom remodel can make your bathroom much more comfortable. Being able to see well in your bathroom is important while you are getting ready for your day or for a night out on the town.

Modern lighting systems are much better than old ones at illuminating a bathroom and you can design one that doesn’t cast too many shadows. Even if you need the help of an electrician, as long as you don’t have to rewire your whole bathroom, this should not break your budget.

You can also choose the latest energy efficient lights that will end up saving you money over their lifespan. Spending a little extra could end up saving you big time in the long run if you add up all of your energy savings.

Pedestal Sink

There is hardly any element of a bathroom that will make it look more elegant than a pedestal sink. They don’t take up much visual space either, so they are great for creating a modern looking bathroom.

The drawback of a pedestal sink is that they don’t give you any storage space underneath, so you will need to find another place for your bathroom essentials. But having a pedestal sink is a great way to make your bathroom look new and exciting for years.

Pedestal sinks are not too expensive, and you might only need an hour or so of labor from a plumber to install it. This is a budget friendly option that can be the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel.

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