5 Stunning Light Fixture Ideas To Take For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Choosing the right kitchen light fixtures can make your home more comfortable to cook in and look more beautiful. If you are doing a kitchen remodeling project, or a kitchen makeover, adding some incredible kitchen hanging light fixtures is an opportunity to show your personality.

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With all the different light fixtures for kitchens available, choosing the best ones can seem like a dizzying task. Doing some research and gaining some knowledge about kitchen ceiling light fixtures ensures that you make the correct choice.

In this article, our experts will explain five amazing kitchen light fixtures and how they can fit into your design goals. After reading this post, you will have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision possible for your kitchen light fixtures.

Important Things To Know About Kitchen Light Fixtures

If you and your kitchen design team are planning out kitchen light fixtures, there are critical concepts that you need to keep in mind. The most important concepts in kitchen lighting design include:

  • Never Obstruct Natural Light- Make the most of windows and skylights by leaving them open and able to shine as brightly as possible. No electric light matches the beauty of natural light, and you need to conserve this gift as best you can.
  • Supplemental Lighting Layers- Your supplemental lights help you see better from different angles, and having different layers maximizes their benefits. Use task, ambient and accent lighting as a team to illuminate your space.
  • Strategize Task Lighting- Task lighting is a concentrated light over a work station, such as a countertop where you often chop veggies. If you place your task lighting correctly, you can feel much better cooking.
  • Create A Focal Point- Using your kitchen light fixtures to illuminate your focal point ensures that your design stays front and center. 
  • Avoid Glare- While you need a bright kitchen, be aware of glare and try not to blind anyone.
  • Think Of How Your Kitchen Looks From Other Rooms- Having lighting that works inside your kitchen is key, but you can make your kitchen truly amazing when the lighting looks great from other perspectives.

When you keep these critical concepts in mind, your kitchen lighting turns out much better. Keep this list handy when you are coming up with your design, and your kitchen will be well lit and impressive to everyone.

Black Pendant Light For Kitchens

One popular trend in kitchen light fixtures are black pendant lights. These are a great centerpiece for your kitchen and can add a sense of mystery or intrigue. They look especially stunning as a contrast in a modern white kitchen. 

Pendant lights are one of the lighting fixture options whose popularity is one the rise, and it has been for several years now. This style of kitchen lighting fixture is one that works in many contemporary kitchens and is certainly worth thinking about.

Most kitchens use two or more black pendant lights for a more balanced look. Having a single pendant light can look a little tacky, and should be avoided in most cases.

LED Kitchen Light Fixtures

In the last five years LED lights have taken over because they last much longer and use less electricity than incandescent lights. You can choose from several light temperatures, and most kitchens do well with a warm light.

Kitchen light fixtures made for LEDs will have the best look and performance for your home. You can shop from many options and styles. Always choose a light fixture that fits your design goals and your kitchen’s personality.

Many kitchen designers suggest getting LED lights rated 3000 to 4000 kelvin. This doesn’t mean the light bulbs get hot, it means that they cast a light with that temperature rating.

Can Lights

Flush can lights are a popular choice, especially if you want to put the focal point on a vent hood, kitchen island or marble countertops. You can choose can lights that blend in with your kitchen color, such as white can lights for a white kitchen.

Another option is to use a contrasting can light, like a black can frame in a white kitchen. Using a blending technique makes it seem like the light comes magically from nowhere, while a contrasting frame makes it apparent where the light comes from.

Can lights are a classic look that take a back seat in many kitchens throughout the USA. This is not to say anything bad, and they have their purpose in many kitchen designs.

Kitchen Sconces

Many people don’t think about wall sconces when they think of kitchen lighting, but it makes for a unique look. You can use wall sconces as your ambient lighting to great effect. They sit at a perfect height to illuminate your kitchen, without being the main lighting source.

You can choose from several different finishes with kitchen sconces. Some of the most popular finishes to pick from are:

  • Golden- For an elegant and classical look.
  • White- To match a modern, white kitchen.
  • Matte Black- This color is trending right now and great for creating a boho atmosphere.
  • Copper- This color brings a lot of warmth to your kitchen with pink tones that brown over time.

We really love wall sconces that come out of subway tile kitchen walls. This brings a cozy atmosphere that makes you want to drink a hot cup of clam chowder.

Over-The-Top Chandeliers

The title over-the-top might turn some readers off, but try to hear me out. Elaborate chandeliers may seem like a thing of the past, but they can work really well in a contemporary design with some dark tones for walls. 

Crystal chandeliers can be tough to come by, but you could try shopping at used building supply stores or other thrift shops. This works really well if you want a classic looking home or are restoring an older mansion type of house.

Also, a chandelier with a patterned lamp shade can work well as a kitchen centerpiece. You do have to be careful not to overdo it with this design choice, but if you pull it off it’s amazing.

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